People Explain Which Discontinued Foods They Wish Would Make A Comeback
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Food is an essential part of life. We're supposed to use it for survival but let's be serious, so many of us just use it for love.

And there are so many meals and certain products that have brought us comfort and joy over time that get snatched away.

Going shopping or just popping into a local store with high hopes, while salivating at the mouth about that one thing that will satiate a craving, is a beautiful thing.

That's why it can be soul-crushing to discover that your favorite food or food product has been discontinued. Say what?!

Redditoru/PixelPervertwanted to discuss our favorite shopping lists by asking:

What discontinued food do you wish was brought back?

Apricot bear claws. Can someone please find me apricot bear claws? My grandma and I use to share them over coffee and cards when I was a kid. They are delicious, specifically from Publix. So will someone please send me a recipe or box of them? Thank you.


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"This is obscure, but Pepperidge Farm made salad croutons that were absolutely amazing. Perfectly flavored. Perfectly crunchy. Nothing else compares."

- critforbrains

Unhealthy Cuisine

"My family actually has a running joke when it comes to me and discontinued foods. It seems whenever I start to like something it goes away. A few notable examples have been, Eggo Muffin Tops, Taco Bell's beefy frito burritos, and, not a lot of people know about this one, but a carbonated yogurt called fizzix that I believe was from gogurt. Now my family won't let me eat stuff that they like because they're afraid I'll like it and it'll go away."

"Edit: thanks for everyone who suggested alternatives to my carbonated yogurts. I have a huge asian market near my house and I think some of those things should be there so I'll be sure to check it out. Another one of my favorites that I just remembered was the cinnamon clusters from chick fil a. So unhealthy but so delicious."

- Available_Motor5980

The Spree...

"Pre 2010 Spree created a Valentines Candy Heart for one, single, Valentines Day. I have never been able to find the Spree candied Hearts on any website, but I know they exist. There was crack in those hearts. I still think about them 15 years later. If someone could contact Spree for me and tell them that I will pay obscene amounts of money for 2 bags of those Spree candied Hearts. Please. Please they were so good, please."

- Guzzles

Cream Dream

"Maybe this was a dream, but I remember Philadelphia Cream Cheese made single size cheesecakes that I would always see at convenience stores. I finally got the courage to ask my grandma to buy me one and it was my first cheesecake experience... so delicious!!!"

- mossybuttz

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Homer food...

Homer Simpson Reaction GIFGiphy

"Butterfinger BB's... With the Simpson's characters on the package."

- harmelion

I love me some BB Butterfingers. And I'm obsessed with this list already. Except the Philadelphia cream cheese, you can keep that. Gimme more...

No J?

Peanut Butter Lol GIF by JifGiphy

"PB crisps from planters. Since this is mildly popular I want to post this in the top comment this is a link to help bring back PB crisps.".

- Anti_was_here


"Snapple Elements - the Rain one was agave cactus and delicious."

- frenchabull_mom

"I would give anything for them to sell their drinks in glass bottles again!!!! I stopped buying their products when they switched to plastic. (I know the big packs still have them, but I mean the single ones)."

- Carpusophobia


"Kellogg's Product 19 cereal. I know it's lame, but I really miss it."

- psephenidae

"I was NOT going to comment on this thread because I knew someone would say this. People do not understand how good this cereal was... they're all like "whatever its like freakin' corn flakes or whatever... no, they weren't, they were crunchy, and healthy, like freaking PACKED full of vitamins and minerals, no other "healthy" cereal could touch it."

"I've contacted Kelloggs multiple times about bringing it back or just like giving me the recipe and I'll make it. Nope, proprietary... you know what... I 'm going to, right now, make a petition about it, and I'm coming back here, and I'm posting the link, and then I'm gonna make a new thread, and post it there. It's 2021, it's time to bring it back."

- Cast_Iron_Jack

Mouth Goodies

"Not necessarily a food, but they used to have these mini Listerine "balls" that you would bite into and mouth wash would explode out."

- slimcaitie

"On the same level were "brush-ups". They were little finger gloves of a toothpasty rough material that you could use like at work after lunch so you didn't feel like you had food residue on your teeth the rest of your shift. Apparently, people started using these quick-fix products as their main brush for the day and the ADA pulled it. They were awesome."

- Pattimash

Fry' Em!

flipping ronald mcdonald GIFGiphy

"McDonald fried Apple pies. There's only the baked version now."

- Crackiest_Duck

The Vault

"Vault soda. God I miss that. Kids at the skate park would drink this and eat a snack size bag of Doritos and lose their stomach from one end or the other. Never failed. Also the typhoon flavor Mtn Dew that was part of a contest way back. It was fruit punch and Mtn Dew mixed. So much better than the blue one that won."

- Rash_Games

Candy Tragic

"Watermelon Laffy Taffy with the candy seeds in them."

- ThingsLastForever

"I didn't even know this was discontinued but I'm devastated by the news."

- Mental_Tea_4084


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"Trident used to make a "layers" gum that came with apple and pineapple as the flavors and they discontinued it. It was so great and it lasted forever. They kept grape lemonade! I just don't get it."

- Powerful_Village2508

Still Around

"Do y'all remember the ubiquitous Viennetta commercials in the 90s? I never tried it but it was the height of sophistication when I was in elementary school."

- lawpancake

"Its a supermarket staple here in the UK."

- Jaikus

Good Eats

"Ding dongs. They still make them, but they were better before Hostess went bankrupt and was bought out."

- queen_ofmoons

"I loves snack cakes, pies and anything similar to that. I did notice that… something has been off about Hostess snacks since they went bankrupt and subsequently revived however many years ago. I remember Twinkies being so good and delicious, and now they're just… not for some reason. I don't know why though. I can't tell if it's something with the ingredients they use now or a change in recipe but it tastes off nowadays."

"Regarding the Ding Dongs, I personally taste tested and compared Ding Dongs to Drake's version, Ring Dings. The Drake's stuff was so much better. Again, I don't know what changed exactly. But nonetheless I don't buy Hostess stuff anymore and go for either Drake's or Tastykake."

- Mercurydriver


"Flintstones Push-Up Pops."

- Rose_de_MaiTai

"This brought back something from the deepest corner of my brain. Also brings the question why were the Flintstones such an integral part of our childhood and diet. Push ups, fruity pebbles, vitamins. What else am I missing from the Flintstones?"

- Question_aire

Turtle Power

ninja turtles GIF by Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesGiphy

"Ninja Turtle Pies."

- kablami

"This is it. This is the right answer. It was only in the last couple years I found out that people besides my family ate them. We'd buy every single one at the store whenever we'd see them."

- DrummerBoyDibs

Still Sad

'"Oh Boy!' Garlic bread. We didn't have a lot of money growing up so we always had to ration it whenever we got some, 2 pieces for me, max.. I remember thinking that when I was an adult, I'd buy so much and have all I could want, whenever I wanted. Then, I grew up and it was discontinued. Sadness ensued and persists til this very day. :( "

- MauiKehaulani

Cheese It

"Apparently I'm the only one of my friends who remembers these, but those fries from BK that you would get with a separate bag and a packet of cheese powder. You'd proceed to shake the crap out of both of them in the bag and you'd have cheddary fries. So good."

- reyob1

The OG


"The original Trix yogurt. they have yogurt now, but it doesn't taste anything like it did when I was a kid & it breaks my heart."

- mdaws7

I thought those pies tasted weird. Why do they have to make changes to great things? Leave perfect alone. Now someone get on those bear claws.

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