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To ensure a comfortable and productive learning environment, teachers have to put in work to cultivate the right space. And that is no small task if you're surrounded by a crowd of 10-year-olds that are still figuring out emotions and how to socialize.

Faced with that obstacle, an ice breaker can do wonders. A simple enough question that every kid has an answer for is ideal: it empowers everybody to begin engaging with group by talking, but it's low stakes enough to keep the space feeling safe.

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People Share Their Absolute Favorite Random Facts

You can never have too many random facts in your arsenal. Lord knows how many ice breakers we're going to deal with after the pandemic eases and we have to learn how to socialize all over again.

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People Share The Best Historical Facts No One Ever Talks About
Photo by Ronda Darby on Unsplash

History is an overwhelmingly broad realm of study. Collecting all of the formative events, by all the influential people, in all of the places in the world--and their interactions--is an insurmountable project.

And that is to say nothing of the minor quirks that, while influential in a niche area of the human story, rarely get much real estate in history text books or discussions.

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You ever read something on the internet and think, "well that can't be real"? Sometimes there are facts that are so outlandish that you can't believe that they're true. The real world is a very strange place, and thanks to the internet, we have access to the weird truths about the world. Here are a few examples.

u/XNTOL asked: What fact sounds fake at first but is actually real?

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Possessing an intriguing fact can be a trusty dusty ace in the hole when conversation wavers. A tidbit that manages to surprise while it caters to logical intuition is worth its weight in gold.

Many of them, however, despite being interesting, are complete nonsense and they came from God knows where.

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