Snacks are great.

Simple snacks are even better.

It can get a bit boring eating the same snacks over and over again, though.

Redditor ejsfsc07 asked:

"What simple snack should more people try?"

Hummus And Anything

"​Chips and hummus, naan and hummus, celery and hummus, grape tomatoes and hummus, spoon and hummus. Hummus."


"Agreed. After trying hummus for the first time, I realized it is the best dip ever."


"When I have left over dinner rolls I make mini hummus sandwiches for a snack. I always have hummus now it's so good on so many things."


Try New Combos

​"Apples and cheese or apples and peanut butter. Also, oreos and peanut butter."


"I keep forgetting I can mix apples and peanut butter. Do you advise smooth or chunky peanut butter?"


"I've always preferred smooth for a snack like this. The crunchy, imo, can overpower the apple, and I like to be able to taste both equally."


Toasted Is Amazing

"​coconut shavings, its weirdly addictive and really good."


Not Just For 2am

"​Shredded cheese"


"In my bachelor days I would occasionally have a bag of shredded mozzarella for lunch. Normally resulted in me pooping a brick."


Only If You're Not Allergic

Mr Peanut GIF by Party Legends Giphy

​"Roasted peanuts, healthy, cheap and tasty."


Don't Knock It Til You Try It

"​Cottage cheese as dip for corn chips."

-TomThe Movie

"Also, cottage cheese as a dip for nice crunchy blackpepper potato chips. Kettle cooked are best."


Sweet And Salty

​"Grilled cheese with blueberry preserves on top."


"Most types of jam, jelly, preserves go well on a grilled cheese. I like to open them up immediately when I take them out of the pan and spoon it inside before the cheese cools enough to seal the sandwich such. It's easier to eat with it inside than on top."


Blueberries And Yogurt, But Better

​"Take a toothpick, insert into blueberry, dip in your favorite yougurt, place on sheet/dish and freeze."


"This combines two of my youngest’s favorite foods. And makes them like one of her other favorite categories, frozen foods. Definitely have to try!"


"Put on some parchment paper before for easy removal. Its really good and healthy!"


Keep It Simple​

"​Grape or cherry tomatoes. I usually have a big box on the go."


Or Get A Bit Fancy

focaccia altoadige GIF Giphy

"​Pimento cheese on foccacia bread. easy to make and f*cking slaps"


"I used to think pimento cheese was gross, but it's so good if done right."


A Bit More Work, But Totally Worth It

​"Apple sandwiches. Cut up an apple and then sauté in butter, cinnamon, and brown sugar, when that’s done set it on a plate. Get some bread, remove the crust and flatten it a little. Put some of the filling in the bread, fold in half and toast it in the pan you sautéed the apples in, top with powdered sugar or caramel sauce and enjoy."


Yogurt Combos Are Always A Win

"​Yogurt topped with frozen fruit and granola."


​Put It On The Ritz

gene wilder tuxedo GIF by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment Giphy

"​Cream cheese and good Strawberry preserves on a Ritz cracker. Heavenly easy and cheap! Aldi has the best Strarwberry Preserves."


Try With Wojapi



"If done right, it's the best thing ever. Not too greasy, with a fried egg and some cheese on top, absolutely incredible."


Dried And Delicious

​"Biltong. It's a delicious south african snack that should become a lot more popular. Not vegan friendly, though(obviously)"


Veggies All The Way

"​Uncooked Cabbage, spinach, or broccolis, whaaaat can't help it you know."


Leftover Love

"​Cold baked beans and potato chips. Sweet and salty. My grandma always packs me the leftover baked beans after cookouts and such because she knows I love them."


Spam, Spam, Spam, And Spam

monty python spam GIF Giphy

"Spam sammich and mustard."


"Fried spam, egg and cheese sandwich."


"I just cut a piece of bread in half, put the spam on, cut up some mini tomatoes, place them, put some mustard on, and I’m set."


Everything Is Better With Bacon

​"Mini sweet peppers. Cut in half, remove seeds stuff with cream cheese and bacon."


A Childhood Classic

"Celery and peanut butter!!"


"add raisins and you have ants on a log! I love that snack ;)"


​It's easy to get in a snack rut, always going for the same old thing when the snacking urge hits. Try a few of these the next time you're looking for a midnight snack!

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