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It's difficult to find the flaws within ourselves. Mostly, people prefer to think they're "Okay," bypassing any actual reflection which could lead to actual character growth. "Why grow when I'm already perfect?"

But we all know that's not true, as evidenced by these openly honest people.

Reddit user, u/scatterbrainzzzu, wanted to categorize the character in all of us when they asked:

What is your biggest character flaw? (serious)

Everyone Finds Something Funny

My jokes are typically at the expense of someone else or crude in some way.

Working on improving it but it's hard to change your sense of humor.


Always Needing To Know


A quick trip through my post history can tell you I have a tendency to pretend I know everything and then to argue with people about how much I know everything, even though I don't actually know anything. I don't know why I do this, I know it's stupid. I figure some dark part of myself just wants to yell at people.

I really have to stop reading the news...


Years To Find The Truth

I have no confidence or self respect.


Why not?


Because as a kid I was raised to believe that I'll never be good enough. And as an adult I found out that that was true.


A Lot Of Mumbles And "Ums"

I can never phrase things correctly, and usually come across as awkward because of it.


Always Assuming The Worst

I assume people will reach out to me if they want to see or talk to me, and if they don't it's because they have more important/better things to do. I'm not proactive or intentional enough in my relationships, but I'm working on it.


Never Quite Giving It Your All

Many of my friendships are 70/30 where my friend puts in the 70% to stay in touch.

I just get this weird anxiety when I commit to stuff, and I end up disassociating and ghosting people. I'll then reach out weeks later to see what's up, then when they want to meet up for beers or coffee or something, I just flake out again.

The thing is, once I drag my butt out and actually meet someone, it's an awesome time... but I just get this overwhelming sense of worry and just like mad stress and I always resort to cancelling plans.

Pretty big flaw... it has affected me throughout school and in several moments in the workplace.


"What's the point?"

I have no motivation to do anything. Like this degree I'm doing, I'm just there asking myself "What's the point? It won't really give me anything, and I can do this degree with my eyes closed and tied up. So why am I really bothering?" I mean, when I'm really motivated, I am awesome at what I do, but the problem is, that's like one or two things.


Dude I relate to this so much. Like even if I was motivated, what's the point? late term it has no affect on me. It all just leads up to helping me now but why put effort in if I can get by on such little effort? Like I get by just fine and don't need many things, I'm only even working so much and taking classes for the fact of making others satisfied :P


Never Allow The Doors To Open

I can never admit when I'm not doing okay.

Something traumatic happened? Tell everyone you're used to it and make a dumb joke about it.


F-ck.. I've had such a hard time opening about anything, I don't cry and I've learned to "man up" throughout the years.

I can't experience the happy tears of crying in movies, or the dreadfulness of a breakup..

I was raised being taught, "Big boys don't cry, you're a big boy now".

So my emotion is pretty much static, but inside it's just flowing with sadness.


You Let The Wrong Thing Take Over


I let my insecurities rule my life


Please allow me to tell you that you are now and always have been good enough, and you are now and always have been deserving of unconditional love, attention and care. No matter what you do, no matter where you are. No matter what, period.

Loving yourself, accepting yourself, forgiving yourself–these are the most challenging aspects of our mysterious existence. You are not alone, and you are lovely.


LOOK AT ME but also don't...

I'm narcissistic but also insecure at the same time.


Isn't narcissism because of major insecurities?


Yes, it's created because as a child (typically) the narcissist was invalidated/mentally neglected too much during the formative years. There's also the child of a narcissist that isn't actually a real narcissist, they just learned bad habits from the ones in their life, but they, unlike the real narcissist, can be fixed. The child of a narcissist is usually a codependent, rather than a narcissist, but those two are often mislabeled since people often think selfishness equals narcissism.


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