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Sonic The Hedgehog doesn't really seem like the type of video game that would warrant a full live-action movie. The plot is decent - Sonic trying to fight Dr. Robotnik and save all the animals from his evil experiments. But how exactly do you handle the fact that Sonic is a bright blue hedgehog with the reddest sneakers in the history of sneakerhood. Seriously they're like the ruby slippers of athletic footwear. Sonic doesn't look even remotely close to what a real hedgehog looks like, and is such an iconic color and shape that any changes to that would make him not Sonic anymore.

So how is the studio going to handle rendering a bright blue ball of spikes and make him work in a live-action world? We have no idea. The studio has gifted us a little hint, though, in the form of teaser movie posters.

Like this one:


Now, if the first thing you thought when you saw that poster was "oh that's awkward" then welcome to the entire reason for this article. Tons of people took one look at this poster and had some serious internal cringe. There was just ... so much thigh. The angle is a little bit strange as well.

Twitter got stuck on a seriously strange obsession over Sonic The Hedgehog's legs and what it would take to get this shot.

That devolved into this. Glorious piping hot ridiculous memes.

Are you planning on seeing the film when it comes out? If so, brace yourself. From the looks of the poster you're going to be getting a lot of thigh meat all in your eyeballs.
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