Some people are less easily scared than others.

While some people live off of the adrenaline of zombies jumping out at you in a haunted house, others will jump ten feet in the air at the tiniest sound of a crack in the floor.

Even people who live to be scared, however, have had one genuinely spooky experience that they simply cannot explain, no matter how hard they try.

Managing to disrupt their sleep in a way that slasher films and haunted hayrides couldn't even begin to do.

Redditor Generic_Garak was curious to hear the absolutely scariest thing people have ever experienced which they still can't explain, leading them to ask:
"What is your spookiest or most unexplainable event that has ever happened to you?"

Unexplained Orb

"Sitting at the desk in my basement at my house during college, I saw a ball of light the size of a basketball 'manifest' across the room from me, fly towards me, then veer off and disappear."

"It was the middle of a clear, sunny day."

"Not sure, but given it's the only time something like that has ever happened to me, I would classify it as abnormal, maybe even paranormal."

"Also, immediately after, it was like I could see the air 'flowing' in the room."- milkomeda


"I was a kid but a teenager, old enough to know that Santa Claus didn't exist."

"But one Xmas eve was staying at my uncles old farm house."

"In the middle of the night, I awoke to the sight of an old man looking exactly like the typical Santa."

"I was so confused and scared so I just kept my eyes closed and eventually fell back asleep."

"Told my family about this mysterious Santa visit and to my surprise, no one ridiculed me for thinking I 'saw Santa'."

"Instead they determined I was old enough to know the truth about the former owner of the farmhouse."

"He was a real person who was sadly found dead with suspicious conditions."

"Turns out my uncle had had plenty of odd occurrences throughout his time living there."

"Never anything hurtful or violent but definitely his presence was known."

"What really sealed the deal was when they showed me a picture of said previous owner, Saul, and what do you know...he had a remarkable resemblance to Santa."

"RIP Saul!"- jmvk2018San

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The Others...

"This story is from a childhood friend who told me this and it still unnerves me to this day."

"She was genuinely freaked out and her family even backed up her claims so here goes."

"Basically my friend and her family moved into this rental property which my friend said was haunted."

"It gave everyone an off feeling, those who visited or stayed over would mention it."

"I myself experienced this odd feeling of foreboding whenever I went over there and believed in the consensus that the house was haunted."

"It honestly felt oppressive in the house and you would feel this pitiful dread that is hard to compute into words and was extremely uncomfortable to experience to say the least."

"Anyway this particular inexplicable event, that is the basis of this post, was enough for my friend's family to pack up and stay with relatives until they moved out permanently."

"On this fateful afternoon my friend had arrived back home from the park and heard an argument taking place in the kitchen between her mum and dad."

"My friend thought this was odd as both her parents should be at work so she called out 'Mum?' before unlocking the front door and going inside."

"My friend said the house fell instantly silent: an uncanny silence like all the air had been sucked out of the place and felt stifling and wrong."

"Then her mum said 'hey friend's name we are just in here'."

"My friend was just outside the closed kitchen door at this point and froze beyond opening."

"It was her mother's voice but there was something off like the cadence was missing that made it her mother."

"It sounded flat and unnatural."

"My friend decided to bolt back out the front door and wait outside until her brother came home but she said as she turned back to the house she saw her mother peering at her from the lounge room window."

"But it wasn't her mother."

"The face was the same, everything was the same but her face was devoid of anything that made it her mother."

"There was no recognition on her mother's face, there was no indication that she was looking directly at her daughter, there was no emotion in the expression: nothing."

"The eyes looked unstaring and utterly blank."

"My friend screamed and ran down the street to her mother's work and confirmed that she was there all this time and had never been home."

"Initially my friend's mother reasoned that someone must have broke in but a later investigation proved nothing had been stolen and the back door was locked as was the front door when my friend came home."

"No one could rationalize who my friend saw in the window and why it looked so much like her mother, but not fully human, so that was the deciding factor to nope the f*ck out of there and find somewhere else to live."

"The landlord of the house denied anything like this happening when they lived there but did admit tenants didn't stay long saying there as something was 'wrong' in the house."

"My friend also told me she was the only one who actually saw anything definitively sinister in the house but her family said they definitely felt an evil presence there which manifested into the doppelganger experience my friend had."

"Utterly terrifying."- Mummyto4

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A Lucky Premonition...

"Okay, so once when I was about 9yrs old, it was late at night, I'm asleep in my room and my younger sister (8) is asleep down the hall in her room."

"It's not uncommon for us to run into each other's rooms if we have a nightmare, you know that whole trying to outrun the demons just run and jump into the others bed?"

"Well, this night I literally wake up out of a dead sleep, its dark, the moon is high outside my window, and my sister is standing in my doorway."

"It's not debatable that it's her, her height, her stupid haircut, down to the New Kids on The Block oversized t-shirt nightgown from my mom's youth."

"But she's just standing there."

"One hand on the doorknob, other hand on the doorframe, staring at me."


"I look at her for a minute and then kind of annoyed I throw my blanket open, 'COME ON IF YOU'RE COMING IN HERE!'"

"She doesn't move, doesn't say anything, she's still staring."

"And I'm not even creeped out at this point, I'm just annoyed and sleepy and white trash, lol, so I get up to go hit her."
"I know, it's a garbage pail kid thing to do, but I'm just being honest."

"Our parents didn't teach us self-regulation, it is what it is."

"I'm better now, lol."

"I jump out and stomp over to where she is and stop about arms length in front of her, she's still silent, still staring."

"Now I'm a little creeped out, 'WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!'"

"And I swipe at her overhand."

"She disappears as my hand falls."

"Like not dissipates into nothing, like straight up is just gone!"

"I look back at my bed?"

"I look in the hallway?"


"SO now I RUN TO HER room down the hall because it's that time!"

"Nightmare time!!"


"And when I get there, I notice she is there, thank God, but she's SHAKING violently!"


"SO then I go on the full tilt alarm, run to my parents room turn all the lights on, yelling that sister is having a seizure."

"We go to the emergency room and she gets her diagnosis of childhood epilepsy."

"I also didn't even know what a seizure was when I started yelling about this, which was also weird."

"I honestly think to this day that she Astral projected or something, that b*tch found a way to come get me because she was in trouble in her bed."- aceinnoholes

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One Complicated Panty Raid...

"Was camping with my wife sitting around the camp fire."

"Started to pour rain, so we went back inside the tent."

"Inside the tent the rain was so heavy we couldn’t hear anything over the pitter patter hitting the tent. "

"We decide to change our clothes and call it a night."

"We get into our sleeping bags and turn out the light and hear 'dleet dleet dleet' again 'dleet dleet dleet' like the sound Motorola phone would make when the battery was dying."

"Only thing was we don’t have phones that make that sound and our phones are turned off."

"Miles from anyone."

"Pouring rain."

"Can’t hear if someone is walking up to your tent."

"Can’t tell if someone walked away from your tent."

"We were trapped inside this canvas death trap with only one exit."

"We froze and waited for what seemed like hours."

"Eventually I grabbed my gun and light and made a dash for the door trying to get out as fast as I could."

"Once out I ran around my tent."


"No one."

"Not a sign of life anywhere."

"We grabbed our our valuables and decided to make the 10 minute trek to our car."

"We made it safe."

"Drove an hour home."

"And slept better than we would’ve if we stayed."

"The next day we drove back to get our stuff."

"When we got to our tent it didn’t look like anything had been messed with."

"Nothing out of place."

"Once we got home and unpacked my wife couldn’t find her underwear."

"None of them."

"Literally nothing else was missing from our stuff."

"It was the wildest and creepiest experience of our life."- dktaylor32

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Going through these experiences is enough to make you afraid of spending even one minute home alone.

However, as time goes by, you discover the biggest advantage of having the living daylights scared out of you.

Having a tale to tell...