People Share Which Death Of A Fictional Character Left Them In Tears

That feeling when your favorite character dies, and every time you read or watch it the pain returns. They feel like our friends or family, and when they go - it's forever. Well, usually at least...

BerryNoiceOG asked: Who is that one character that you loved so much that when they died, you cried like you actually lost a friend?

Submissions have been edited for clarity, context, and profanity.

15. To the highway in the sky.

Opie from Sons of Anarchy. He was the last character that deserved to die on that show.


"I got this."


Ugh, that was hard to watch. No one in the club were exactly good guys, but he was the best of the lot. The fact that he goes through utter hell for them, losing his wife and his father and eventually his own life, just pisses me off. Tig f*cking lives and gets the, well, somewhat good ending with Venus, but Opie dies? Really, Kurt?


14. Right in the feels.

Littlefoot's Mother. She died saving him from Sharptooth. RIP


Oh god and he carried around that star-leaf as a security blanket


It's called a tree star, okay?


13. No one is safe.

Although I didn't cry: Hodor. So many people died in GOT but that one got me. Mostly because of how his mind got scrambled and how he was such a good soul. Once I saw the backstory, my heart just melted. Still chills me.


Definitely the most I've ever felt hurt by a killed off character. The way that his entire life was ruined by the moment of his impending doom; to sacrifice himself, living his last moment for decades. Shaped to hold a door and die since puberty.


12. Protect Harry at all costs.

Sirius Black, from the book, not the movie. Didn't get attached to another fictional character until my fiancé and I watched "The Shield" together and Lem died. Grenade to the crotch! Ooof.


I think Sirius, Dumbledore and Dobby were killed to for the plot- they would've provided too much help to Harry (or felt like a plot hole if they didn't). Fred though? Maybe it was to teach the lesson that Percy learned- when you push loved ones away for stupid loyalty to the wrong beliefs, it may be too late when you wake up. So pay attention to you cognitive dissonance and use critical thinking skills and get therapy.


11. When they come for the fur babies...

Hedwig from Harry Potter... I wasn't expecting that one. I was prepared for wizard deaths but that one hit hard like when you lose your childhood pets. That's probably what brought the tears on.


Same tho

One of the few characters i cried for, and Hedwing was there from the start/one of Harry's first friends :(


10. This was a tough one.

When Hershel died in the Walking dead


There'll be oooooats in the waater...


When Hershel just sits on his bunk and sobs, I broke. The show-runners could not have picked a better song for that moment.


9. No joy, only pain.

Every time a question like this comes up, I still have one answer.

Logan. I ugly cry at the end every damn time.


Xavier, too. Right after realizing he was the one who killed the X-Men, he was murdered by the guy who he thought was his last friend alive.


The line "It wasn't me, it wasn't me" is just crushing. Especially if you've dealt with a family member with dementia.


8. Every. Time.

The band members who played as the Titanic went down.


"Gentlemen, It's been a privilege playing with you tonight" : (


My friends and I always say that when we know we are about to get boned in a video game.


7. Mrs. Fredricksen.

The lady at the beginning of Up


I'm glad they didn't let me bond with her longer than 10 minutes


Her name is Ellie.


6. How's the spidey sense now?

Spider-Man in Infinity War. It didn't help me that he was basically begging Tony Stark to not let him go. 😭😭😭


I watched it for the first time in a theatre. The girl sitting in front of us was apparently obsessed with Spider-Man - she was scrolling through some page of Tom Holland before the movie and had Spider-Man background pictures on her phone. I already knew that he died in the snap, and when it came I didn't actually watch the movie, I just watched this girl actually have a meltdown. She had to leave the theatre she was crying so hard. I felt a little bad for laughing.

I legit felt nothing though because you already know before the snap that if it actually happens, they're going to undo it anyway.


5. Santos/McGarry 2020

Leo McGarry's death was tough, especially knowing it was written because the actor, John Spencer, died.


I still cry every time I watch the funeral episode. I think because the other actors emotions are so real (cause it is).


4. Tending the rabbits in heaven.

Oh I've got one!! Lennie from Of Mice and Men. It may sound stupid but I really loved his character and he was such a pure guy. The worst part was we were reading the book in English class, and when we got to the scene I got all red and everyone was staring at me while I was holding back tears. 10/10 would read again though


3. All the socks he could ask for.

Dobby. Gets me every time, both in the movie and the book.


Such a beautiful place, to be with friends.

I sobbed.


2. He wasn't even trying.

Artax: The Neverending Story.


That happened like way early into the book and was so unexpected! Thought that little horse was gonna be with him throughout his whole journey.


Made me feel sick as a kid, I still feel sad when I see a white horse 30 years later.


1. Into the nexus we go.

In star trek generations when Kirk bit the dust. That was the first time I ever felt emotional about a character dying in a movie. R.I.P. James T. Kirk



Oh my.


What character death always makes you ugly cry?

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