People Confess The Food They Can't Buy Because They'll Eat The Whole Thing In One Sitting
Spencer Davis/Unsplash

I cannot be trusted with chocolate marshmallow cookies.

I don't even like marshmallows, but something happens in my brain when I bite into it and I no longer have an ability to say no. It doesn't even matter what brand - could be Mallomars, or pinwheels, or whatever your local store brand is.

Doesn't matter, just put it in the freezer and walk away. It's best you forget about it, because you'll never see the box again.

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People Describe The Weirdest Snacks They Enjoy Making
Luis Cortes on Unsplash

People can get pretty creative when it comes to food, especially snacks.

There's just something about the quick, utilitarian nature of snacking—which often involves whatever you can find around the kitchen—that leads to some really individualism.

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There are many ways to enjoy an Oreo cookie. Some people like dunking them in milk and taking a soggy bite. Some prefer them crushed into a milkshake. Others like deconstructing America’s favorite cookie by taking apart the two halves and licking the creamy center. Redditor lickernolicking complained about how his girlfriend did one of […] More
People Divulge Which Snacks They Personally Cannot Stand
Jimmy Dean/Unsplash

I hate mustard.

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Snacks are great.

Simple snacks are even better.

It can get a bit boring eating the same snacks over and over again, though.

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