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Be it for an office bonding trip, a birthday or bachelor/bachelorette party, or just a fun outing with friends, it's hard to beat a good escape room.

Searching your themed room inside out for clues, hoping you'll make it out before the timer goes off.

Of course, there is little more frustrating than being told you've run out of time.

No matter if you were one or twelve clues away.

As a result, super competitive players might go to desperate lengths to find a way out.

More often than not, only finding themselves getting even further off track from the clues in front of them.

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Some things are deceptively simple.

Oh, skydiving? That's easy.

Love yourself? Simple.

Who can't open a can of pickles?

ME! ME! That's who. I can't do any of the above simply.

It's all hard. And you know it too.

It's just designed to" look" easy only to bamboozle us.

Approach everything as a burden and live by a motto...

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I don't see the appeal of these rooms.

Why would one enjoy being trapped in a room?

When you watch people trapped in a movie you cheer for their release.

But this activity has gotten super popular.

And people have gotten real creative in their escapes.

Redditor CaptainCatButtwanted to hear confessions from the great escapes. They asked:

"Escape Room employees, what's the weirdest way you've seen customers try and solve an escape room?"
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Games are suppose to be fun.

It's about fun and not winning.

That's a lie. Winning is winning!!

And don't let love fool you. You stay the course.

Sorry, I'm projecting.

Let's discuss what fun pastimes have really dampered relationships.

Sometimes it's best to just talk. Or watch TV.

Redditor ctw1271wanted to warn everybody about the competitive situations that are suppose to be fun but can burn down relationships. They asked:

"What's a game that can ruin a relationship?"
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Gamers Break Down Their Favorite Games Of All Time
Kelly Sikkema/Unsplash

Video games get a bad rap—often being blamed as time-wasters, brain-rotters, etc...

But there's an altogether different side to be considered.

They can be masterpieces of storytelling, visual stunners and bring people together in ways they couldn't have connected otherwise.

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