People Break Down Which Practices Are Perfectly Legal But Actually Creepy As Hell
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Laws exist to maintain order. However, they do not prevent crimes from actually happening, and before any punishments are made, the damage is already done.

But perhaps what is even more confounding is the fact there are some activities that should be considered completely illegal, yet have no laws enforcing them.
Injustices like line-cutting may seem like minor offenses, but when not regulated, inconsiderate individuals will do whatever it takes to serve their own selfish needs in the absence of consequences.

Curious to hear about some of the more creepy indiscretions people get away with, Redditor Flytechofficial asked:

"What is perfectly legal, but creepy as hell?"

These things that happen in public restrooms can be considered criminal.

Respecting Splash Zones

"Using the urinal next to me when there were plenty of other choices."


Nightmare For The Pee-Shy

"hanging out in a public bathroom timing how long people pee."


Bad Timing

"I swear to God. I did a lot of work in hospitals for a while, big f'king hospitals with tons of bathrooms all over the place. For some God damned reason, regardless of what time or bathroom I selected to take a sh*t in not 30 seconds after I sat down a janitor would knock on the door to clean the bathroom. It's not as if it was one janitor, just some random janitor would inevitably need to clean whatever bathroom I was in as soon as I got comfy. It's like I was being stalked by the janitors."

"So now I'm trying to take a sh*t knowing full well there's somebody out there actively timing how long it takes."



"I was drunk in a casino and went to use the washroom. The floors in there were a polished marble or something. Sitting on the toilet, pants down, my stall neighbour made eye contact with me on the reflective floor tile."


The following examples involving minors have no legal repercussions.

Kids For Show

"Child Beauty pageants."


Outside Watchers

"Technically, you can stand on the sidewalk and stare into someone's house through a window. It's not illegal as long as you stay off of their property, but it's really freaking creepy."


Keeping Tabs On Someone's Age

"A national newspaper having a countdown for when a child actress becomes 'legal' for sex."

"Answers to questions that will surely come. ....Yes. The Sun (UK). Emma Watson."


The Young Subjects

"When I was a child, we had a creepy horrible neighbor that would harass my family constantly. One of the things he did was stand at the corner of his yard and videotape me playing in a pool with my friends (we were around 8). My parents called the police but were told that it's legal if he's on his property."


These perfectly harmless examples can give you goosebumps.


"Hanging your doll collection from the trees in your yard using string made from human hair."


People's Taste

"I believe the act of cannibalism itself is legal so long as you didn't murder anyone to do it. If your homie gives you his arm to gnaw on, it's fair game."


The Non-Conformist

"Facing the wrong way in an elevator."


I recently treated myself by going to a movie theater after what seemed like a long hiatus for much of the year.

Streaming blockbuster movies from home, while convenient, has never made as much of an impact when compared to the moviegoing experience.

But after my recent trip to our local AMC, I'm beginning to think watching entertainment from the comfort of my quiet home is a much better option.

I forgot that a good majority of audience members are disrespectful and pretty much ignore all the rules—including no texting or talking during the movie.

The normal volume conversations and the number of lit screens from people's smartphone's in my peripheral vision throughout the movie were huge distractions.

Maybe as I'm getting older, my patience has worn thin, or I happened to have a particularly unpleasant experience. But seriously, how can anyone enjoy going to the movies when people are constantly updating their status inside a darkened auditorium?

It should illegal. Rant over.

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