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People Confess Their Family's Darkest Secrets
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Don't do it.

After reading this, you're going to consider calling up your mom or grandfather and ask them if any of the stuff that's happened to the people in the following stories has happened in your family. You'll feel it, gnawing in the back of your mind, to find out the truth, so you can "feel better."

You won't. Don't do it. Otherwise, you might find out your ancestors were capable of some horrific acts.

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We don't talk about Bruno... and all of the other crazies in the family.

Maybe that is why that song struck such a chord... we can all relate to family secrets and family crazy.

Even though every generation has gotten a little more open and willing to discuss trauma, we still have a long way to go.

There is something to be said for not airing out all of the dirty laundry.

Everybody doesn't have to know private business.

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People Divulge The Most Disturbing Secrets They're Keeping From Their Loved Ones
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*The following article contains discussion of suicide.

You know what the internet is really good at? Keeping secrets.

We super duper promise it's safe with us. No worries about it being screenshotted and shared around for randos to poke and prod at it.

No sir. Not at all...

Just in case, let's give these people the kudos they deserve for being brave enough to offer up their deepest, darkest secrets even their families don't know about.

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Secrets, lies, and betrayal. That is often the foundation of a family. We can go through life thinking our families are perfect and everyone loves one another, that's the training that keeps us from searching for the skeletons in the closets.

But our secrets will always find a way to break free. We may not even be alive to see the outcome, which is anti-climactic, but they will be out of the dark eventually. And once we learn what some loved ones are hiding, life as we know it can be obliterated.

Some secrets may best be buried. So be really sure you want to know everything.

Redditor u/mykirto wanted to hear about all the family drama they've been uncovered, by asking:

What is the most f**ked up thing you found about your family?
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Parents Describe The Most Disturbing Thing Their Child Has Ever Done
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Parenting was just never going to be my thing. I just never had a yearning for. And that was just based on the basics of parenting.

Now when I hear tales about children and their disturbing behavior, I'm even more appreciative of my decision.

I've watched enough Dateline NBC to spot the red flags of a budding serial killer. No thank you, I already spend a fair share of time dodging adult psychos running around the streets.

I don't to sleep with one eye open because of a three year old.

Redditor u/Jayhawk_00 wanted to hear about the kids that maybe are just a little less perfect and little more creepy by asking:

Parents of Reddit, what is the most disturbing thing your child has done?
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