People Divulge Which Ordinary Skills Become Suspicious If Someone Gets Too Good At Them

People Divulge Which Ordinary Skills Become Suspicious If Someone Gets Too Good At Them
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Is it possible to be too good at something?

Many wouldn't think so, particularly those who strive to be perfect at anything and everything, or who are desperate to impress others.

What if you're so good at something, that you inadvertently scare someone?

Or worse yet, what if your unique skill set ends up giving something away that you were trying to hide?

Redditor I_Love_Small_Breasts was curious to hear which skills people might want to think twice before gloating about, leading them to ask:

"What ordinary skill becomes suspicious if you're good at it?"

What are you trying to hide?

"Really thoroughly deleting your internet search history."

"Most people with computers know how to delete their browsing history and hide folders."

"Enough that people borrowing their computer wouldn't be confronted with their porn."

"Or as one adorable advertisement suggested, they could buy their wife an anniversary present without her finding out."

"But if I knew someone who could hide their search history well enough that an e-crime unit or intelligence agency could get their hands on their laptop and not access everything, I would suspect that the laptop had either horrible snuff films or terrorist stuff."- Aduro95

Hi, remember me? No?

"Remembering random details about people or recognizing them from years ago."- phrasing7

"I can Remember peoples Faces and last names Perfectly."

"Its useful when trying to remember things."

"But Hella Creepy when I explain it to other people."- Mrmongoose14

Super sleuth!

"Being able to find almost anything."

"People start being suspicious that you're hiding sh*t on purpose."

"I've found things in other people's houses that I've never even BEEN TO by describing the places to look."- Millenniauld

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Where did you learn to do that?

"I had a record as a kid, used to break into cars and homes into my late teens."

"As I grew older if someone locked themselves out of the house I would help them out."

"I'm a grown man work in pharmaceuticals I look like a typical nerd."

"Boss tells us on the phone he's locked out of his house and can't get a locksmith I told him if I come down there pick his lock and get him inside can I get the day off?"

"He laughs says sure."

"I got my tools in the cars takes me 15 min to get there 10 min to pick the lock."

"Got the day off."

"Fast forward a year later."

"Our lab supplies closed was locked, the key was with someone at home."

"Boss says to me can I get in the closet, I told them as long they don't judge me or ask questions."

"Now some people in the office wonder what the hell do I do in my free time." - User Delted

A necessary skill?

"Folding fitted sheets."- lovesmasher

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I'm not buying it.

"Remaining calm."- Fuel_Some

Where did you come from?

"Quietly walking and minimizing your presence."

"It's fun when people realize you're there and freak out because you came out of 'nowhere' despite walking right past them."- Nuksum

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Human Calculator

"Knowing how to quickly calculate how many grams are in x ounces."- VictorBlimpmuscle

"Procedural memory."

" I have to type in numbers occasionally at work."

"If I have to type them in more than twice, I can't recall the number but I can retype it."- wildcardcrow

The table is hot.

"Shuffling cards, stacking chips, lots of gambling related dexterity skills."- ummque

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Or are you just reading into it?

"Reading between the lines."- murica52

I still think it's cool...

"Flinging your tongue really fast."

"I've shown that talent to people and they eye me in a weird way."

"I'm aroace so once I've realized what people were thinking, I never did it again."- Bibliorphic

Um... Let's keep our distance...

"I know almost every pressure point that could or will hurt someone and I change pressure points depending on the situation I’m in."- KnownAsNashy

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Those who are good at this might have a problem...

Making Lines with any powder.- Striking-Land-214

...maybe time to put yourself back out there?

"Masturbation."- Gay_a**_idiot

But how do I know if you're telling the truth?

"Lying."- Nutella_Uncrustables

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You know my own life better than I do!

"Remembering someone else's schedule."

"I've had people get a little freaked out when I ask how a specific appointment/task is going when I remember them telling me about it days prior."- _Black_Fox_

...I think I was better off not knowing that...

"Being able to find odd foreign objects in food."

"Seems like I'm the only one who finds them and then everyone gets sus that they've been eating sh*t that shouldn't be in their food."- enhetcs

Or maybe they're just smart?

"If you’re in the US, converting to metric."

"The only Americans that are good at it tend to be either scientists or drug users/dealers, neither of which the average American trusts."- PrincessButterface

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