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It features in plenty of stories on the big and small screen; a character falls into a coma for years. When they wake up, everything has changed.

So Reddit user Lumj asked: 

"If you woke up in a hospital bed one day and a doctor told you that you had been in a coma for 20 years, what is the first question you would ask?"

How do I look?

I'd ask for a mirror.  [deleted]

Medical Advances

"It's been twenty years and you guys haven't figured how to bring people out of a coma? jeesh"  Supertack

Dependable Dad

Honestly I'd probably ask where my dad was. If I was alive on life support for 20 years, I assume he would have been paying the bills. He'd be an old man by then. I've no idea if my girlfriend would still be there. She loves me, but she also wants to be a mother more than anything, and she'd probably stop waiting after 5-10 years, which I would not blame her for. But I know my dad would keep me alive until the day he dies, no matter the cost. 
Goddamn I love my dad.  [deleted] 

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Catheter Concerns

"Can you please remove this plastic tube from my....?"  kimjungfood

Sci-Fi Fanatic

"Were the new Star Wars movies any good?" darthbob

Not Sure My Insurance Covers This

"How much debt am I in, now that I've been in the hospital for 20 years?"  NomadicScribe

Cryptocurrency Concerns

"How much are my 10 bitcoins worth?"  RaveDigger




Mom and Dad, I Can Explain

"Did anyone look at my internet history?"  helper33437

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Figuratively Speaking

I'd... hope that I had at least lost some weight on my strict liquid tube feeding diet.  Krysanth

Breaking Down

No questions. Just crying. Then after crying for 1 hour straight "where's my mom?"  cantthecant

Call Me Rip Van Winkle

"Did I oversleep again?"  moodswinging

So Embarrassed

"Was I snoring? I would be so embarrassed if I was snoring... Holy sh*t did I fart? Wait don't tell me.... OK tell me...wait no...I farted huh?....ahhhh I hate comas!!!!!!!"  ClaudioRules

Date Night

If it's a hot doctor: "How you doing?"  blueblancrouge

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Mr. Clean

I'd probably ask for a shower and a razor. I can't imagine they would keep me that clean.  jokrsmagictrick

Gotta Go

"Bathroom. WHERE IS THE BATHROOM?"  Roctarogar

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That Took An Unexpected Turn

"You know, most test subjects come out of stasis horribly malnourished. Congratulations on beating the odds and somehow managing to pack on a few pounds."  Jfreek

Asking for a Friend

Do Japanese robotic girlfriends exist yet? How much? [deleted]

Doctor What?


Do You Own a Crossbow?

"What's that door over there with the sign that reads 'DON'T DEAD, OPEN INSIDE'?" gokism

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