Just try it once, then form an opinion. Just because you lay with someone who has the same equipment as you once, doesn't make you gay. So calm down with that concern. There isn't any shame in it. So let's chat. Wait... let me grab a vodka.

Redditor u/katnerys wanted to see who was bold enough to be willing to give us all a few saucy tidbits about their romantic past by asking..... Straight People of Reddit, have you ever experimented with the same sex and if so what was it like? [NSFW]

Inner thoughts....


Was lonely and desperate after a breakup and dropping out of college. Matched on Tinder for teh lolz. 4 shots of tequila before meeting him and a group of his friends for sex trivia. Plenty more drinks, I'm in his bed, and we're foolin around. I started laughing hysterically. My internal monologue was "whoa bro you're definitely not gay."

No Tongue Please... 

I played on a women's professional sports team for 2 years in my 20's. I was one of 2 or 3 straight girls & the only single one. When we traveled to other cities we always went out & partied in the gay districts of said major cities (and often with the other team).

One evening out, a number of my teammates couldn't believe that I had never actually ever kissed a woman so she planted one on me -like, full on, grabbed me and put her tongue down my throat.

Conclusion: I hate being kissed by people I don't want to be kissed by, gender has nothing to do with it. Also, sorry ladies, I like penis. PotatoFaceGrace

Just a Kiss....

Ummm not really sure it counts but when I was mega drunk at a party a bi dude told me that he likes brown dudes with beards and kissed my hand. I didn't object cause he was nice anyways and I was super out of it. It was confidence boosting, that's the only time someone I'm not related to has kissed me in any way. Reddit

Just an Innocent Game.... 

Kissed a guy for a bit to get girls to kiss on a dare. Worth it, but really just felt like a stronger and larger woman than most women I've kissed. No real sparks and this was a fairly ripped, attractive man by most standards, very nice guy and good friend. So wouldn't go further. Reddit

The Kinsey Take....


Yes. I like looking at and kissing women a lot, but sex is just meh. I honestly think I just wanted female friends and have a hard time feeling comfortable in an intimate, yet platonic situation with anyone... In any case, I definitely prefer men. Probably like a 1 on the Kinsey Scale. marnie9

You Stink.

Dude here. I've had sex with dudes, but can't stand how they smell. They just smell like skin to me. I don't know if it's pheromones or what, but the smell of a woman excites me, while the smell of a dude just smells like... raw lightly salted beef or something.

It kills the mood. virginityrocks

And you are?

I went camping once with a large group of people. Everybody was just sleeping on the grass, no tents. I am a straight male and was woken up by a gay man kissing me. He thought I was his BF. I was not. We laughed about it, but 0/10. Would not do again. I_ATE_TODAY

It was a different time....

In the '60s I made love to many, many women, often outdoors, in the mud and the rain... and it's possible a man slipped in. There'd be no way of knowing. the_paavam_guy


Not Terrible....

I've had a couple of homosexual encounters. It wasn't terrible, to be honest. Oral sex feels pretty much the same regardless of which sex is delivering it. It was kinda cool, but not something I'd go out of my way to do again. Never went farther than that.

I DO NOT like kissing people of the same gender. So that's weird.

I consider myself straight, despite having experimented. LucavexAyanami

The Intimacy isn't there....


I have, and I have mixed feelings about it. Now as far as sex was concerned, it was great. I loved every part of that. Women know the ins and outs of each other's bodies and it's easily some of the best sex I've ever had. That said, I haven't been able to transition that into a relationship. There's a certain level of intimacy missing for me. It's a shame, but that's been the line. keepcalmandhydrate


I've had a couple of same sex encounters (straight-ish male here) and tbh I'm not even sure if i can call myself bi or flat out gay, since i still prefer sex with women but I've had my butt ate and received oral sex from another man, and been at it for about 4 years (same person, occasional sex), on the other hand, finishing from either act leaves me feeling unfulfilled, like eating rice with a salad instead of meat.

Kissing another man is a no-no, just feels off, but I've been very curious about receiving anal sex, so I'm not too sure about where i stand with the whole sexuality thing.

Edit: Apologies for the formatting, english is not my first language and i cant write very well. Francisb12

Not a Go! 

I kissed a guy in college. Not a fan, too scratchy, he tried and tried to get my penis erect but it just wouldn't happen. dnd_stories

"Oh, Well now I know."


In high school I was pretty open to learning about my own sexuality, and I had a friend that turned out to have somewhat of a crush on me (both female)- it was nothing major, we just kissed, but it kind of solidified that I was straight. Like an "oh, well now I know" moment. I think it was a good learning experience at a pivotal point in my life, a whole don't knock it 'til you try it situation. Reddit

On the Lips. 

I used to kiss my best friend on the lips. Back in high school we were all very loose with our actions. We never kissed romantically but as a joke to his girlfriends. One got so mad that she punched me in my goods. Truth or dare lead to some weird moments but it was always funny, never sexual. Recabilly

I'm gonna do it! 

Yes, I liked it. Not enough to ever consider a relationship with a guy. Just kinda one of those things I do (have done) occasionally, followed by a refractory period... Like a serial killer! I am a serial c**k sucker. TheBananaHypothesis

I Love Spaghetti!


I was at a very small gathering of friends over new year's. One of them let it slip that she'd find it "totally hot" if two guys made out in front of her, and that she'd always secretly wished for that to happen. Me and my bud instantly exchanged this look, it still makes me laugh just remembering his stupid grin, but it was kinda exciting too.

He took my face in his hands and we full-on made out with tender fondling and butt groping and everything.

I don't know how much was the action itself, and how much can be attributed to her red-faced, very appreciative reactions, but I definitely felt something. The 'straight as spaghetti' concept started making a whole lot of sense to me from that day on. BingusSpingus


Most nsfw stuff I did with the same sex is making out; and disliked it. I've also had a few dreams where I was having sex with another girl; disliked it as well. Welp, more girls for the women who are actually into them. medicmedusa

Unexpected Joy. 

I had a couple sexual experiences with other women. I am in a long term committed relationship with a man. I had one without him, and honestly i loved it. Women are more beautiful to me then men, but I honestly couldn't imagine being in a relationship with another woman. It was definitely not expecting to enjoy it as much as I did. I am very happy I have had those experiences and I would recommend if you are comfortable enough, try it! niccah

Be Focused. 

If it counts did a MMF threesome. Nothing happened between us, more about her.

Girl I was dating in college wanted to try it, and she indulged me in a FFM threesome so I mean it's only common courtesy that I reciprocate. Wasn't terrible, again nothing happened guy on guy, and we were focused on her, but I wouldn't do it again.

Personally I'm not even a fan of FFM, I prefer to give one person all of my attention and have all of theirs. I think sex works better when you're both wholly focused on each other. AlphaTangoFoxtrt

Regular Kissing.


I'm currently in a relationship with a guy and can't imagine falling in love with another woman. I mostly just had the regular kissing on parties or just for fun between girl friends and I had a little more than just kissing with a girl a couple years ago.

It was quite Okay. it's nice to feel and touch a different pair of boobs, but I didn't wanted to go further than touching and kissing because it just felt wrong. But the weird part is that I'm only into lesbian porn and turned on by women in pictures or on the street more frequently than by random men. Hallitsijana