Our criminal justice system has its share of real problems. No one is denying that.

On a lighter note, have you ever felt like someone did something once who should be legally and morally penalized for their heinous actions? For example: Ever seen someone leave the restroom without washing their hands?

Things like that deserve a harsher sentence, shouldn't they?

Reddit user, -Jesus-Of-Nazareth-, wanted to know what we should be treating more seriously when they asked:

"You have the power to turn one minor offense into a federal crime. What is it?"

It's not because what's happening is merely an inconvenience to your day, but an inconvenience to multiple days, over multiple occurrences.

Just drive!

Just Tell Me What's Wrong

"Software not describing the error that has just occured."

"I can't f-cking diagnose "Oops! Something went wrong!".. F-CK!!!" ~ HaydenB

Heinous Non-Readers

"People who comment without reading the article!' ~ banditk77

They're Just Trying To Get Their Job Done

"Yelling at people who work in the service industry" ~ princessweebie

Go With The Flow

"Pulling into high speed traffic when a car is approaching. If I have to slam on my breaks and go to a near stop to accommodate you, you are wrong."

"For reference, non interstate highway has sections up to 55 mph in my state and people just pull out without looking. I then have to choose between dropping from 55 to under 30 in less than 10 seconds, or wipe them from existence." ~ hats4bats22

Our nation's political and ethical divide is a murky, gross water to navigate. If we want to make changes, as a whole, then together, as a whole, we need to make those changes.

But seriously, these things need to stop.

It's A Societal Problem At Large

"Knowingly making false or misleading statements about your opponent during an election." ~ absherlock

"Go further: discussing, referencing, or even suggesting anything at all about your opponent. If the opponent can't be discussed elections would have to stop being about "vote for me so bad thing doesn't happen" or "pick me cause the other guy is a fascist/socialist" and instead the candidates would have to focus on themselves and convince voters why they are worth voting for, not why to vote against the other guy." ~ Kookofa2k

Don't Make The Internet Hate You

"Any animal cruelty at all. Hunting is ok but not dumping a litter of kittens in random places because you don't want to look after them."

"Edit: I think it's a lot harder to go vegan than a lot of people think. Some people it's not that hard but for people who are anaemic and have other issues it's better for yourself to continue eating meat. Part of me saying animal cruelty should be a federal crime includes how farm animals are treated. I believe that all animals should be able to live their lives out on land. Last part is that when I say hunting is ok I mean killing to eat not killing for sport. I know a lot of people who hunt their food so the animals they eat had a nice life living in the wild not in those cages." ~ blazeforever1234

Obscure Opinions People Are Fully Committing To | George Takei’s Oh Myyy

We all have a set of beliefs about even the smallest of topics. Like sandwiches should have structural integrity. That's something we can all agree on, right...

Ruining The Country

"Making or spreading fake news. The PH is currently a joke because no one seems to be afraid in propagating such misleading information. The son of the 20-year dictator is running for President and negates his father's crime by having an army that makes so much unscrupulous lies, effectively revising history on the minds of the uneducated masses." ~ sad_hades

And then there's these, awful, terrible actions that need to be punished.

Just be polite to people around you. How hard is that?

Keep Your Feet On The Floor

"We have electric trains in my city, seats are cushioned and about half of them face each other. People put their dirty boots up on these seats for other people to sit on. F-ck them, 12-18 years in prison." ~ thekh0le

We ALL Want Our PS5s

"Idk if it's a minor crime, but I have to say scalping a certain items to sell then for a higher price. It seems like absolutely nothing gets done about it." ~ DemonicSpiritVandom


"Playing music so loud in your car it can be heard several houses over and vibrates all the plastic in the car with each bassbeat."

"Don't get me wrong, I like some of the same music and playing it loud, but.. how the hell can that sound good? The bass has gotta be all f-cked up." ~ DontWorryImADr

This Is Just Inconsiderate For The Others

"Leaving the cap off of the toothpaste" ~ lostinthesauce0101

A Wonderful Change, But A Change Nonetheless

"Bringing a baby to the movie theater." ~ Banan4Express

"The sad thing is so many people have a sh-t take on this. "Well, so if I have a baby I cant enjoy myself?" No, you absolutely can, just don't ruin everyone else's time out with your screaming hellion." ~ SchwiftySouls

"Right? When you have a baby, you can't do jack by yourself until they're like a year old, and then you have to vet and hire a good babysitter first."

"And then, every little thing you want to do without your child has to be scheduled in advance, as if the kid is your overbearing boss and they're watching your vacation hours like a hawk."

"Having kids can be wonderful and rewarding, but it's a mixed bag. Yes, you can enjoy yourself, but you're also going to have to make sacrifices. You can't just have a baby and then go everywhere and do everything like you don't have a baby." ~ AlliedSalad

You're Here For A Reason

"Teachers that dont care about teaching" ~ YouTube-r

"exactly! like, why are you here? we all know it's not for the money" ~ thepuffinmafia

Old Dudes, Don't Be Creepy

"Sexual harassment anywhere. I'm so sick of customers at my work harassing me but I can't do sh-t." ~ MissC3PO

"It blows my mind how many old men just think they can be creepy. So many of coworkers get hit on daily and it's just the norm for them. So f-cked up" ~ bryceisaskategod

Be polite, don't be a jerk, and make sure your eyes are on the road when you're driving. It can be that simple, but some people choose to make things harder on themselves.

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