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First dates are tough.

You have to meet someone for the first time with potentially romantic ramifications, try to get across what kind of person you are, and do it all without coming across like a total basket case. However, thanks to online dating, the speed at which you can find the total basket cases has suddenly seen a sharp increase, if these stories are anything to by.

Reddit user, u/[deleted], wanted to hear how the online world left you cold and dry when they asked:

What are [your] Tinder date horror stories?

Never let it be said that first dates are easy. However, sometimes people shoot themselves in the foot for no reason other than they're a little awkward.

In Your Ear?

"I have quite a few.... So, I agreed to watch a movie with this guy, whilst in line he randomly asks me if I wanted to take some pills with him (totally wasn't expecting that), I told him no thank you...he appeared put off & told me that he occasionally takes them... Got into the movie & I'm thinking this guy is a real weirdo, but I was too shy to leave or say something... We sit down, probably 5 minutes into the movie he starts grabbing my hands, playing with them, getting all cuddly..I was getting super uncomfortable, politely removed my hands and placed them in my pockets. 15 minutes later..He then poked his finger inside my this point I was thinking "did this just fking happen?!!!" I move away and tell him to focus on the movie, he then pokes his fingers in my ear again & does this gross giggle. I tell him to stop, he then tries to tickle me, none stop. I'm getting super embarrassed because I'm telling him to stop and people around me are starting to look."

"He starts blowing on my face, grabbing my arms and said "when we start dating I'm going to annoy you so much". I eventually grabbed his hand so hard and squeezed it very tight and sternly told him to stop. He was like "ouch!!!!" Really loud. He then remained on his phone for the remainder of the movie...when it was time to leave he said "aren't you going to kiss me?" I told him no, and to have a good night. He said "are you going to text me and see me again?" I just said "we'll see" and left. Anyway he started texting me, to which I ignored and eventually said look I'm not interested. He then had a massive sook saying "you promised to meet me you liar" etc and I blocked him. The weird thing was he seemed completely normal over text & phone call..."


Unable To Move On

"Went on a date with this man who, within 10 minutes of meeting him, told me he was divorced. That's all well and good, but then he told me that he still lived with his sister and ex-wife. I found out that a big reason he was on a date with me was because I look exactly like his ex-wife, and that's why he asked me to pick him up at his house, so she would see me."


Wait, Then, What?

"Went out with a girl I met on Tinder for the first time, had a good lunch, shared a few laughs, then I said "This is turning out to be a pretty good date." Then she says "It's not a date." Dead air for a good 5 minutes after that. Got the check, send her home and never saw her since."


Sometimes you don't have to meet the person to know there's something wrong. Some people communicate themselves perfectly over message.

Ready To Go At A Moment's Notice

"Matched with someone in a different city. We ended up talking for a week on the app. At the end of that week she said she looked up (and asked around) what it's like to live where I live and insinuated that she would move to my city to be with me..... 😳 we never even met in person. Typical uhaul lesbian."


"Is that like a typical thing in the gay community? If it is I presume it's because the dating pool is small."


"It is very common!"


Not For Me. My Buddy?

"I matched with a guy, we were talking for a while, he asks "how would you like to make $1000?". I knew it was gonna be awful but I ask for more details, he goes "1000 bucks to take my army buddy's virginity". I blocked him."


Technically Not A Message, But Still Making A Bad First Impression Before The Date

"Before our first date, the guy FaceTimes me high on ambien, demanding to see my feet."

"Most ironic part was that he was a sleep medicine physician."


And then there's these horror tales, which might turn you off dating completely after reading them.

Time To Go!

"Not my date but my best friends and I was his getaway driver."

"First, this girl he met looked NOTHING like her profile pic. He made the mistake of letting her pick him up, which to me was a huge red flag because how are you gonna ghost if you're really uncomfortable?"

"Next, they went to eat. She was forcing him to kiss her and he said it almost felt like he was getting punched in the teeth. Following Lunch, they saw a movie and she was getting mad at him for not looking at her and afterwards she began making crazy threats. He texted me while they were on the way to a bar to meet her friends and hang out after the movie... I went to this bar and left the back door open, he sprinted for my car and dove in the back seat, I began driving off, he shut the door and the crazy chick actually got in her car to give chase. Once we got to the highway it was over. By this time it was getting dark, we laid low for a little bit just to make sure we weren't being followed still before going back on the main roads. During this time she was texting him all kinds of threats and then being disturbingly nice, then back to super vicious and evil when he didn't respond within a minute. Good thing he got picked up at a local shopping center rather than his house. He stopped dating for a while after that."


Okay, Let's End On One With A Happy Note

"When to dinner, all was going well she seemed ok until she noticed my scar on the far side of my collarbone. I tell her it was from a car accident when 3 of my ribs broke ( doesn't look super bad but is noticeable) she asks how big the scar is. I reluctantly tell her it goes down to around my bell button. She made an ew face and said "oh", she then proceeded to go use the restroom and never came back. After around 15 minutes I realized what had happened but decided to stay and eat."

"My waitress got to the table with the girls food and asked where my date was, I tell her she ditched after using the restroom excuse. She proceeds to apologize that someone would do that to me and asks if she can join me for dinner as she was about to clock out, I tell her of course (she seems very kind and cute). After talking for a while we really clicked and exchanged contact info. We've now been together for 3 years, she's so beautiful and kind and honestly the best thing that ever happened to me all thanks to the sh-tty tinder girl. So thank you Ashley"


Keep an open mind, an open heart, and be ready to share yourself with others. These are some of the best ways to make a real connection with someone. However, don't put your finger in someone's ear.

Just don't.

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