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It's remarkable when Hollywood stereotypes and plot dynamics are replicated in real life. It's remarkable because it's rare, so when it does happen we lose our cynical outlook of movies as far-fetched flights of fancy.

And one of the classic archetypes is the treatment of popular kids.

We all had popular kids in our high school. Unfortunately, as the movies portray so willingly, that popularity often goes straight to their heads, leaving them rude and unkind, to put it lightly.

But sometimes, also just like the movie, karma finds a way. The real-life "popular jerks" encounter justice in the most satisying way imaginable.

Redditors who've witnessed those real life moments of karma recently weighed in on a thread.

flying_luckyfox asked, "How did the popular a**hole of your school get the taste of their own medicine?"

In many cases, the justice comes in the form of physical punishment. Sometimes, a good old clobbering is the most satisfying response to the popular jerk in question.

No One to Help When it Happened

"Middle school when the bell rang to change classes the hallways were a horrific traffic jam. Everyone suffered through trying to get to their lockers and the next class on time."

"Enter the a**hole popular guy, who thought it was funny to sneak up behind some unsuspecting student who's at his locker and smack the back of the student's head, causing the student to bang his head into his locker."

"A**hole guy got several warnings to stop, but he didn't. He thought it was so funny."

"Then one day he picked on the wrong student. A**hole guy got punched square in the face, fell down and lost a tooth. Not a single person, from teacher to student, came to his defense."

"When A**hole's parents came to the school all upset, everyone told them their son got what he deserved."

-- maruffin

1, 2, 3, 4, 5  

"He got kicked in the nuts five times in a row by the same kid" -- xXawsomeguyXx

"JOHNNY CAGE CRACKER" -- HeartAttackMemeGuy


"I don't believe I've personally ever witnessed something as epic as that sounds , five times??" -- Quuaack

Immediate Justice 

"Star quaterback tried to assault his girlfriend..."

"She was a golden glove boxer."

"She put him in the hospital for a week."

-- xxkoloblicinxx

Other times, the karma comes in a psychological form. These moments involve a person being handled exactly how they treated others.

It's a kind of poetic equalizing.

The Last Can He Ever Stole 

"The teacher wouldn't let one guy in my classroom to go to the restroom to pee so he peed in an Arizona can."

"When the bell rang the guy started heading to the restroom to empty the can and the biggest bully of the school bumped into him, took the can and, of course, sipped it."

"He soon realized it didn't taste like tea... It was glorious."

-- Citys_Bandaid_

The Teacher Jerk 

"My teacher. She loved to use humiliation against me (I was severely depressed at the time and she thought I was a slacker). I'm a little person, and she would get me to turn off the lights for the projector, or to write on the whiteboard, only to feign ignorance and apologise when I struggled to reach."

"One day she crossed the line, and I went to the deputy head teacher. He decided to reprimand her, during a lesson, in front of her entire class, to give her a taste of humiliation, too."

-- Usidore_

Subtle Payback 

"He copied my exams for English, Math, and Science in our junior year."

"Except he didn't know that I purposely put the wrong answers for 80% of the questions and then redid the exam after he turned his in."

"He failed all three classes miserably and when he confronted me to see if I failed too, I just shrugged and said we must have had different versions of the exam."

-- -InterstellarVoyage-

Watching Her Squirm

"A popular girl bullied me all through middle school, then in high school she sat next to me the day we were given one of those "read the directions" tests.

"She was not so wise as to read the directions.

"I got to sit there for ten sweet, sweet minutes watching her panic more and more over the ridiculous tasks the test asked of her."

-- an_ineffable_plan

Other dynamics of karma take a more subtle and longer-term trajectory.

In these cases, the difficulties of the long years of life that come after high school can be powerful reminders that high school is a small world, and the pecking order there doesn't necessarily mean much.

Flip Flop

"Star athlete picked on the fat kids in gym. Fast forward a couple decades. He's fat and bald. Saw him using a Wal-Mart scooter recently, buying crap food."

"One of the kids he picked on got in shape, stayed that way and became a top tier endurance athlete. So sweet."

-- SnoringDogsAndCats

The Other Side of the Peak 

"Never bullied me but apparently was a giant a**hole to everybody. Star football running back, had multiple scholarships to Division I. Then he broke his leg and all the offers evaporated."

"Went to a DIII school. Had a couple kids, got divorced, then posted all of his old scholarships to Facebook at age 40. Really sad to see."

"Literally argued with every single person on the reunion Facebook group, everyone told him how much they always hated him."

"He's now literally insane, posts 30-40 times a day on Facebook of foreign Instagram models with long diatribes about love and life translated into 10 different languages. Posts nearly-nude shots of himself also, most hyping himself up."

"A dark spiral."

-- powabiatch

Nothing Lasts Forever

"He was the most attractive boy in the school. Girls would literally fight to be his girlfriend."

"Then like Prince William, his free trial of hair and premium face expired and he got downgraded. Basically went from a PS5 to Mr Game and Watch over the course of 5 years"

-- Fullblackhabit

Ideally, the person met nonviolent ends that made them reform their ways of rudeness into kidness.

But let's face it, that doesn't always happen. Instead, sometimes a sudden scheme comes together just right to give a taste of their own medicine.

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