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It's always nice to be complimented, isn't it?

Obviously, you want it to come from people you know or feel comfortable with, but sometimes they come at you out of nowhere. You might be walking down the street, or working in the office, and, BOOM. Without knowing how or why, you get a compliment.

Maybe? It might have been a compliment?

Reddit user, u/Deadtree301, wanted to know what set you sideways when they asked:

What is the strangest compliment you have ever received?

It's nice to be given recognition for the work we do, for the effort we put in to the things we get done.

It can still feel weird when it happens.

In Today's Day And Age, That Matters

"I was washing my hands in a gas station, and this lady told me I'm very good at washing my hands. Then she leaned close and said, "No, really. I'm a health inspector, and I'm very impressed."


Don't Ignore Those Calf Raises

"Years ago, I was working out at my high school's gym. This young lady approaches me and says something along those lines "It's completely unjust! I'll never have ankles as good as yours, no matter how much I work out! You're f-cked!" Prior to storming out. I'm also a man."


Upside! Otters Are Cute.

"When you cry, you look like a sad otter. It's very cute."

"Said to me as a 27 year old man."


"In their defense, otters are adorable. And age is not inversely proportional to adorableness."


You can only gauge so much from a person just by looking at them. To really know them, you have to get to really know them.

In these circumstances, these people were clearly enigma's to others.

What An Odd Prediction

"I was minding my own business in a New York bar. I was sleepy and yawned a lot because it was late."

"This random person who I'd never met before approaches me and asks me a question "Are you a native of Boston? You yawn the way people in Boston movies yawn."

"I am from Boston, and he was from Norway."



"You have a very swan like voice". She did mean it as a compliment but she'd never heard a swan so she was just going off of how swans look."


"I imagine they sound like angry geese, which doesn't sound like it'd be a compliment, or it'd be a passive-aggressive insult"


People Describe Their Best Chance Encounters | George Takei’s Oh Myyy

Are chance encounters really serendipitous or is it part of some grand master plan? While we may never have an answer for why we come to meet certain people ...

Blessed Be You, Sir

"A homeless man once yelled out 'Heyyyy sexy Jesus!' at me."

"So that was nice."


People like what they like. If someone says they appreciate a part of your body, first, make sure you're comfortable with it and, if you're not, tell someone, and second, it takes all kinds.

Ready To Start Dropping Kids

"I was told by a random lady in the grocery store that i have birthing hips, i am a 26yo man. Not sure if it was a compliment, but it was definitely strange."


You Don't Know What You've Got...?

"I was told that I have nice legs by some random guy that didn't have legs at Wal-Mart once."


Just Because You're Dead Doesn't Mean You Skip Leg Day

"I was dressed as a zombie for a scare acting job at a haunted house - full-on gore, horrendous outfit, the works."

"I scared a group of lads and then as they were walking away I heard - "Dude, was it just me or did that zombie have a fantastic @ss?"


"Stupid sexy zombie..."


In To My Sweet Sense Of Fashion

"A random girl passed me at the mall one time. We made eye contact for maybe a second. Then she just said "Nice pants" and kept on walking. My roommate said she was talking about my butt, but I like to think I had some sweet pants on that day."


Take the compliment?

Wins are so rare in this day and age, you should take the 'W' whenever you can it seems.

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