I don't see the appeal of these rooms.

Why would one enjoy being trapped in a room?

When you watch people trapped in a movie you cheer for their release.

But this activity has gotten super popular.

And people have gotten real creative in their escapes.

Redditor CaptainCatButt wanted to hear confessions from the great escapes. They asked:

"Escape Room employees, what's the weirdest way you've seen customers try and solve an escape room?"
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People Divulge Which Games Can Actually Ruin A Relationship
Photo by Andrey Metelev on Unsplash

Games are suppose to be fun.

It's about fun and not winning.

That's a lie. Winning is winning!!

And don't let love fool you. You stay the course.

Sorry, I'm projecting.

Let's discuss what fun pastimes have really dampered relationships.

Sometimes it's best to just talk. Or watch TV.

Redditor ctw1271 wanted to warn everybody about the competitive situations that are suppose to be fun but can burn down relationships. They asked:

"What's a game that can ruin a relationship?"
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Gamers Break Down Their Favorite Games Of All Time
Kelly Sikkema/Unsplash

Video games get a bad rap—often being blamed as time-wasters, brain-rotters, etc...

But there's an altogether different side to be considered.

They can be masterpieces of storytelling, visual stunners and bring people together in ways they couldn't have connected otherwise.

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When it comes to a game of cards where a good deal of money is at stake, there are either sore losers or good sports. Or there are unfair winners. Redditor velez_cool is figuring out where he fit in with the scenario when he played poker with six of his friends and the odds wound […] More

Games are a great form of recreation.

They can bring us closer together with friends and family (or drive a wedge between us—looking at you, Mario Party), and provide an excellent way to blow off some steam by ourselves.

Not all games are totally straightforward about how you win them, though. Sometimes you win the game by losing.

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