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They say clothing doesn't make the man, the man makes the clothing. However, that's not always true is it? A simple glance can discover a lot about what you are or are not wearing. Sometimes that can be a good thing, like not wearing your fishnet shirt to a corporate job interview. On the other hand, wearing something might send an immediate signal to a potential love interest, immediately signaling, "Stay away from this person."

Reddit user, u/gunsoverbutter, wanted to know what flips that switch when they asked:

What's an instant clothing turnoff for you when looking at the opposite sex?

Take A Whiff


Does "heavy a-- cologne" count as clothing? They basically put it on like a wetsuit layer.....


At Least You Admit It's Irrational

Graphic Tees. I just hate them so irrationally. I don't need to know that you like Game Of Thrones or Harry Potter at a glance, what are you 7 years old.


Figure That Size Out

Anything that's ill-fitting, regardless of the person's body type.

Clothes that are too big or way too tiny look dumb as hell, especially if it's not flattering to the person's body type. Looking like an overgrown toddler wearing adult clothes, or spilling out like a busted can of cinnamon rolls is not attractive.


I Will Not Be Taking A Trip To Flavor Country

Goatee and Guy Fieri shades -- why do half the men in Canada look like this now?!

Backwards ball cap.


When my boyfriend tries on Guy Fieri sunglasses, I want to physically hurt him in the balls.


Everyone Can See You Go To The Gym Regularly

Maybe I'm in the minority, but I find "muscle shirts" or tight shirts on men so unattractive and cheesey. If you're built, I'll be able to tell from a regular shirt.

And skinny jeans on a grown a-- man? Yuck.


How Do You Go To The Bathroom Comfortably?


I seem to be in the minority. I understand their utility/comfort, but I just think they look horrible. Ive not seen someone wear one that I thought to myself "Damn, they look GOOD." I also acknowledge women dont dress for my approval (Im a male), so who the f-ck cares what I think, but if I could just convince whoever invented them to just not, I would do it so fast.


No One Wants To See Them Ankles, Man.

The 'sockless' look (e.g. wearing closed shoes) while wearing trousers that seem strategically designed to be just sliiightly too short.

Like I know you're probably wearing secret socks or whatever but all I can think about is how sweaty your feet at slipping around inside those closed loafers.



Only Blouses And Corsets

I literally dont talk to people that wear sweatpants outside of their house/arent doing sports while wearing them, goes for both genders.

For women specifically I would say T-shirts. I dont think Ive ever seen a woman be stylish while wearing simple T-shirt


Man: "But what if I just really like the lifestyle?"

For men: trench coats. Fedoras. Scarfs when it's too warm for them. Military uniform items if you aren't in the military.

For women: Bedazzled flip-flops. Huge fake nails. Anything branded with Mary Kay. Cat ear headbands. The "Karen" haircut.


Find One Yourself

Baggy pants that show boxers, wife beaters, and weed leaf anything.

Pot isn't a personality trait dumb-ss.



Tigerprint stuff

Makes me think of 50y old trailer park women.


Big Guy With A Little Hat

Caps with the circumference set too small, so it just sits on top of the wearer's head. I don't understand how this is a thing, but it is.


How Else Would I Describe My Butt?

Live in the UK, those pants that have 'juicy' written on the bum


What, are the early 2000's just hitting the UK or something? I thought those were long gone.


Holes On Holes

Jeans that drag on the ground. The kind that have seen such tragedy that they have holes worn through from constantly being stepped on and dragged across the rough ground


Give Yourself Room To Breathe

Shirts that are waayyy too tight... So tight that the buttons near the tummy may pop out


Check Your Shoulders

I've noticed this a lot recently - a poorly fitted suit on a man. Particularly if the jacket is ill-fitting in the shoulders or waist, or if the pants are too short.

Not saying every guy needs to drop thousands on a custom tailored suit, but at least find one that fits well, or take it to a tailor for small/cheap alterations.


Buy A Belt

Jeans that don't fit a man's a** - i.e. when they're slip sliding down to their knees. No thank you.


Just To Be Clear

Sleeveless hoodies.

My ex had one. He also had EXTREMELY hairy armpits. Don't know why he wouldn't just get rid of it.

Edit: get rid of the hoodie, not the armpits. It was a hideous shade of brownish-greyish.


Glittery Explosion


ED Hardy and basically anything bejazzled


I think it's "bedazzled," but I like your word better.


Yeah, It's Bad, But Worth It

If you're wearing a shirt showcasing some extreme view, such as anti-vax, gun identity, etc. But do wear those shirts; it helps when I can easily cut people from the search pool.


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