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High school is a scary time for most of us. Our minds act up, our bodies betray us, our friendships are volatile, and our relationships with our parents are wonky.

But that barely scratches the surface, as we learned when Redditor Johnny_eats_sugar asked: "What confused you the most in middle/high school?"

"How everyone..."

How everyone seemingly agreed that once we were in middle school, we just stood around and talked at lunch. I still wanted to run around outside. But I guess I didn't get a vote.


"Why some teachers..."

Why some teachers had a power complex and others were super nice.


"When I was in middle school..."

When I was in middle school, I didn't realize why people hated me so much. I was nice. I was relatively quiet. And yet everyone flocked to me to bully me. They'd mention my weight, my favorite music, the people I was friends with. Anything just to make fun of me. It fucked me up really badly. Once I reached high school and everyone was just more accepting in general, I couldn't figure out why I had so many friends. I had friends in nearly every clique, and I had no clue why. Why did no one like me a year ago and now suddenly I actually have friends? Man the self loathing is strong.


"Why people would ask me questions..."

Why people would ask me questions or have a conversation with me, pretending to be my friend, and then they'd make fun of me afterwards.


"They can't keep..."

The school itself. They can't keep the same staff for more than a year except for a few stragglers and then some teachers are either wildly unqualified or complete assh*les.



How to grow up along with my peers. Someone suggested "let's play tag!" and we did, for a few minutes. Then they all stopped and just chatted with each other. I was confused. I wanted to play, and I was crap at making conversation.


"How some kids..."

How some kids got away with doing hard drugs. I always asked myself "where are their parents?" After high school I realized the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.


"The immaturity levels..."

The immaturity levels of the people around me always dumbfounded me.


"Still there."

Still there. Why do we have so much homework? We're expected to get 8 hours of sleep, juggle family, friends and food? Get up at 6 AM and function for 6 hours and then go home and do all this homework? There's no point! My friends are all depressed, suicidal and/or sleep deprived. There's many obvious flaws to this system. I see this and I'm 16.


"How the school nurse..."


How the school nurse still had a job. During sex ed she came down and did this big presentation with the tape where we stuck it to multiple people and showed that it was "no good" to represent that people who have multiple partners aren't likely to find a good spouse because they're all used up. Then went on and on about how we should only have sex with one person, but felt the need to mention that some of us ALREADY had that opportunity taken away from us. There was a 13 year old girl who was heavily pregnant. Her 20 year old "boyfriend" was the father. The nurse glared daggers into her. I wanted to stab her so bad. I'm guessing that girls parents didn't care, and I never told any adults, but as an adult I cant even imagine the tantrum I would throw if my child was subjected to that.


"Still can't figure..."

Lockers. Still can't figure out how to use them, I carry everything in my bag, I love being a highschooler with elderly back problems.


"That it was considered..."

That it was considered offensive if you read a comic/manga. Teachers would give me dirty looks for reading them in the library and I never knew why until recently. Teachers believed that people from the west were a bunch of devils, they also did not not realise that the Japanese created manga. I learned this from my history teacher who isn't one of those people.


"How that one kid..."

How that one kid was able to get 10 girlfriends in a month and/or when that one girl is practically a prostitute outside of school. You all know who I'm referring to.


"Why everyone..."

Why everyone took more time to schedule a fight than eat lunch. Or how my sister became entitled in high school. No immediate family was spoiling her, and my mom taught us to behave so idk. High school was weird.


"The transition..."

The transition of who was popular. In my middle school days the ultra beautiful rebellious kids were the popular ones. Then suddenly high school happens and the smart kids were the ones who were considered "popular"- the most popular kid in my grade ended up graduating from Stanford. He was a brilliant boy, but not who you'd picture as the most popular kid. I don't understand how we all decided that the kids who were serious were the new popular. Then all of the previous popular kids who didn't get with the new program- (take school seriously and get good grades.) Sort of became a group to pity. As many thought they'd never do anything in life.

Just funny how it switched so suddenly.


"What will make..."

What will make you successful in life? You see guys like Elon Musk, getting rockets running from books. Then we have people at school getting 99% in every subject and get a crappy 9 to 5 job. I don't get it.


"I came from India..."

I came from India to the United States to pursue a better education. I started 6th grade and was entirely lost. 6th and 7th grade were my worst years of my life because I had no idea what I was doing there. At least I got awards.


"How some..."

How some of my teachers were still employed/how they were the one who got hired in the first place.


"I've taught..."

I've taught both middle and high school, and I can tell you this:

In middle school, kids will do anything to stand out. In high school, kids will do anything to blend in.


"The first day..."

The first day, I didn't know where my section is and once I found it, asked if I was in the right section 10 times. I also didn't find my next classes on my own.


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