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1/35. Smile while talking on the phone. Trust me, your voice changes and listeners can sense it.

Jamie Moyer

2/35. Use your Macbook charger as a bottle opener.

Many a time have I been the the center of a social because I pulled out my charger and started popping off caps.

Derek Magill

3/35. Unwrinkle your clothes without ironing.

This one is my favorite because I use it almost daily. I try to avoid ironing unless the wrinkles are extraordinarily bad. So the quick and lazy method around that is to dampen and hang your clothes overnight. Just spray your clothes using a water spray bottle, give your clothes a couple of nice shakes to remove any extraneous water, and hang them up overnight to air dry. Youll find that most of the time, the results are quite nice and wrinkle-free.

Brian Hoang

4/35. Stop sitting all day. Walk at your desk instead. Sitting for hours is bad for your joints, your waistline, and even your love life. Assemble a DIY treadmill desk and burn calories while you work.

David Moakler

5/35. Buy a duvet / quilt that is a size bigger than your bed. So if you have king's size bed, buy a duvet / quilt that is for a super king size, etc.

Then you won't fight over it who has more of the covers in the night with your husband / wife / partner / one night stand.
Bryan Tookey

6/35. A "done" list is very good for making you realize how much you have achieved in a day. Write down things you have completed as you are going along, even if they are not on your original to-do list. A to-do list with time limits (say, half and hour for a specific task) can help you to focus and avoid unnecessary perfection.
Henry Smith

7/35. Put three tennis balls in the dryer for a faster dry time and fluffier pillows.
Cherie Wilkerson

8/35. Don't change a babys diaper while wearing a necktie.
Harry Styron

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9/35. Don't put it down, put it away. Stops clutter at the source.

10/35. A friend of mine would get into concerts by carrying a mop confidently past the door people, if anyone stopped him he curtly explained that somebody puked somewhere. Almost always worked. It helps that he just sort of naturally looked the part though.

11/35. Adjust a picture frame at your desk so you can see behind you with the reflection of the glass. It's a subtle way of knowing if someone is behind you without looking over your shoulder the whole time.

12/35. A lifehack for students. When you are writing a research lengthy essay or report, find one very COMPREHENSIVE source (literature reviews are great for this) that directly relates to your topic or thesis, then use the paper's reference list/bibliography for locating your sources.

13/35. Don't you hate it when you show someone one picture on your phone and then they start scrolling through looking at your other pictures?

I learned this from Reddit: Enlarge the picture just a little bit. Then when they go to swipe, they are just moving that picture around and not going to your next picture. It works!

14/35. I work in a very, very busy retail store. When my shift ends and I need to walk through the sales floor I always walk in a hurry with a focused expression on my face and no one ever stops to ask me questions. If I look happy or make eye contact with customers they will 100% of the time start asking me questions as I try to leave.

15/35. The "biggest cup" setting on a keurig coffee maker is perfect for instant ramen cups.

16/35. Whenever I want to get up from bed, I just - it's gonna be a shocker - get up from bed. No thinking, no laziness. Just get the f*ck up. All I need is exactly one second after waking up and realising that I have to get up and then I immediately get up.

I've noticed that the more I lay off and the more I stay in bed, the harder it is to actually get up.

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17/35. Befriend your professors and teachers. They'll go out of their way to help you.

When I was a freshman in college, I was close with my English professor at the time, a tiny woman from Bosnia that could run in stiletto heels. I had a lot of nasty roommate problems that year and she always came to my rescue if I needed to hide from my roommate. When my roommate attacked me and I was moved to protective housing on emergency, she rallied all of the strongest people in my class to help me move.

18/35. If you get stuck in a neighborhood where you don't feel safe for any reason, carry a small pad and pen. Walk around taking notes. When someone asks what you are doing, tell them pre-survey for government aid.

You'll get a damned tour instead of mugged.

19/35. Letting a drop of superglue dry on the up face of my USB phone charger handle. The superglue solidifies and becomes hard, which means you know which side is up just by rubbing your finger over the handle, so you always plug it into your device the right way first time every time.

20/35. Ravioli in my shirt pocket for food on the go.

21/35. I wish I had this in college:

If I have work or study to do, and I'm not motivated and just start procrastinating (again), I watch a video or listen to a podcast of the topic on YouTube. It helps to get my brain focused on the subject before I get started on my own critical thinking. That way I'm not going from 0 to 100, and risking my attention going elsewhere.

22/35. Here's a slightly unethical one for job seekers out there. When you're hunting for a job, post a fake ad for a very similar position on Craigslist. This will give you some insight into the resumes of your competition (so you know what you're up against and also helps you polish up your own resume).

23/35. Sign all contracts drunk, and they can become null and void if you want*

*results not guaranteed.

24/35. Whenever I break a glass on the floor, I use scotch tape to pick up the smaller shards or any that i might miss.

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24/35. If you're getting groceries, fart in the detergent/cleaning product aisle.

You're welcome.

25/35. When you think you are very close to orgasm but want to carry on, subtly bite your tongue and the feeling will go away. Best way to prolong an orgasm.

26/35. I dip my fork into the salad dressing before I form each salad bite instead of pouring it all over. I get a fraction of the calories, yet each bite has plenty of dressing.

27/35. Linen closet maintenance 101. Everything in a set goes into one pillow case. You don't have to worry about folding a fitted sheet again.

28/35. LOUD kids toys can be nearly silenced by putting clear scotch tape over the speaker holes. It knocks the noise out almost completely but is still loud enough that the kid enjoys it. This has saved several obnoxiously loud toys from the trash can.

29/35. Cup of water in the microwave, food takes about twice as long to warm back up but is never dry.

30/35. Poop when you're on the clock.

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31/35. Keep a "medium priority" wish list in your wallet/handbag - things that you don't desperately need soon, but could use and should buy whenever you can spare the money. This will keep you from blowing too much money on impulse purchases.

32/35. Actually doing the work you're supposed to do makes time fly by a lot quicker than trying to find ways to waste time.

33/35. Everyday I find another fruit tree in the neighborhood and put it on a map. I then find a Mexican restaurant that serves free chips and salsa and put that on the map. I then triangulate free meals based on the proximity of the fruit trees to the mexican restaurants. I can map other things too such as bread sticks, garlic and olive oil, soda fountains, free samples in grocery stores and many other things.

34/35. I use the other end of a key instead of a 1 euro coin to release a trolly.

Edit: If you're American, replace euro with dollar, and trolly with shopping cart.

35/35. If you are having self confidence issues, in the mornings look at yourself in the mirror and say, "I am beautiful, I am strong, and I am worth it" It is absolutely ridiculous and you feel weird talking to yourself, but it really really helps. Something about saying it to yourself consistently makes you start to believe it.

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