On Saturday, December 22, Twitter user @Ernie_DaBest posted a video of rapper @HAZMATCAZZ doing her imitation of Apple AI Siri's voice and it's turning heads all over the internet.

With that voice, just reading directions sounds amazing!

Fans online immediately began requesting @HAZMATCAZZ say other phrases in the Siri voice!

She was happy to oblige.

Twitter was certain she could cash in on her hidden talent if she did some voiceover work!

Even if no money comes of it, @HAZMATCAZZ can at least rest easy knowing she's impressed Twitter users everywhere.

Though a couple were equal parts wowed and freaked out:

Having a friend who could imitate Siri would have so many uses in real life!

That is...if you can handle it.

Looks like you're the real deal when it comes to impersonations, @HAZMATCAZZ!

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