All of us grew up being told urban legends or tall tales, which many people claim to be true

Some of them have an other-worldly or supernatural theme to them, such as the house at the end of the road being haunted or neighbors not being exactly who they appear to be.

Or they might be stories of daredevils attempting the impossible and meeting an unfortunate fate.

Despite people's claims, most of these stories simply seem too far-fetched to possibly be true, and they usually are, indeed, a complete fabrication.

But every now and then, there is evidence to prove that these spine tingling stories did, indeed happen, all thanks to a camera.

Redditor Dan_The_PaniniMan was eager to hear all the scream inducing tales people have heard with evidence to prove their validity, leading them to ask:
"What’s the scariest story you know of with actual photographic proof?"

Not The Footage He Was Hoping For

"There is the Japanese man that livestreamed his own death when he climbed Mt Fuji off-season."

"His last words were 'This is very dangerous'."

"In Japanese, of course."- Pattoe89

Ghost Flight

"Helios flight 522 also called 'ghost flight'."

"Because of a wrongly turned switch there was no pressurization."

"The pilots couldn’t identify the problem and because of hypoxia everyone on the plane except one died."

"The disturbing thing is that the plane was on autopilot and simply flew to it’s destination only stayed at 30000 feet."

"Figtherjets were scrambled and took a picture."

"They reported seeing everyone livelessly but after two hours saw 1 person entering the cockpit which was a crew member."

"He tried getting the plane to descend but after 3 minutes after he entered the cockpit the left engine spun out because of fuel starvation."

"7 minutes after that the right engine."

"Flight data recorded a yoke pull, pitching the plane up, of the maximum amount a human could deliver seconds before impact."

"The picture taken by the fighter pilots still give the chills."- Supperdjdodo

A Gesture Gone Terribly Wrong

"That one underwater proposal where the guy’s girlfriend was in an underwater hotel room and the guy swam outside of it to propose."

"You could see him struggling, couldn’t hold his breath any longer and swam up but never made it to the surface."

"One of the happiest moments in their lives only to end in tragedy."- I_ama_Borat

Trapped On A Ferry

"The Seoul ferry tragedy, where the students recorded their final moments stuck in the sinking ship, their final reactions."- BaiganGamer

Kidnapped In Plain Sight

"Josef Fritzl.'

"The pictures of the basement where he kept his daughter."- Round-Improvement-22

Capturing Impending Doom

"This is a series of photos recovered from the camera of a Canadian couple who died during the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami."

"It shows the water level flowing out from the shore before surging back in."

"The very idea of a wall of water crashing towards you, completely unstoppable, and you have no where to run, no where that is safe is perhaps one of the most terrifying things that could happen to you."

"By the time one could take these photos, all you can do is watch death march inexorably towards you."- badcgi

One Last Embrace

"Two engineers died when the windmill they were working on caught fire."

"This is the last picture of them alive hugging."- Old_Touch

Lethal Natural Disaster

"The Lake Nyos Disaster."

"There was an earthquake/eruption that released an unbelievable amount of carbon dioxide from a volcanic lake, and CO2 being heavier than air it settled over the nearby village."

"Over 1,700 people asphyxiated to death in a clear blue sky having no clue what was happening and almost no chance of surviving if they had."

"I remember horrifying photos of dead livestock covering a field in a high school science textbook."- Amish_Cyberbully

Parasites In The Worst Places

"Sadly this happened to me."

"I was swimming in a pool in Cancun and I suddenly felt the pain of an icepick entering my penis and being jammed through my anus."

"I went to the bathroom where I peed arterial blood."

"I was of course insanely frightened."

"Believe me or not but this is the truth, I chose not to go to an emergency room, preferring to drink a gallon or distilled water almost immediately."

"My pee went from a dark burgundy color, to red, to finally pink in the early morning, and finally to crystal clear."

"This took all night."

"In the morning, I urinated out the first of two worms."

"The first one I peed onto the porcelain side of the toilet."

"The second one hit the water."

"When I saw a urologist she watched the above video and literally screamed in horror."

"I asked why and she said, 'Andy, it's swimming!'"

"Apparently that's extremely dangerous."

"She then inserted a camera up my urethra and into my bladder looking for eggs or scarring."

"She found neither."

"This story has a happy ending as all this happened years ago and I am healthy, but it was terrifying."- iamtherealandy

Disturbing, disgusting, and utterly terrifying.

And thanks to someone having the initiative, or misfortune, of taking pictures, all are 100% true.

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