Hotel Housekeepers Confess The Most Disturbing Things They've Seen On The Job

People working in the hospitality industry meet travelers from all different walks of life who are staying at their establishments for a variety of reasons.

With the number of people coming and going throughout the day, staff members at the front desk hardly get a chance to know the kind of people they are constantly greeting with smiles.
But the employees who really get a good sense of the temporary lodgers are the housekeepers.

The hotel or motel cleaners can silently judge those who they're servicing by observing the state guests leave their rooms in and involuntarily hearing noises from behind doors or in adjoining rooms.

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Hotel Housekeepers Describe The Strangest Thing They've Ever Seen In A Guest's Room
Image by JUNO KWON from Pixabay

Staying in a hotel offers the guest a unique luxury: live exactly as you'd like--within the bounds of the law, hopefully--and then walk out without cleaning anything up.

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Housekeepers get to know their everything going on in their client's house.

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