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In a world where we are binge watching anything we can get our hands on, what makes a series finally worth while? Well, a Redditor asked users to weigh in.

User sifsand from reddit asked:

"What show had the perfect ending?"

A few things that people may want out of an ending is satisfaction. Was it earned? We want to see our hero's win and our villain's fall. At the same time, sometimes we wish our characters stories didn't have to come to an end and we keep hoping for more.

Here's what people had to say about some of the most popular series and the most underrated series.

Props to the writers of Avatar: The Last Airbender

Avatar The Last Airbender Slow Clap GIF Giphy

"Avatar: The Last Airbender"


"The writers wisdom and their respect for the maturity of their young audience to play sad music over the agnikai between zuko and azula impresses me every time. It's a huge scene that's been built up to for two seasons but the creators want you to know it's not a good thing that events came to this. I love it so much."


"also, talk about never missing out to remind the audience that Azula is a victim and product of her surround, and that she's hurt ... the beach episode gave us several moments where she showed honesty and sadness."

"Iroh said "She's crazy, and she needs to go down." but it's an honest moment - he knows how it happened and that, to start healing, she needs to see that her greatest fear - failing the fire nation and her family's expectations, which she has dedicated her entire life and personality to - is not the end. It's the start of her realizing the life outside of it (her story in the comics is still going)"

- RedSiren2

The Good Place

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"the good place, pretty sure i cried"

- joinedtoask1question

"I love it when they put the story before the ratings. There was more than enough audience to warrant another season, but they decided to plan the best ending to the story instead. Very well done."

- SpaceDave83

"my thoughts exactly. and i loved how it didn't decide what the audience's philosophical standpoint should be, it left you to have your own thoughts about the content."

- joinedtoask1question

Futurama was the ending that just kept giving

"Futurama, so good it had three perfect endings."

- BreakerLOLZ

"Four endings in fact! 'The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings', 'Into the Wild Green Yonder', 'Overclockwise', and then finally 'Meanwhile' were all written as series finales."

"That show was cancelled a ridiculous number of times, I'm so happy it lasted as long as it did."

- ChainGangSoul

"'Please don't stop playing, Fry. I want to hear how it ends."'

- canuk47

"The best of the endings imo but I'm glad it continued"

- 69SRDP69

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood made it happen for every character

"Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood"

- ral365

"I have never seen anything with a more perfect ending, especially considering its got a perfect ending for all like, 30 f*cking characters."

- ikuz321

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Chernobyl definitely counts.

"Does Chernobyl count despite only being a mini series?"

- 283leis

"Oh it absolutely counts. Learning what happened to all of the real people portrayed in the series, seeing what they actually looked like, and learning in such vivid detail what the ultimate cost of the tragedy was, all whilst that really haunting choir sings in the background... f*ck, I tear up just thinking about it."

- RedWestern

Breaking Bad was a heartbreaker


"Breaking Bad. Loved the use of El Paso by Marty Robbins in the finale."

- mountain_daisy

"Jesse's journey, from stoner goofball kid sneaking out of a woman's window, to meth-cook slave in a pit was absolutely heartbreaking. He was just used, abused, and gutted over and over again, by his parents and Walt. We needed El Camino to believe there is hope in the world."

- Easy_Initiative

Blackadder Goes Forth was 'shockingly profound'

"Blackadder Goes Forth"

- DavosLostFinger

"I've always found the end of Blackadder to be shockingly profound in a way that only truly great comedy is capable of, but didn't click with me until just now that when Baldrick Darling makes that statement at the end it's to inform the audience that the war isn't going to be over for another year, twisting the knife a little deeper as the men form up and solemnly face their duty."

- kermi42

Over the Garden Wall was the perfect slice of cake

"Over the Garden Wall. The ending was perfect because Wirt comes to the realization, along with Beatrice that what they both did was wrong, and they actively work to fix their mistakes, and it ends in a climatic fight where Wirt doesn't physically fight the beast, instead rejecting the beast and finding his own path, and that path led him and his brother home."

- AdaLoveLaceKing

"What an underrated show. Definitely wished we got more of this. Nevertheless the ending was just beautiful"

- myUSErnaME

"I feel like Over the Garden Wall is a slice of cake scenario. You have one slice of cake. It is so good! It is unbelievably good! You want more cake. You want to eat the entire cake. But just because that one slice was so amazing doesn't mean that it's a good idea to eat the entire cake."

"I think part of the reason Over the Garden Wall was so perfect is because they serve you only a single slice, so to speak."

- ShiraCheshire

BoJack Horseman had really earned its finally

bojack horseman money GIF by NETFLIX Giphy

"BoJack Horseman. All the characters got conclusions that they had earned and felt deserved and natural. Some were happy and some were bittersweet but the show was fair to all of them"

- DatedTVReference

"I think BoJack Horseman really nailed the endings. As rapid as they came, they didn't feel forced. And they concluded the stories really, really well."

"If anything, I wish we got more character endings in the show."

- minus4k

The finally is sometimes the most critical point of a show. It brings us tears, laughter, and bittersweet feelings towards are beloved characters. It makes us feel like it was the ending the characters and the audience deserved.

Hopefully, these comments help you decide what you're watching next.

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