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Driving Instructors Break Down The Worst Student Driver They've Ever Seen
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The roads are a battlefield. The truth is, any fool can obtain a license. I can prove this because I was given one after I failed my test eight times. I finally passed on my ninth swing. I don't even want to get into the decade that followed. Let's just say a local traffic judge knew me by name when we met at a local restaurant. Later I became a teacher for a comedy traffic school for people who got tickets.... the novel I could write. Buckle up out there people.

Redditor u/imnotinsane13 wanted driving instructors to help us out and let us know just how dangerous the road is today because the truth is... anybody can get a license.... they asked.... Driving Instructors of Reddit; who was the worst student you had or the craziest drive you had?

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Drivers Ed Instructors Describe The Worst Students They've Ever Had
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I learned to drive in South Florida - where there are no hills, no snow, almost no parallel parking, etc. Our biggest challenge (aside from all the other woefully unprepared drivers around us) is driving in the rain. Quite a few people don't bother with driver's ed.

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Just because someone has a license doesn't mean they should. Instructors do the best the can -at least I pray they are- but they can only do so much. Eventually most of us will be handed that card and Lord have Mercy for the rest of us!

Redditor u/bunn-pris wanted driving instructors to share some stories about what we should be prepared for on the road by asking.... Driving instructors of reddit, what is the worst thing a student has attempted to do or has done during a lesson?

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It must be super nerve-racking being a driving instructor and relinquishing control to some kid. These stories prove it, but one glaring question emerges: why do they students keep hitting cows?

OnTheList-YouTube asked driving instructors of Reddit: What's the most insane thing you've seen a student do?

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