People Break Down Which Activities May Sound Safe But Aren't At All

People Break Down Which Activities May Sound Safe But Aren't At All

There are hidden dangers in a lot of activities we consider pretty harmless…but are they really? Painting is a relaxing past time but it can become dangerous for the uninformed. When using oil paints turpentine is a must... also a must when using turpentine, excellent ventilation. It can be extremely hazardous if used improperly.

The same goes for cadmium paints. Those beautiful reds and yellows that come out so vibrant come at a cost. Cadmium is poisonous so if you have young ones or pets that could get into your paints or wet canvas you're going to have something much more serious on your hands than a simple mess. This goes for many different supplies. So don't go jumping in to become the next Bob Ross yet until you do your research or those trees won't be happy for long

Wanting to know more examples Redditor TheBaileyCaine asked:

"What is something that sounds safe but actually isn't?"

The answers gave us things to be scared of we never thought of before and now we have to share.

Farming isn’t all quaint countryside…

“Farming- everyone thinks about bucolic pastures, pretty red barns and cute little critters running around , but farming is the sixth most dangerous occupation in the United States, higher than law enforcement, firefighters, powerline workers and ironworkers."

“Most of farming deaths involve accidents with machinery, but grain storage deaths are high as well, if a farmer falls into a bin of canola he sinks to the bottom and suffocates fairly quickly as well as the unfortunate ones that fall into pig manure pits and drown in liquid sh*t."

“ Farm animals also kill a lot of farmers too because a 180lb man doesn't have good odds going up against a 1200 lb cow. Plus the fact that no one talks about is the mental health-related deaths farming is incredibly stressful and suicide deaths in the farming community are rising steadily." Tanglrfoot

You are one awkward landing from lots of potentially life changing injuries.”

“Well, I don't know if this actually sounds safe, but trampolines! People think by putting the netting around them, etc that you won't get hurt. Think again. You are one awkward landing from lots of potentially life changing injuries. I have personally gotten to view the inside of an adult foot/ankle because of a trampoline.” Juniper-Sand

They aren’t floofy cows…

“Bison. Like the wild big cow looking animals. I grew up around them and I see too many tourists in Yellowstone going to take a selfie with one. Those kill you without batting an eye" root-rot-racoon

“Yeah and the thing is that there's no stopping it short of climbing a tree or shooting it in the head with a shotgun or large caliber rifle because unlike a predator that's just hungry and is trying to eat you, the herbivore isn't gonna stop to consider whether or not you are worth the trouble of killing because quite frankly you've pissed it off and it wants you dead." bacontime2

angry yellowstone national park GIFGiphy

"Internal decapitation.”

​“Going in a car without a headrest on your seat. It's not just a pillow for comfort.” Schoollow48

“Internal decapitation. When the car gets hit your body starts moving immediately because the back of the seat pushes you forward. If there isn't anything pushing the back of your head it lags behind until your body pulls it forward. It separates the base of your skull from your spinal column, the only reason your head stays on is because of how elastic skin is.” passwordsarehard_3

Just leave the dangerous challenges alone…

“Everybody should rightfully know that tidepod challenges were unsafe, but the more innocent one was the cinnamon challenge. Cinnamon powder does not mix with water, so the instant reflex from the body was to cough to get rid of this unknown substance, but the inhale of air to cough with could cause you to inhale the cinnamon into your lungs. And that could cause serious harm or even death if severe enough.” ​GoabNZ

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It’s like being in limbo…

“Anesthesia. I don't feel like people have enough respect for how complicated and dangerous it is to put people to sleep. I have patients all the time ask me to put them under for routine procedures that don't require sedation and I always think to myself that you wouldn't be asking that if you knew how much training and monitoring and intensive effort it takes to keep someone asleep safely without them stopping breathing” ​OneMDformeplease


​“Grain Silos. People die every year because they explode with static electricity.” Time_Capt

“For sure. We had a very large explosion in my home state. I remember my chemistry teacher explaining to us how it happened. During his demonstration he managed to create a small explosion and also catch his podium on fire. We were all sworn to secrecy and I have never spoken of it until now. (Approximately 23 years later.) Mr. May, I hope you've retired by now and I don't get you fired!” GrinAndBearIt_1981

Carnival carnage…

​“If I'm honest fair rides, you'd think it'd be safe, it's surrounded by a lot of people, so if anything were to happen help would be there straight away, and there's all these safety precautions , but the amount of things that have gone wrong way too often is scary." DevotionGoesBrrrrrr

“When I was a teenager, I got stuck on a Witches Wheel at a fair. It shorted out and got stuck in the ON position. It ran for about half an hour, maybe 45 minutes before they figured out what was wrong and got it to stop. It ran full tilt at a 45 degree angle for the entire time."

“I have never been sicker in my life. My friends took me home and I couldn't walk to my front door. I laid in the backyard puking. My mother yelled at me because she thought I was drunk, but my friends explained what happened. I will never ride another spinny ride again. Ever." BoredBSEE

“I went on a ride called the "fireball" goes around in a circle and it would stop upside down and go in reverse order. Well one time me and my cousin go on it, the seat belt came completely undone, I was feeling too much gravity until my cousin grabbed my shoulders before I flew towards the ground. Scary place to be and you won't catch me on any rides anymore.” Tongue-OSRS

Fun Catapult GIF by Bayerischer RundfunkGiphy

Good to know!

​“Cleaning a cat's liter box with bleach. Don't mix ammonia and bleach. You'll be committing a war crime.” Kdog122025

I was try to be helpful as a kid and clean the bathroom. I kept the door closed so the rest of the house wouldn't be hit with the fumes, but didn't think to open a window. Ended up mixing two cleaners that were primarily bleach an ammonia.”

“Ended up spending that evening and the next day in bed writhing around feeling like I was going to die. The next Monday at school we found out in science what common household chemicals can be mixed to create more dangerous chemicals.
I felt like a dumb a**.”

Boating. I'm a boat mechanic, but I didn't have much boating experience before I started working on them and I was pretty caught off guard to discover how dangerous it can be. Everyone thinks of boating as this idyllic family activity, and it usually is, but a staggering amount of things can go wrong on the water and leave you stranded or worse."

There are submerged objects like rock formations and logs that can cause you to get ejected and/or sink your boat. It's fairly easy to forget a plug and sink your boat; it happens frequently. Most boat owners have no idea how to operate a boat safely or even competently (it's trickier than you might think. It takes some experience and technique)."

Alcohol abuse among boaters is rampant. People often don't secure their trailer correctly to the tow vehicle (not latched, wrong ball hitch size, unsecured/improperly secured safety chains, etc). People don't service their trailers. Wheels fall off from lack of grease."

Humans, really does sum it up…

​“How has nobody said vehicles of any type yet. More people die in automotive accidents per year than any other death not related to medical issues. But in reality let's all just say it, this is the real truth...Humans... I don't think any other information is needed about that.” LAB_Spirit

There’s a reason for safety gear! 

“Riding an ATV. It's ridiculously easy to flip one and be killed/paralysed from the neck down.” SickularPlunkett

Bro don’t do it…

“Telling my wife to calm down.” ​abajasiesu

Bbc America Television GIF by The WatchGiphy

Safety glass?

​“Safety glass. Sure, it doesn't shatter like regular glass, but those tiny pieces are like razor nuggets. And they get everywhere during an accident. You could even swallow/inhale a few pieces and that's very no bueno.” BlottomanTurk

Not everyone realizes that this interferes with it functioning properly.

Letting your child wear their winter coat in the car seat.” ​jbea456


“Transporting pistachios. Very high value to size ratio so they are sometimes targeted for heists. Even when they aren't being attacked by criminals they have a tendancy to spontaneously explode when being transported in large numbers.” PeirsPlay

Writing this with blood on my face…”

“Riding lawnmowers. Writing this with blood on my face because while cutting my in laws grass I hit a bump which knocked the controls forward which sent me into a branch and knocked me off the lawnmower.” truck-nuts

An unlikely encounter however…

“Quicksand I know it's a weird one but people don't know how dangerous it really is and think that they can just walk out of it but you can't. Once you're in it, you're in it and you can't get out.” ghost_blanket

We’ve all had a fall or two…

​“Stairs: they are the most dangerous mode of transportation (average vs how many trips)”IanHSC

"I'd conservatively estimate that 30% of trailer brakes don't work (% goes up logarithmically with age of the trailer)--give boat trailers a wide berth on the freeway. Often people don't follow basic safety like life jackets and kill lanyards. You can hit a big wake/wave and get knocked away from the controls and your boat is now a self-guided missile."

"If you're swimming behind a running boat you can pass out from the fumes and drown. You can get chopped to bits by the propeller. You can get hit by a boat being driven by a drunk, inexperienced, or incompetent person. A fuel leak can cause a buildup of fumes in the bilge that gets ignited by engine electronics. It goes on and on." F*ck_the_Bunk

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