Men Share The Questions They've Always Wanted To Ask A Woman But Were Too Afraid To
Image by Sammy-Williams from Pixabay

For some reason, there's a lot of caution and awkwardness around the opposite sex. Quite a few of the men I've known over the years have treated women like they're unfathomable creatures. Ditto for the women, who've regard men with confusion and even annoyance. Wouldn't it all be a lot easier if people just talked?

After Redditor lalalaifeee asked the online community, "What is something you've always wanted to ask a woman but daren't?"" people asked their questions and the women worked to clear things up.

Here's a question!

Do you like having boobs?


And here's the answer...

Sometimes I wish I didn't have them. I get pain in my left one and get paranoid that it's my heart even though it's just my boob being dumb.


Question #2:

I've always heard that perfumed feminine hygiene products are universally hated by womankind. True or false?


"I absolutely hate them..."

I absolutely hate them and my girlfriends agree. That scent mixing with the smell of blood is the most terrible thing in the world!


Question #3:

Do women make as many jokes about boobs/vaginas in the same way that men make constant d*ck and ball jokes?


And the answer!`

Only when we're trying to stay abreast of a titillating conversation.


Question #4

Since you roughly know when you're expecting your period, do you ever use preemptive tampons or pads? Or does the period start before you use products?


To which this person replied...

So usually the first sign is a blush of red when you wipe. At that point, you're not yet bleeding into your undies, but you're gonna soon. That's all the heads up I usually need.


Question #5

We sometimes get random boners. Do you ever get randomly wet?


And the answer!

We get so much random discharge you would not believe.


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