People Share Facts That Sound False But Are Actually 100% True

You ever read something on the internet and think, "well that can't be real"? Sometimes there are facts that are so outlandish that you can't believe that they're true.

The real world is a very strange place, and thanks to the internet, we have access to the weird truths about the world. Here are a few examples.

u/XNTOL asked:

"What fact sounds fake at first but is actually real?"

How do you even figure that out?

"The day Michael Jackson's hair caught on fire was the exact middle of his life, to the day."


"Talk about a mid-life crisis. I'll see myself out."


Bad joke.


"A Russian luxury SUV Manufacturer attempted and failed to use whale penis skin for their SUV interiors."



"It is estimated viruses kill about 50% of ocean biomass every 4 days."


"99.9% of which is bacteria and single-celled plants and animals, just in case anyone's thinking 'wow what do they do with all the dead whales.'"


Bad squirrels.

"Iran arrested 14 squirrels on suspicion of espionage."


"Nigeria once arrested a goat for stealing stuff in human form. Some other African country arrested someone for murdering a human in hyena form."




"When compasses were first used on ships, sailors were afraid of them because they thought it had evil powers. Compasses were stored in boxes called a 'binnacle.'"


"That's funny. My husband was asking me, 'How do you say compass in Spanish?' to which I replied, brújula. He was like, 'Brújula? That sounds like bruja, a witch.' The name makes sense if they were thought to have evil powers/brujería/witchcraft."


Why would he eat it?

"President Coolidge got sent a raccoon for Thanksgiving one year, but instead of eating it, he granted it a pardon because it was 'cute.'"


That's weird.

"Orcas are a natural predator to moose."


"Moose swim between islands or from land to islands and orcas annihilate them from below."


I didn't know clouds weighed anything.


"A typical cumulus cloud actually weighs 1.1 million pounds (498,951 kg)."


The rare pineapple.

"It takes 2 years for a pineapple to grow."


"Have a pineapple plant in my yard. Can confirm. It's now Year 4 and it's about to bear 2nd fruit. And you only get one pineapple."


Bad joke.

"There isn't a single bridge across the Amazon River."


"I'm so glad all those bridges across the Amazon River found love."



"There was a week in American history where Tim Allen had the #1 film, tv show, and book."


"To this day, he’s the only one to ever accomplish it. Yet according to Bobby Slayton, Tim once mentioned to him that he wishes he (Tim) could go back to being a rookie or a semi-pro, because he “was bored and had nothing else to do.” It shows these days that he might have went crazy around that time."


Every man

"Ancient sailors believed that cats were magic and would often risk their own lives, even in an 'every man for himself' situation, to save a cat from a sinking ship. All ships had at least one ship's cat as cats would eat the rats that have always plagued ships. The ship's cat would often be given a rank and sailors would generally take excessively good care of their cats."



"Cheetahs can't roar. They meow like house cats."


"Thats because Cheetah's aren't Panthers which are the big cats that Roar: Tigers, Lions, Leopards, Jaguars and ... Snow Leopards."

"Yep Mountain Loins (aka Pumas, aka Cougars ) are not Panthers either and don't roar either; in fact Cougars are the Cheetah's closest living relatives and no more closely related to Lions than your house cat."



Season 2 Episode 3 GIF by Parks and RecreationGiphy

"A barnacle has a penis up to 10 times the length of its body."


"This was illustrated to me on a biology field trip in high school. The guy convening our breakout session had one of our male classmates use a 50ft rope to lasso a female classmate from across the room. It was about as awkward as it sounds."



"The Nazis were the first ever people in modern history to start an anti-smoking and tobacco movement. Or being from Scotland, and finding out the national animal is the unicorn!"


"Many Nazis, including Hitler, were environmentalists. They strongly supported animal rights and conservation. Henrich Himler wanted a complete ban on hunting animals. Interestingly most German animal welfare laws are diluted versions of the laws introduced by the Nazis."


A Great Era

Feeling It Drama Club GIF by NickelodeonGiphy

"Pocahontas and Shakespeare lived during the same time."


You're Late

"Leonardo Da Vinci died within a few months of when Cortez landed in Cuba. The New World had been discovered almost 30 years earlier, and Ponce de Leon had set out some seven years earlier, so there’s a reasonably good chance that Leonardo was aware that Florida existed when he died."


Be Cool

"Astronomer here! The coldest place we know of in the universe is actually... on Earth! To explain further, the coldest places we know of that naturally occur in the universe are inside dark nebulae with little to no star formation, and thus no starlight to heat things up. The coldest one known so far is the Boomerang Nebula, where the temperature has been measured as low as 1 degree above absolute zero (−272 °C or −458 °F)."

"However, we regularly get below this temperature in labs on Earth! Specifically, absolute zero is at –273.15°C (or –459.67°F) and labs on Earth regularly get to within a tenth or even a hundredth of a degree of that. Pretty cool!"


There is so much out there to learn.

What would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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