Everybody is trying to figure out more ways to make cash.

And thanks to the internet, sex work is more popular than ever.

There is a thought we never imagined we'd have to wonder about.

Would mom start an OnlyFans?

We're not trying to stop anyone from making money, but it's certainly an interesting question.

Redditor bijoux69 for some reason asked what we'd all think if our moms started a spicy page.

"What would you do if your mother started an OnlyFans?"

Mothers doing OnlyFans... I can't even contemplate.


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"Expect better birthday presents."


"I came here to say Christmas presents but also this!"


Enjoy the nightmares...

"Put all of my efforts into inventing a Forget-That-inator."


"Nah, just do like a normal person. Put that memory in a box, and stow it up in your mind's attic, on the bottom shelf way in the back, and forget about it. It never happened."

"Until one day. Some therapist using a variety of psychological tools, guides you up into that attic and leads you to this mysterious, dusty box that you don't even remember putting there, it's been so long. You open the box. Enjoy the nightmares."


But whatever...

"Probably and hopefully have no freaking clue."


"I wouldn't know, but if I did manage to find out, I would be very impressed as she is computer illiterate. I'd also be jealous of her self confidence."


"One time my mom asked me to paint her bathroom, I was painting over the cabinet above the toilet and saw two topless Polaroids of her. I flipped them over and left them and never said a word. Would have been nice if she showed me the same courtesy when she saw my porn. But whatever."



"Worry about the depth of her knowledge about online safety."


"This is the truest answer. My mother has trouble navigating simple websites and doesn’t know how easily info can be stolen."


"This is exactly what I thought. I’d probably call my brother and ask him if he helped her set it up, otherwise I wouldn’t know how she’d have managed it.

I used to occasionally log into my gmail on her computer and it would log her out. Then she’d call me the next day and accuse me of 'deleting her email again.'"



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"Finding out mom had an OF would be the LEAST of the trauma she’s caused me."


Mom has done far worse.

Good for you...

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"My mom is 80. More power to her."


"She would make a fortune with her cooking classes I bet."



"I will have to explain her that despite what she probably found on that website, this is in fact not the best platform to host her cooking lessons."

"OnlyFan is not exclusive to porn, despite a large portion of the website dedicated to that. And I can count on my mother to be oblivious to that side."


"I could actually see that working really well, depending on how she marketed her lessons. If women are her target demographic, well, there are plenty of female creators who already have accounts. And we SWers weirdly love wholesome content in our spaces."


The « Why?

"Wonder why the hell anyone would tell me this, and then go about my day as I’ve already seen that women full frontal. Probably pick up drinking again as well."


"In what I would imagine, she’s the one who told me. The « Why ? » in this case - as in many others- would probably not be explained. I would most likely roll my eyes and sight unsurprisingly. Oh, and continue to go in therapy."



"Dude, she’s 70. Social security isn’t enough. If she can pull in extra cash, good for her. I’m very concerned about her spinal issues, arthritis, and posing issues. Honestly, I’d offer to take the photos, since I’m very good at it (boudoir photographer experience here, great with mobility issues)."

"Even though it’s be weird, but if she gets hurt I’m probably covering those medical bills, so you know, lesser of two evils. I’m also a bit confused as to how she figured out how to open an OF when she can’t open email attachments, but again, good for her."


get the $$$

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"My mum DOES have OnlyFans... lol. I don’t care. She’s getting money and doesn’t take it too seriously. It’s whatever."


Be Right

"Check her account, make sure everything is set up properly. Educate her on the type of scammers that haunt OF, and how to deal with them. Give her tips on what viewers want, and how not to be pressured into doing things she's not comfortable with. If something is going to be done, might as well make sure it's done right."


It's certainly an interesting question! How would you react? Let us know in the comments below.