Games can bring people closer together or nearly end friendships, depending on how competitive your friends and family are.

Video games have been a big part of a lot of people's lives over the past couple of years too—helping to bring friends and family together when we're apart, or serving as a bit of escapism from everyday life.

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Who has ever had a game night that went off the rails and got a bit too intense? Everyone? Tabletop gaming is an excellent way to bond and get some quality time with friends and family without screen-time however, it can also be a segue to conflict.

Some games like Cards Against Humanity are designed to have an insulting type of humor. Sometimes though this writer has seen it go too far as people will target others in the group and call it “good fun"—not cool, dude. There's always that type of risk playing games to win

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When I think of the term "Truth or Dare" I think of the revolutionary documentary from Madonna.

The game itself I rarely ever think about because it's been easily two decades since I last played. I also hate that game; that game and spin the bottle.

I always had to kiss the wrong person. I'm also not getting naked in a group without a payoff of some kind. And if I wanted you to know my deepest secrets I would just tell you.

I'm not going to be pressured into it. But I'm sure that plenty of people have had a few sassy night of fun thanks to being... daring. That and tequila shots.

Redditor u/janneke137 wanted to hear about the gambles we've all taken when playing a simple game with friends, by asking:

How far did you go in a game of truth or dare?
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Photo by Krissia Cruz on Unsplash

TV game shows are fun because they are not just passive entertainment programs.

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Truth or dare? PICK TRUTH. Just do it. The truth will set you free.

A dare may land you in the hospital. A physical ridiculous act is never a good idea--especially when a friend or stranger is the one telling you it is a good idea.

Don't do it. Run far away. Or just opt for truth.

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