Who has ever had a game night that went off the rails and got a bit too intense? Everyone? Tabletop gaming is an excellent way to bond and get some quality time with friends and family without screen-time however, it can also be a segue to conflict.

Some games like Cards Against Humanity are designed to have an insulting type of humor. Sometimes though this writer has seen it go too far as people will target others in the group and call it “good fun"—not cool, dude. There's always that type of risk playing games to win

Redditor jok7er wanted to hear what others felt were the most confrontational table games. They asked:

What is the best game to ruin a friendship (other than Monopoly)?"

That game gets TOXIC…

​“League of Legends. Destroyed my gaming community in like 2 weeks of maining the game. It truly brings out the worst in people.” Yodootz

​How could you not know what that is!?

“Pictionary. The relationship tester in my family. Gotta see if a couple is on the same wavelength. And who has the patience to deal with each other when they think the other is dumb because HOW COULD YOU NOT KNOW THAT I DREW A GLOBE AND THEN A BOOT TO GET YOU THINKING ITALY SO THAT WHEN I DREW A CAR YOU KNEW IT WAS A FERRARI AND HOW COULD YOU BE SO STUPID WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU I KNEW THIS WASNT GOING TO EVER WORKOUT" ​PucksAndPopPunk

MtG can go foreverrrr…

​“Everyone saying UNO but I've never seen actual friendships lost over UNO. Magic the Gathering, on the other hand..." thiosk

“You think you know someone, then they bring out a blue/white deck and ask when you planned on leaving." obscureferences

GIF by Magic: The Gathering Giphy

The 80s and 90s were magic."

“In the late 80s early 90s my cousin and I would play each other in RBI baseball for NES. The rules were 'Strikes Only' that means the pitcher could only throw over the plate. We would constantly push the boundaries of the zone. This resulted in many verbal disagreements, physical altercations and fights with the waterguns. The 80s and 90s were magic." Ecstatictobehere


Munchkin.” Scoopa379

“THIS. We've gone to bed angry and woken up angry. I love this game. It's so gratifying to throw a curse at someone talking trash.” CakeIcecream


We agreed that you would support my A Ven-Tyr. Your failure to uphold our agreement means I can never trust you again. Friendship annulled.” d3sid3rium


“F**king Mario Party. ‘Hey, you legitimately won the actual game! But I'm going to invent some arbitrary statistics at the end and give your opponent 4 stars for, ummm, landing on the most squares that were part of a Fibonacci sequence, and this other person, uh, rolled the most 2's so 6 stars for them!’ What kind of Dumbledor-esque bulls**t are these games built on?” maverick_gunn

Party Dancing GIF by Guava Juice Giphy

“If someone thinks Monopoly ruins friendships, then they have never played Risk.” EmperorOfIcedCream

“Oh boy, I had a few experience with that game: My friend broke up with his then boyfriend while playing the game because he was salty that she was winning. He still lost the game.”

“With other group of friends, two of them ended up fighting with one of them with a broken arm because of that game. Both were kinda tipsy.”

“During HS my friend group back then got separated after like 5 of them played risk during a recess. I don't know the details but it seems one of them was accused of cheating in the game. If you value your friendship/relationship avoid Risk at all cost.” ramen_addict_enby

Settlers of Catan…

Catan.” BribedSky

“My family doesn't play that anymore because me and my sister would argue every time we play.” mostly-void-stars

"The best games to ruin a friendship…”

​“The best games to ruin a friendship in my experience/opinion are super overly complicated games meant for large numbers of players which can be played by two people and take too long. It's almost worse if you know you're going to forget the name of the game after it's over.” manlymanmanman925

Turns out playing one of these games is a great way to see how strong your friendships truly are. Not suggested for the faint of heart.

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