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Poor Tony Hawk.

The famous professional skateboarder seems to have an ongoing issue with people not quite recognizing him. From a TSA agent thinking he looks like Lance Armstrong, to others noting he shares a last name with "that skateboarder" he can't catch a break.

In his most recent story, someone finally recognized him!

The bad news is, they thought it was a prank.

Hawk tells about his adventure trying to rent a car through an automated system.

I mean, at least the guy recognized him. It probably would have helped if he didn't delete Hawk's reservation, but he recognized him!

Hawk did clarify this absolutely happened, and he's avoiding making things difficult on the rental car employee.

There are people on Twitter who only follow Tony Hawk for these hilarious stories.

Sometimes, he posts more heartwarming tales. There was the time he showed a video of his daughter learning how to skateboard and it was absolutely adorable.

But, most of it is just tales of people recognizing the name "Tony Hawk" and not knowing what he looks like.


It happens so often.

Hawk's tweets about this are a great insight into the other end of these interactions. You can often find normal people talking about their side of an encounter with a famous person.

Often it can feel much more surreal when they don't initially notice they're talking to someone famous. Other times, they notice right away, and the celebrity is just weird.

But poor Tony Hawk just can't catch a break. It seems the pain of celebrity is his burden to bear.

Can we stop doing this to him?

Despite this happening often, Hawk seems to always have a good-natured humor about it. I mean, if he was that frustrated, you can't imagine he'd post the stories verbatim to Twitter.

Or that he'd post them so often.

Or that he'd post them at all.

And after all, it's a pretty easy mistake to make. Plenty of agents would think someone putting down a name like that was a joke.

Maybe next time, Hawk can use his full name to avoid this situation.

Can't say the same for everyone though.

Most people know Tony Hawk from his many video games and other products, like his Tony Hawk Box Boarders. You can get a sweet set-up of your own here.

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