People Share The Real Reason They Cut All Ties With A Friend
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The gradual dissolution of friendships is a common and unfortunate part of growing up.

People become distant as they move to a different city, whether the reason is for going to college or job relocation.

And no matter how valiantly friends keep in touch through the help of social media, the online connection can only do so much to keep some friendships intact.

Distance isn't the only factor contributing to even the closest of friends drifting apart. People change and evolve as they become a part of newer communities.

However, there are also occasions where ending a friendship is out of necessity, and plenty of strangers weighed in with their experiences when Redditor MusicalDeTekTiiv asked:

"What made you 'nope' out of a friendship?"

This violation of trust was enough to write off friendships for good.

The Thief

"He stole something from me, was caught red handed, and then denied it. Couldn’t trust him so had to end our friendship."

– gordita_brunch

The Disappearing Lego

"I had a friend in elementary school who stole a Lego naboo starfighter from me. He said he wanted it and I said 'uh... No...?' Then I couldn't find it in my room so I asked him about it the next day and I saw him playing with it or he said thank you for the Legos or something. Immediately just wrote him off, asked my mom if she could get it back for me but nothing came of it. If you're out there, f'k you Andrew."

– Bykimus

Missing Pokemon Games

"I had a 'friend' who didn't last 1 f'king day. Stopped at my house to go to the bathroom and later found my case with 2 pokemon DS games missing. Went to his house and asked for them back from his dad and got 1 back almost immediately, kid must have been a little sh*t because the dad didn't doubt me for a moment. Took a week or 2 to get the second game back but the sh*t already reset my save. I think it was when pokemon platinum was the newest one whatever year that was."

– Skorpioartex

Nosy Nancy

"She had a crush on a guy friend of mine. No biggie there, plenty of my friends have dated each other. We were hanging out one day and I went to change my son's diaper and left my cell on the table next to her. When I come back, she randomly says she's gotta go and leaves. Ok, sure. I grab my phone and it's open to texts between me and that particular guy friend! (I didnt have a password at the time) She had scrolled back pretty far too!! I called her out on it. She said she just wanted to make sure him and I were "really" platonic friends and him and I didn't have a thing going on.... she could have just asked!!! Noped right out of that one. Oh, and we weren't in high school.... we are in our thirties!!!"

– UnderstandingFar7148

"Eye-Opening" Experience

"She cheated on her fiance with two different guys and to avoid consequences, she falsely accused both of them of sexual assault (know this for a fact). She had quit going to college classes and her job a few weeks before and told her mom (who was paying for it) that the assaults were the reason why. Eye opening experience. I told her mom the truth and told my now ex-friend to never contact me again. It helped me realize that I was always a friend to her and she was never a friend to me anyway, something my actual friends had tried to tell me several times."

– bcoftheimplication7

Bye, Felicia

"He turned out to be a pedo."

– AshDargon

These self-obsessed behaviors crossed a line.

The One-Upper

"She was a one-upper. No matter how long of a day I’ve had, hers was longer. Her schoolwork was harder. Her back pain was worse. I went to Tennessee, she went to elevenssee."

– dbatcjuli

Perpetual Gossip

"I realized 90% of our conversations were them talking sh*t about other people and being extremely negative. That energy rubs off on you. Also had a sense this friend wanted me to fail, if that makes sense. Like my celebrations weren’t really celebrated, and they got a sick sense of pleasure at me being knocked down a peg."

– BiteInfamous

Unwilling Alibi

"She started using me as an alibi when cheating on her husband. Didn't even ask me first, not that I would have agreed to it, it was so audacious. And her husband was a super nice guy that I really enjoyed hanging out with, and she ruined that friendship too by using me as her alibi."

– waifuiswatching

The Me Show

"My kidneys failed. They healed up. Then I got a funny-looking lab test a few months later. I told a friend, 'I think my kidneys are failing again!!' She sighed loudly, and said 'AND? What's that to ME?' She'd just been complaining about her stupid, lazy co-workers for about half an hour. But she couldn't bother to listen to me. That was the last time I talked to her. (My kidneys were OK, though.)"

– KidsTheseDaysYknow

Unsympathetic "Friend"

"When my grandma got cancer and wasn't gonna go through chemo so I needed emotional support by a friend and she outright said to me that she would rather talk about the progress she made w a boy."

– oreossuck

Scorned Girlfriend

"sounds like we had similar friends."

"my grandpa dropped dead out of no where years ago, and the only thing my ex friend did was dump her entire relationship onto my shoulders and cry about how her boyfriend kept breaking up with her."

– urbanlulu

The Irish Trip

"She was flying to Ireland to meet some guy she'd become friends with online and wanted me to come with her so she wouldn't be alone on the flight. I said sure, why not, I love traveling and I also don't want you to get murdered. The guy turned out to be both real and very nice, but she spent the entire time we were there putting me down in front of him to look cool. I didn't even like the guy, I was living with my boyfriend, but she was so threatened for some reason. By the second day of getting mocked relentlessly, I was like, f'k it, and spent the rest of the trip exploring Dublin on my own. Once we got home, she and I had a conversation where I basically told her 'I don't think either of us thought that went well' and never talked to her again."

– ostentia

"Guy couldn’t stop talking about issues that he never experienced. Mf was smart as hell went to private school had college paid for him, but it’s society holding him from getting a job not his drinking and cocaine habits."

– uncareingbear

People who hold grudges aren't friendship material.

The Punishment

"A girl I was friends with threatened to call the company I work for and make up something I didn’t do to get me fired because I refused to take a day off to spend time with her after a breakup (although I offered to come over after work multiple days). I took a screenshot of her threat and told her I’d go straight to the police if she actually did that."

– beefstewforyou

Self-Proclaimed Soulmate

"She invited this guy she was chatting with to come hang out with us one day. She had a long-term boyfriend while I was newly single. This guy and I really hit it off, so we started to spend more time together. When she found out she got so mad. She told me that I 'stole my back-up guy'. Her boyfriend dumped her shortly after and she demanded I stop talking to him so that she could start dating him as she had previously planned, insisting that he was her 'soulmate'. I stopped talking to her instead and so did he. That was 20 years ago and we're still together (15 years of marriage and 2 kids). Guess he wasn't her soulmate after all."

– Mindful-Reader1989

First impressions are usually telling about a person, but those who think they've hit it off with someone should beware, just in case.

You never know when a person's true colors will reveal themselves to be a heartless individual.

While your gut feeling about someone is usually accurate, it doesn't mean that's always the case.

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