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Love is crazy. I've finally come to that conclusion. And marriage, you take your life in your hands and just throw caution to the wind in hopes of survival with that step.

When love falls apart, things can get real messy, real fast. And I've always been stunned by people's behavior when love subsides.

More often than not, it's like they become different people. Sometimes people are beset by tragedy and grief and sometimes people smile wide and move on. It's a coin toss.

But my favorite post-divorce personality has to be the sudden supervillain. Oh honey, watch out for them!

Redditor u/hyperyog wanted to hear all the tea from the divorcees out there by asking:

Divorced Redditors, what is the craziest thing you or your former spouse did after divorce?

I once had a friend who burned her ex's house down when he wasn't home. He had started seeing someone almost immediately, so she thought, lemme set their sparks. Yeah, she wasn't well. Whatever happened to just a quick goodbye?


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"She removed the retaining clips for my windshield wipers, but put the wipers back on the arms. First storm after I got my car back from her, driver side wiper flew off the car on Interstate 40. Good times."



"He wrote suicide notes and put them in my kids backpacks for them/me to find. Then he turned off his phone and went to a coworkers house to play crib and have drinks.. all the while knowing I would be freaking out searching for him thinking he was in danger or worse. Thankfully my kids didn't see the notes and didn't know what was going on. This was just one of the many, many crazy things he did. Two years out and he just recently stopped showing up at my work and driving by my house at night."

- ducasseuyret4356

A Sad End

"Died of a drug overdose. To be fair, her drug addiction was the reason for the divorce, so maybe that isn't too crazy."

- Wife-B-Gone

"That's so incredibly difficult to have gone through. I unfortunately know the depths of this kind of pain, and while I'm sure the circumstances surrounding it are different, the loss that still happened is a tragedy. My condolences."

- ObscuraUnseelie

Bye Girl

"Stalked me for 5 years. Would make fake social media profiles to try to follow me (which I would block endlessly) and would try to find where I worked so she could talk to me. This lady cheated on me with 7 different men 2 months after we were married. I kicked her a** to the curb and made her sign the court papers."

"When we had our day in court she cried in the judges office while I just wanted to get this crap done. After, my dad was with me and he threw 50 dollars at her and told her to "change your freaking last name." Good guy Pops. I haven't seen or heard from her in about 5 years, thank goodness."

- Letharos

Take it All!

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"I had an ex-boyfriend go through my apartment and take back every gift he had given me that he could find. Then he went in my bedside table and took the condoms. And the vibrator he had given me."

- shineevee

See now, when I'm out... I'm out! I don't want to see you, hear from you or know you. I wish you well in life, but please live it far from me. Anyone agree? Clearly not the people here. Let's continue...

For the Boy

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"All I wanted was custody of my son, I gave her everything else except one of our cars. She fought me through 5 hearings, I won. She never came to see him again."

- lespaulstrat2

Dangerous Woman

"My ex cheated on me the week my mom died in the hospital. She spent a year and a half trying to get in touch with me. She would call my old work and make fake accounts trying to message me on FB. It was insane. She later sends a certified letter explaining she was sorry that she did what she did and that she aborted our child."

"Wanted me to meet her somewhere so she could apologize face to face. She already married some other guy that she had children with and was still trying to get in touch with me. I never understood her."

- orstius

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Be Gone

"After years of telling me she wanted a child, that she wanted to be a mom, that her life's dream was to be a stay at home mom, she got pregnant with the first guy she slept with while we were getting divorced and put the kid up for adoption even before it was born. This was a long-standing thing with her, she always wanted something (car, house, dog, cat, marriage, etc) and the second she got it she immediately hated it."

- amalgamas

The "Actor"!

"Called me and pretended he had been hit by a car while we were talking. He even tried to voice the crowd that had gathered around his "body." God-awful acting, but pretty funny listening to him try to mimic a woman's voice. Points for trying to be inclusive, I guess."

"I think he was trying to get me to re-live my trauma of being on the phone with a friend who actually HAD been hit by a car while we were talking. Too bad he didn't realize that hearing the real thing is worlds different than hearing a dumba** try to act it out."

- PeachPitiless

Money Blues

"I was sending 600 dollars a month to support my daughter because she's the only thing I give a sh!t about. My ex texts me and tells me I need to be sending 1200 a month because she's broke and can't pay her bills and I should feel guilty about it. She left me for another guy while I was on deployment I told her to go screw herself--call my lawyer."

- WeldingShellback

Pop Off

Tom Hanks Drinking GIF by The Good Films Giphy

"Took the sodas from the fridge as he walked out the door. Dumfounded."

- mramirez7425

"character witness"

"My ex stole a car and did 18 months in state prison. Based on what I was able to find online at the time, he approached a car dealership and showed interest in buying a vehicle. They allowed him to take it home for a 24 hour demo. He never returned it."

"They reported it stolen after they attempted multiple times to contact him to return it. They then contacted the state police who put a BOLO out. They found him driving the vehicle on the other side of the state where he thought he wouldn't be found. I found out when I got an unexpected phone call from the sheriff's office."

"I asked why they were calling me about this. They said my ex I told them I would vouch for him as a "character witness." I told the officer over the phone that my ex was a lying sack of crap and shouldn't be trusted. The officer laughed, thanked me for my time and hung up."

- NeonBird

He's Awful

"Completely ignored our three children for the last ten years while living with a woman and her three children. Did I mention, our oldest is HIS from a previous relationship, who I was awarded custody of, and he is her only living biological parent?!"

- nicunta


"Mom's friend was getting divorced, wife was staying in the house, but left so the husband could gather his things, without her there, as he moved out. While packing, he gave the dog a laxative and locked her in the master bedroom. Poor girl had explosive Malamute diarrhea EVERYWHERE."

"She was so upset about her accidents that she tried to dig through the door. That dog was such a good girl, it broke my heart. Luckily, the wife kept the dog and the husband was convicted of animal abuse charges, which helped the wife keep custody of the kids."

- barkcuban

Good Dude

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"Here's a more wholesome and true one. He had Sunday dinners with my mom for many years after our divorce. He never had a real mom (long story), so I didn't mind sharing mine as long as I didn't have to be there."

- UserNumber314

Where to Begin?

"Laundry list- but my favourite was his sister sent a Facebook message to all of his contacts the day of our separation (including my family). Before we announced anything, her message stated everyone should immediately delete me and if I said anything about why we separated I was lying and not to listen. Basically this created a lot of curious questions and a lot of laughs."

- kriso921

When on Reddit!!

"She would stalk my Reddit account and angrily text me if she didn't like my posts talking about her cheating on me. I came home from seeing my grandmother on her death bed and found she had cheated. She also texted me accusing me of sabotaging her attempts to get a job that requires a security clearance. Apparently it was my fault and not the fact she had already been denied a security clearance for mental instability."

- pigenshoes

Mom used Me

"My mom went out and got braces put on my teeth, that I didn't really need, knowing my dad would have to pay half for them and wanting to cause him financial heartache. She then proceeded to not take me to the Ortho for the routine care because he wasn't paying his half."

"And I ended up having to pull the braces off my own teeth at age 14 because they were falling off on their own. Ended up rotting several of my adult molars too. It's cost me thousands of dollars and serious self-conscious issues over my smile/lack of teeth as an adult."

- Bmorehon


Angela Bassett Burn GIF Giphy

"My ex-wife told me I could leave my stuff in our house while I found somewhere else to stay. I assumed this was a good-will effort to keep things as amicable as possible between us. When I went to get my stuff she had burned it all. So that was rough."

- TKHunsaker


"My divorce was pretty amicable… but a previous boyfriend took one of each pair of my patterned socks so I had no matching pairs."

- JWtheMermaid

"This is what i would do to my wife if we were ever on the outs. Maybe mail one back every few weeks or something."

- JoeTheImpaler

See, I blame Alanis Morissette and her "Jagged Little Pill" album. All I'm going to say is... the secret song. I think she gave people ideas. (I love that song) Y'all, seek therapy if you can't shake people. When it's done, let it be done.

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