People Break Down Which Things We All Have The Right To Do But We'd Be A Jerk To Actually Do
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Just because you can doesn't mean you should.

We should have that mantra on more t-shirts.

Bad behavior is not ok.

There is no justification for deciding to be a fool.

So, you had a bad day. Take a deep breath and move forward.

Just because it's legal behavior, doesn't mean you it makes you a good person.

Don't be a jerk!

Redditor ILikeNavierStokes wanted to discuss the behaviors were tempted by but are best to avoid. They asked:

"What is something that anyone has the right to do, but they’re a d*ck if they do it?"

I'm Tom. And I have cut people off in the supermarket line. On purpose. I'm sorry. I'm always in a rush.


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"Standing in the middle of a busy walkway at the store without even a hint of awareness."


Creepy Much?

"Stare. I can legally stare at you all day long and there's not a single thing you can do about it."

"Edit: Going to clarify that staring in public is not illegal in my country (U.S). If two people are sitting in park or inside a store and I stare at you for an hour, it is not illegal by any means as long as I do not follow you or pursue after you try to get away from my weird a**. Creepy? Absolutely, but not illegal."


Very Close

"When you park further away in a parking lot: Then someone comes along and parks right next to you - very close - even though there are dozens of empty spaces to choose from."


"One time I was in my car peeing in a cup because I couldn’t find a public bathroom that was open and I really had to go. I was in a huge parking lot and this dude in a truck comes and pulls right up next to me. My car is lower to the ground so he could literally peer right down through my window. F**king annoying."



"Walk into the elevator before people can walk out."


"In my defense I don’t actually walk in, I just automatically start to shuffle forward and then pull the ol’ awkward stop and stare maneuver."


"These people are just stupid honestly. There's legitimately no explanation for it otherwise. Why would you cram more into a small space knowing people will be leaving. It's another level of oblivious."



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"Mow the lawn at 6 in the morning."


Why would you mow your lawn at 6am?!?! That's God's day. Sleep.

Back Away...

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"Stand next to you at a urinal if it isn’t strictly necessary."



"Returning used mattresses at Costco. Costco has a crazy return policy. Besides electronics anything can be returned whenever for a full refund. There are people who buy a mattress, use it for years and then return it to get a new one. I've also seen people returning half full bags of dog food, heavily used and broken because they were never cleaned grills and other crap that shouldn't be returned."



"The state some people leave public bathrooms in should somehow be illegal. I mean, whoever is wiping crap on the wall should at least be fined."


"People don't have the right to do that, they just don't get caught and there's no one stopping them. It's arguably criminal damage, vandalism, child endangerment... there are a whole host of things it could plausibly be that are illegal."



"Snake a parking spot when you can see that someone has been waiting a while for it."


"Sitting waiting for the guy to back out another car zips in. I lean out the window, hey what the hell. He goes your turn signal wasn't on."

"I'm that's right I'm double parked in a crowded lot for giggles. He starts to walk away with a little wave of his hand over his shoulder. Alright but call AAA when you get inside because your Times important because you're going to need Air and I don't want to you inconvenienced. He moved."



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"Clip their toenails in a public place like a restaurant, or a jewelry store, or the bank."


People who clip toenails in public... there is a place in HELL for you.

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