Never judge a book by it's cover. And never doubt the intellect of another. Yes smart people are incredible, but intellect will only get you so far. People we look down upon as "dumb" have proven society wrong in maaaaaany ways.

Redditor u/amiur wanted to hear everyone's thoughts by asking.... What is something stupid people do better than intelligent people?

Small Talkers.


In my experience, some of the best small-talkers and bull I know aren't exactly the brightest. Not sure what that says about them, or me. FridayInc

All That Jazz....

Reproduce without anxiety of everything going wrong. victhemaddestwife

When my younger sister was preggorz with her first child, I kept telling her to save up, have money in the bank. Child is expensive. You need money. How you gonna afford?

all that jazz.

She kept replying "I don't need money."

Can you guess what happened after child was born?

Yep. She needed money.

Apparently she thought the 2 packets of nappies and other goods provided to her from friends were enough to sustain her. She thought she'd be fine. those 2 packets lasted about a week. HaroerHaktak


Answer questions that have no verifiable answer. cram96

You know my dad?

"Philosophical debate that has raged for centuries"

My dad - knows definitive answer in .0034 seconds, cannot be budged from position without huge emotions/anger. AirdropFaucet

Tally Ho! 

I don't know if this counts as stupidity but I reached a point where I had to stop watching/reading the news entirely and man am I nicer to people since then. FrankSkapopolous

The news shifted and became needlessly emotive, especially with fear mongering. Watch older news services on youtube (like black and white ones) and it is all very calm "so today the world ended. Tally ho and good night." Now its "SOMEONE STUBBED A TOE AND THE PRESIDENT TWEETED ABOUT IT!!!!!!!" Adl_DnD_nerd

So Ignorant.


Apparently the more ignorant you are, the more likely you are to hold onto your beliefs even when presented with opposing evidence. So that. noturmoms_spaghetti


I'm going to use my two cats as an example: Not get tripped up by changing patterns.

I have one very attentive cat, and one very inattentive cat. At my old apartment, the front door would always open from the left, and the attentive cat figured this out and knew where to stand to maximize his chances of getting out the door. The inattentive cat would just do a mad sprint through the door whenever he saw it open.

After we moved, the front door now opened on the right. The inattentive cat would still just do his mad sprint through the door whenever it opened. The attentive cat, however, continued to sit on the left side of the door, and rather than getting outside, would just get trapped between the wall and the door whenever it opened. It took him about a week before he realized that, for the first time in his life, the door now opened from the other side.

Can't get tripped up by a new pattern if you're too dumb to recognize the pattern in the first place. Gopherbashi

Don't Guess...


Smarter people too often double-guess themselves, while other more stupid ones just go for it. slidingclouds


Win arguments. They are too stupid to see they're wrong and wear the smart people down. TheWayDenzelSaysIt

Like playing chess with a pigeon. Brodellsky


Preserving local dialects and traditions.

Intelligent people typically go to universities in large, mixed cities, but adopt the most neutral accents, dialects and lifestyles available in order to fit in and seem normal and educated.

Stupid people are more likely to stay long term in their home regions and continue to speak and live as previous local generations had.

I've experienced this myself and seen it in three countries now. hrc_123

I am Right.


Living life in ignorance knowing that what they believe is right, meanwhile intelligent people question a lot which makes life very frustrating. nano_singularity


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