First kisses are rarely the romantic, well choreographed events that Hollywood makes them out to be. They're often awkward, and sometimes messy, but many of us still look back on them fondly (if a little sheepishly). Very rarely though, they really are magical.

Reddit user EchtGeenSpanjool asked:

What was your first kiss like? What came of you and the person you kissed?

User responses were a mix of the usual embarrassing hijinks of teens feeling out how relationships work and inexperienced adults doing the same. There were a few stories that really stood out from the crowd, you'll find them below.

A Chance Meeting on Vacation

My first kiss was weird (as I assume most first kisses are) but also beautiful. I was 17, decided I was too old to not have kissed, so on vacation I kissed a guy during our first date whom I had met in a bus. This was in India, we are both Dutch. He has been my boyfriend for the past 2 years.


Sometimes It’s Worth Waiting

I was 20, and I always felt "pathetic" by not having kissed anyone during high school. So when I finally got a date with a girl it was such a fantastic feeling. I didn't intend to kiss her on our first date, I just wanted to talk and get to know her. The 2nd date we grabbed dinner and saw a movie together. Walking back to our cars, I really wanted to give her a kiss goodbye, but I was so nervous I didn't know what to do, so in a squeeky voice I asked for a hug instead and gave her a hug.

The next time we saw each other was at her house and we watched the first lord of the rings movie. Ontop of freaking out about wanting to ask for a kiss, it was the first time I was in a girl's house, so it made me even more nervous. The movie comes to an end and she is walking me out. I was her doorway about to leave, and I tried to force myself to ask her for a kiss. It is hands down, the absolute most nervous I've ever been my entire life. I could barely form a word, and my legs felt like they'd give way any second.

After what felt like an eternity, I asked if I could kiss her, and she said yes! I didn't think she'd actually say yes, so I said that I've never kissed anyone before. She said to not worry, and leaned in to kiss me. I felt like I was flying through the clouds when she kissed me! It was the most amazing experience I've had in years. Driving home after that I was smiling ear to ear, I was so dam happy. Still with her, going strong for over a year now :)


A Fondly Remembered Gift

It was a "gift" from my older buddy's 17-year-old girlfriend on my 16th birthday. It was soft and sweet and wonderful and few since have come close.

I kick myself to this day for not trying to get with her when she and my buddy broke up, but she went to college a year before I did so I lost track of her. Heard from a friend she's now married with grown kids living not far from where we went to high school, while I live 2000 miles away.

She was tall and pretty with red hair and freckles and her name was Gene because her dad wanted a boy but she was definitely NOT that.

Thanks for the memories, Gene. 47 years later I still remember you.❤️


Gaining Perspective

I was 14, and I got my first and second kiss on the same night. They were two different people, a guy and a girl. I don't remember the order, because it was also the first time I'd ever gotten drunk. I just remember the feeling. I kissed the boy and I didn't feel much of anything. I kissed the girl and I felt everything. I'd had feelings for girls before that point, and that really put it in perspective.

Anyways, he's gay now, she's bi, I think, and I'm gay.


New Romance In a New Country

I was 20, and had just moved to a new country. It was at a party; he was a native and I was clearly not, but we were enchanted by each others accents nonetheless. He and I talked and flirted for an hour, and then he asked me to dance. It happened pretty quickly after that. It was really sweet, just the pure kind of "hey I like you" kiss. I remember thinking that kissing felt smaller and softer than I expected lol.

If I was bad at it, he didn't let on and we danced and shared kisses for maybe an hour again before I had to leave. He invited me to his apartment and I declined, but we did go on a date a week later. Looking back, it wasn't anything more than pleasant, but I developed a head over heels crush on him for it. I was incredibly sad when he told me the next week that he was too busy to date anyone, but it all worked out because a month and a half after that I met my first love.

I never saw him again after that date, but we're still friends on facebook, and he's still a really cool guy. It wasn't the story my 11 year old self once hoped for, but I'm happy with how it happened and it's a memory I treasure.


Drunken Meetings

It was the second time I had met him, and we were both drunk. Had been the first time as well.

He was very flirtatious the first time we met, but this time it was more over the top. When he showed up he sat next to me and we partially cuddled, and a few minutes later we were inside when a friend said he should kiss me.

And so he did, and we made out for a bit on my bed. I didn't really know what I was doing but it was nice.

But then he realized he was actually straight and so nothing came of it. We were friends for a while but recently that came to an end as well.


Double Disaster

I actually have a great/awful first kiss story to share. I was 12 or 13, in 7th grade, had my first girlfriend, and basically her friends scheduled our first makeout session to be held after school in the unisex bathroom between the boys' and girls' locker rooms. A person more nervous than me never existed before that day. I answered the call of duty though, took up my station and waited for her. She arrived, we commenced making out aggressively (probably like two snakes trying to swallow the same ostrich egg), and after several minutes we stopped and pulled away. I saw horror in her face, and she saw the same in mine. SHE WAS COVERED IN BLOOD! (As was I). We didnt know wtf happened. Turned out, she got a bloody nose. It was traumatizing, to say the least.

BONUS STORY: my most recent kiss, as a guy in his late 30s whose wife left him several months ago and is going through a divorce, is possibly WORSE! I met this awesome girl, who is young(er) extremely good looking, and 6'1 (without shoes). We had gone out on a couple of occasions, I was playing the gentleman and taking it very slow. Third date rolls around, we go to arguably the nicest restaurant in a big city, have drinks after at a private club, then go to a dive bar for a nightcap. The deal is sealed, so to speak. We are leaving the bar, about to take an Uber back to her place. We walk out of the bar, her ahead of me, hand in hand. She turns around to kiss me. I lean up on my tippy toes (I'm just shy of 6', she is wearing heels). We are on the edge of a curb. She loses her balance and is embracing me (and me her). We go down like a pair of intertwined trees, with me taking the full force on my nose/face. I broke my nose in two places and ended up with 12 stitches and a concussion. She broke up with me a week ago.

Tldr: I absolutely suck at first kisses.


Impermanent Perfection

It was honestly perfect.

We were standing on the edge of a dock looking onto the Lake. We were talking, but moving closer to each other slowly the whole time. Eventually she laid her head on my shoulder, I kinda leaned her way too. We then looked each other in the eyes (something I have trouble with), and we kissed.

And then she emotionally abandoned me, and now we barely talk.

Still a nice moment.


Loves Worth Holding Your Breath For

We were laying down on the couch facing each other and I was petting his beard while we talked. He leaned in and kissed me, which I was entirely expecting but I definitely didn't object. The only problem was that it was winter and one of my nostrils was blocked, and his nose was pressed against the unblocked one so I couldn't breathe. I guess I didn't mind, because we've been married a little over a year now.

But if you want to know the truth my real first kiss was in fourth grade when my lil boyfriend pecked me on the lips underwater at a pool party. We went steady for a little while, but we were like ten. We went to the same high school, but we haven't kept up much.


“This Is Why You Use Your Words!”

I was 21, she was 18. We had been friends for a couple months and I had made it clear from the beginning I liked her, but she had recently broken up with a serious boyfriend and I was cool with just being friends.

We started to get closer and eventually she told me something really personal that had happened to her before and she was really down about it. It was a very serious thing so I dropped everything to go see her. We talked for a while and I shared some bad things that have happened to me. She started inching closer and closer and me being clueless didn't notice, but I could tell she was struggling with something in her mind.

I asked her what was up and she said she was trying to decide something and I asked if it was kissing me. She said yes and asked if I wanted that.

I told her she was the person I'd always imagined being my first kiss. And described how that was the truth. (Which it was.) She smiled really big and said, "This is why you use your words!" And leaned in. It was like a fucking movie. She agreed with me later. The first time we said we loved each other was similar.

We dated for like three months, shit went down, she blocked my number for six months until I, (dead serious here,) stumbled upon her Reddit account by complete accident. We reconnected and now I consider her my best friend. She lives in another state and has a boyfriend she loves more than she loved me. I'm genuinely happy for her. She's such a strong, great, and supportive person. I'm happy to be her friend at all.

This was only a little over a year ago. I realized I'm bisexual and have a boyfriend now.


H/T: Reddit

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