Men Share The Question They've Always Wanted To Ask Women But Were Too Nervous

Let's be honest: men and women are different, and even that statement is pretty diminutive of the truth.

Men and women feel things differently. They think about things differently and go through different things. Their experiences and knowledge base are different.

Sometimes, this means men and women don't understand each other very well. The best way to solve a mystery is to ask a question, but men sometimes feel nervous about doing so. They don't want to offend women by getting too personal, and they don't know how else to proceed.

That's why it's a good thing Reddit exists. Men have finally asked their questions, and women have answered!

It all started when Redditor Asking35 asked:

“Men, what is something about women you are curious about but too afraid to ask?"

Perfect Nest

"What’s with all the pillows?"

– Canucker5000

"They make this glorious nest so I can sleep on my side without my hips tightening overnight, support behind my back and shoulders, support against my boobs, good positioning for my arms and legs, etc..."

"It's wonderfully comfy and cozy."

– ISwearIUsedToBeSmart

Health Is Hard

"Why do you steal my food"

– SleepingAddict21

"You left it unguarded lol"

– Blondy85019

""I'll have the 'My wife's not hungry". It comes with French fries, onion rings, and chicken nuggets."

– warda8825

"omg I've been waiting for the opportunity to answer this!"

"I don't know about other women, but for me it's because my husband isn't as health conscious about what he eats as I am. And I know that doesn't make sense at first but hear me out..."

"I don't have the same metabolism as my husband and have to monitor what I eat not to gain weight, which I don't like doing cuz it makes my back hurt. The problem is, my husband constantly brings home junk food or take out. He'll always ask if I want something from taco bell or Wendys or something and I'll say no because I genuinely don't want him to bring me any cuz I'm trying to be healthy. But it's always wishful thinking because as soon as he comes home and I catch a whiff of those McDonald's fries I literally can't resist eating some. Or when we're on the couch and he's munching on a cheesy taco, my salad start to look less appetizing and I find myself just staring at his food."

"This never happened when I lived alone because I would just buy healthy groceries so there wouldn't be any junk food at home tempting me with their seductive amazingness. And when I eat out alone I just order something healthy and there's nobody there tempting me with their delicious plate of nachos."

"So yeah to sum it up it's basically just me wishing to eat healthy but then not having any self control when my partner indulges in junk food in front of me."

"Any guys out there, if you want to test if your girl is doing the same thing, try eating healthier and see if she tries to steal your bowl of brown rice with veggies the same as she steels your fries. If she has no problem leaving your food alone when you eat healthier, then maybe stop eating junk food in front of her lol. Or continue, but just expect that she is not going to want to order whole meal but is going to have trouble resisting a couple fries when the smell hits her."

– koolaid-girl-40

Confidence Is Key

"Do you actually like it when a man approaches you with the intention of asking you on a date? I don't mean catcalling and that sort of weird sh*t, just being genuine and straightforward."

– PastOrdinary

"Depends on the situation. And talk to/get to know me first."

"Also, if I say “no” don’t persist."

– mercfan3

"Depends a little on how. If it's someone I've already met a couple of times, like a colleague/fellow student or friend of a friend, I don't mind if he is forward and asks me out - that confidence is attractive, and something I'd envy him, lol."

"If its someone I don't know or just met I prefer if he gives me his contact information rather than asking for mine. I'll most likely say no if it is the latter."

"Something simple like, "Hey, I really enjoyed talking to you and would like to go out sometime to get to know you better. Here's my number". That puts me less on the spot and if he's not my type there won't be the awkwardness of immediate rejection."

"But that's just me."

– Mugwumpen

Be Honest

"Do you admire a guy after he chooses to be vulnerable and bare it all in front of you?"

– awara_bakchod

"Yes. Personally, I have a hard time opening up and just talking about my feelings in general. Whenever my husband does, it makes me feel like I’m doing something right."

– asiazoldyck

Sending A Message

"Why do they all put their hand on their man’s stomach for photos?"

– RojoandWhite

"We want to make sure whomever is looking at the pic to know this is my romantic partner, not my friend."

– KathTurner

"Mine, that’s why."

– Jelly-Unhappy

Monthly Visitor

"Is there a calendar function to the menstrual cycle that you guys have memorized? Like does it happen some time on X number week of the month or is it much more systematic and occurs every 30/31 days?"

– TheGamingNerd80085

"First of all, the period is the first 5-7 days of the menstrual cycle. The menstrual cycle is 28-35 days long."

"Everyone is different. Some people it’s every 28 days on the dot exactly, other people it’s “oh it’ll happen sometime this week” and some people it can vary massively. The average is every 28 days but a normal (normal meaning not to be concerned about) is 28-35 days. And then some people do not have a regular cycle, I myself have had it go from 32 - 52 days in the last year."

"Your period happens 12-14 days after you ovulate, which happens on day 12-14 in a 28 day menstrual cycle. The time in between is called the luteal phase. Then your period starts, and the cycle starts over on day 1."

– anchordwn

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

"Hmm, well I've always wondered why women need an entire Sephora store's worth of makeup just to go to the grocery store. But I'm pretty sure if I ask that question out loud, I'll get hit with a mascara wand. So I'll just keep wondering in silence."

– Extension-Release558

"I’ll gladly answer this without throwing anything at you!😂 Make-up is fun; it really is that simple for a lot of us. That’s along with wanting to look our best, which in turn makes us feel our best."

– Maleficent_Tie4767

I Don't Get Cold...Sort Of

"How are y’all not freezing when you wear dresses to the club in winter"

– adz568

"We are. We’re just tougher than men ;)"

– bigkitty17

"It’s not that we aren’t cold most times, it’s that we are taught by society in general that we have to ignore our own comfort for other people."

– tweetybirdlover

It's Mine Now

"Why do you take our hoodies and never give them back?"

– HumpieDouglas

"Because they smell good and they're comfy :)"

– SelphiesSmile

Everyone's Different

"what part of the male body are you attracted to"

– Tonton1605

"Hands that are well kept and groomed finger nails, nice eyebrows and eyes"

– P0pCandie

"I personally like a nicely trimmed beard. Scraggly beards look horrible IMO."

– kaydaugherty423


– the-Lady-Lazarus

Hear Me Coming

"Do y'all ever wear heels just to hear the clip-clopping of them on the pavement like you're the main character in a movie? Because that's what I'd do if I wore heels, and I wish to know if there's a woman out there whose brain is on my wavelength or if this is just me."

– VoidChickenFan

"Yup. but the feeling is stronger when walking in a fancy building"

– RominaRaBer

"I choose my heels by a) how they look b) how they sound. If they are quiet, I don’t usually get them."

– notgonnasext

Exactly! What's the point of quiet heels?

Thanks to the ladies of Reddit for sharing their responses to some of these Redditor's questions.

Do you have anything to add? Let us know in the comments below.

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