People Share Their Most Unpopular Food Opinions

People Share Their Most Unpopular Food Opinions
Image by SilviaP_Design from Pixabay

I love food! Maybe a little too much. It's been an especially amorous relationship over this pandemic. And I know I'm not alone.

All of our palettes are tuned to our own personal tastes. And sometimes certain items and combinations of tastes can leave others less than enticed.

I've lost track of all the side-eye I've gotten when I declare how much I enjoy PINEAPPLE on pizza. I said it. I meant it. Fight me. Let's discuss who else has eclectic tastes.

Redditoru/CatVideoFestwanted to discuss the mixing of certain ingredients that don't leave the best taste in one's mouth by asking:

Food is for survival. That was the plan. But over the years it has become somewhat of a way of life. Some of the most annoying people are foodies. They get so uppity about the preferences of others. Like, let me just enjoy what I enjoy.

Mom No!

Mom Smile GIFGiphy

"I don't like my mom's cooking."

- vertzzkai

"Livestock have refused to eat my mother's cooking. She's a terror in the kitchen."

- odd_neighbour

Take them OUT!!

"I hate walnuts in baked goods. It tastes like wood shavings and completely ruins the flavor."

- casino_night

"I love walnuts but I feel this way about raisins in baked goods, raisins are fine by themselves but not in sweets, I once ordered cinnamon rolls at Hardee's and bit into it and found out there were raisins in it, and I was grossed out and didn't want to eat it. At least freakin' McDonald's serves real cinnamon rolls without freakn' raisins!"

- MrAtomMissileer

The Fart Ingredient

"I don't like kidney beans except in chili."

- nogardleirie

"I don't even really like them in chili. I'd rather have pintos in everything."

- Grave_Girl

Oh thew Crunch...

"Pickles and onion make the best sandwich. I make most of my own pickles from stuff I grow or get from local farms in the fall, but I responded to another comment with two different heinous concoctions I enjoy. Crunchy, salty, sour. I really like pickles and onions to begin with."

"I use more than pickled cucumber though. Like the last one I made, I used garlic naan, mayo, red onion, scallions, pickled garlic, green olives, Kalamata olives, garlic dill cucumber, and green beans. Shallot, sour pickled onion, sweet pickled cucumbers, and sushi ginger on sprouted 14 grain bread is also also a favorite of mine."

- RetroReactiveRaucous

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No Sizzle

bacon GIFGiphy

"I do not like bacon."

- Abcde0987654321

"I've been learning this over the years. If I'm gonna do bacon I much prefer the maple bacon since it's sweeter and doesn't overpower with saltiness."

- truije15

Who doesn't like bacon? That seems like a sacrilege. Right? But to each their own. Though I will never understand not loving walnuts in comfort food. Y'all need more self love.

Love the Big M

"Fast food tastes amazing, yeah its unhealthy as hell but don't you sit there and lie and say it tastes bad."

- DrEtrange

"Pisses me off when people act like they're better then McDonald's. What the hell? McDonald's is incredible and billions of people buy their food still. The same can't be said for other restaurants."

- Allegedly_Me


golden girls flirting GIF by HULUGiphy

"Cheesecake is disgusting."

- FreddieGregg

"I don't find cheese cake disgusting. It looks good. Smell delicious. Has ingredients in it that I love. But i can not eat more than one bite. It is too rich. One bite and i feel sick."

- Teekteekee

Too Many Legs

"Lobsters and crabs are giant insects."

- frog_exaggerator

"I don't really think that's that controversial, in my area of the world we even call this creature a 'Moreton Bay Bug' even though some fisheries try to give it the more appealing name of 'flathead lobster'."

- uncquestion

bad bones

"Boneless wings are vastly superior to bone-in wings. I think bone-in wings are a ripoff because when you get half a pound of them, part of that half-pound is inedible. It's like if you ordered a quarter-pound cheeseburger, but the restaurant considers the weight of the plate to be part of that quarter-pound and you end up with just a slider. Just give me some damn meat."

- SupaKoopa714

The Slime

man oyster GIFGiphy

"Oysters are truly disgusting and absurdly overpriced for quarter sized pieces of snot that tastes like salt water and hot sauce."

- C_23_s

Side Dish Bad

"Cheese fries = ruined fries. I don't have a lot of texture issues, but I refuse to eat limp, soggy french fries. No cheese fries, no chili fries, no poutine."

- calloooohcallay

"Depends on the cheese, I'd say they go great with feta."

- Herejustfordameme

Bad Carbs

"I don't care for pasta. Around a decade ago, I lost a ton of weight by cutting out carbs (except beer) and after not eating bread or pasta for 3 or 4 years, I still liked some breads but to this day don't like the squishiness of pasta."

- mrsc00b

"I realized a few years back that pasta tastes like poverty to me. It's what my mother used to base dinner off of when we didn't have much grocery money."

- Grave_Girl


pineapples GIF by gifnewsGiphy

"I do not like pineapple. Period. Not on pizza, not cooked, not by itself, not in juice form. I just do not like pineapple."

- Mynamesrobbie

Hey Red

"Tomatoes can screw off."

- CircleToShoot

"I don't mind raw tomatoes, for things like salads or sliced in sandwiches. But cooked tomatoes? Get them the fuck away from me. I hate canned tomatoes in, for example, a vegetable soup. When my family fires up our grill, we skewer a bunch of different vegetables. Mushrooms, zucchini, bell peppers..."

"And cherry tomatoes. While all the other veggies get combined onto the same skewers, the tomatoes usually get a skewer of their own just for my sake."

- MasteringTheFlames


"You could not pay me to eat a banana. The texture, the smell, just everything about it. Won't even drink a smoothie that has a little bit of banana in it—that's all I'd taste."

- ufotofu89

"Thank you! One of the only foods on this planet I will not eat are bananas."

"I am NOT a picky eater, love every single vegetable and fruits and a huge variety of food. Cannot. Stand. Bananas. They make me gag to even think of them. I truly cannot believe that people actually find bananas edible or even enjoyable to eat. I hate them so much I think everyone is lying about liking them."

- Allegedly_Me


"Nutella on pancakes is just plain abomination."

- CocolosThickBoi

"It's something about hot Nutella that makes it disgusting. Slapping some Nutella on a piece of white bread is euphoric."

- yolosandwich

Sick 'n Nasty

"Licorice is absolutely disgusting."

- dreadfulNinja

"Yeah it is. I don't understand what child hating sicko decided to invent a candy as superficially inviting as Good n Plenty, knowing that it would contain that rancid excrement on the inside. When I was young and getting a dollar to buy the candy of my choice was a huge deal to me, I once made the mistake of wasting my cash on a box of those rabbit turds."

"I think I remember crying when I bit into a handful of them, because idk what exactly I was expecting... but it wasn't freaking licorice."

"Good n plenty? More like Sick n Nasty."

- Ssutuanjoe


GIF by markoGiphy

"Poached eggs are infinitely inferior to fried or scrambled eggs. I don't want my food or plate contaminated with gross eggy water and I want some crispy variation in the texture."

- cewumu

A Whole Meal Mess

"I may like my steaks medium rare and with nothing but a bit of butter and garlic, but if you want your steak well-done and slathered in ketchup, cool, you do you. Some people prefer different tastes and freak snobs who think if your grilled cheese is American on Wonderbread and isn't made with Asiago and Romano on freshly baked bread, toasted via fireplace, you're not doing it right. Sometimes I like my food how mom used to make... and mom was a crappy cook."

- the_loneliest_noodle

Dairy No

"Food is so much better without cheese. Cheese drowns out all of the other flavors. Take a sandwich for instance. You can really taste the vegetables on a sandwich without cheese. You taste mostly cheese when you add cheese."

- telladifferentstory

"Cheese is the bane of my existence. EVERYTHING comes with cheese when you are at a restaurant these days. I have a very limited number of cheeses I can eat. Things like cheddar, a very popular cheese, give me killer migraines. Stop putting cheese on everything people!"

- rubberducky1212

Ok, I'm trying to stay calm. I don't want to judge. But some of these opinions... are leaving me shook. Except the oysters. That is that work of the devil. Look away...

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