People Share Which Professions Get Paid Less Than They Deserve
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Many jobs don't pay as much as they should.

Companies and industries are facing more and more criticism regarding the low wages for workers when compared to the profits they make. Other jobs are so difficult and important, that workers inarguably deserve better pay.

Redditor HeOWXD opened up a discussion on unfair wages by asking,

Who gets paid less than they deserve?

20. IT workers

"ITs. Get paid poorly being required to have a lot of experience and education that costs to work on call or 24/7 generally all the while expecting to know and do everything computer related. There's a horrible balance in this field."


19. I thought astronauts made way more


"Astronauts. This might sound surprising, but most of NASA's astronauts earn 60-90k per year. This means they earn around 5-7'5k every month. That's literally the same amount of money most lawyers in my country earn.

It's surprising thinking they're underpaid like this. I was watching some videos on Youtube about this, and even astronauts agreed they didn't earn as much as they should."


18. Anyone who has worked retail knows how tough it is

"Retail Workers."


"Retail workers.. we have to put up with your garbage"


17. I want the people fixing my plane to be paid top dollar

"I work aircraft maintenance in the UK, narrow body airliners, 737s around 200 seats on board. I get paid about £12 per hour, this isn't enough for the responsibility.

I could do something else, I do enjoy the job, the people and the location though."


16. Please be kind to truck drivers

"Truck drivers.

The guys and gals who do long haul live in a tiny little cab for weeks at a time, and only get a few days at home before they have to go live at truck stops and rest areas again for weeks. On top of that, most people in cars do their best to mess with them. Getting cut off or put into potentially deadly situations simply because people don't give them the respect they deserve.

These people are what keeps our economy moving, and I can promise you anything you own right now was at one point a few feet behind a man or woman sleeping in a truck hundreds of miles away from their loved ones."


15. Being a chef is intense

"Cooks and chefs. On top of being actually physically demanding it also is a dangerous job even when we are doing our job properly. I love the work but at the same time i question every day why did i enter this insane industry when there are other jobs out there that could be better."


"Chefs, our job is so intense and people often don't seem to understand what we go through, they just want their food and to be on their way."


14. Some guests don't think twice about who cleaned their room

"House keepers. The physical workload is always overloaded, especially in hotels."


13. A huge part of the food industry

"Commercial Fishermen.

High risk,100% percent injury rate.

Pay depends on not how much you catch also ever changing cannery prices. Might not get paid for months after doing the work and it's expected and normal to do weeks- months of free labor in a year."


12. Late nights and abusive diners

"Fast food workers because fast food places are usually open pretty late and they also have to deal with mean customers"


11. Veterans and military members deserve better

"Veterans and military. It pains me to see sports players payed millions of dollars a year. And yet a veteran who has fought for every person in this country and our freedom has a hard time even getting a job. It's messed up"


10. Janitors are unappreciated 



"I'm a janitor in the ER and only getting paid 8.50/hr, at least I think, isn't enough to deal with all of the blood and bodily fluids"


9. A physically and emotionally demanding job

"I work in a dementia care home. Everyday I get punched, kicked, trailed to the ground by my hair, pooped on, pissed on, bled on, dealing with them slowing dying, literally gasping for breath and then having to clean their bodies and dress them when they are dead. I get £6.40 and hour."


8. It's incredibly stressful work

"Customer service call center technicians. Literally get yelled at and verbally abused for something that is not their fault usually."


7. A restaurant can't run without line cooks

"Line cooks. I made a point to offer good pay to my cooks when I opened my own restaurant after years of only making $12/hr before taxes. And my crew also gets tipped out for extra cash in pocket. It's a very hard job that relies on immigrant labor so the pay is s****. I hope that changes."


"I can't believe how far down I had to scroll to find this. The pay on top of the long hours, always working weekends, holidays, etc. Suffering burns, cuts etc and working through it in ~100 degree heat on the line. I work at a corporate location where starting pay is fixed at $11-13/hr and I am constantly understaffed because of it."


6. Imagine all of the bites and scratches they deal with


"Veterinary Techs

Similarly to nurses, they do the bulk of the work for very little compared to what the doctor (vet) makes."


5. Many of us couldn't go to our own jobs without them

"CHILD. CARE. WORKERS. We have precious lives in our hands, and we get paid as much as a fast food worker. Sometimes less!"


4. They do everything from patient care to paperwork

"Dental assistants. Go through a 10 month course, pay 12k for that schooling, get paid $10-12 to start. Assistants work their butts off for the same pay they could get at a warehouse."


3. Artists need fair pay and credit

"animators. (obviously depending on where and which studio) they get disgustingly underpaid for the HUGE amount of work they do. animating is a ton of work and is physically and mentally taxing and a lot of them go unnoticed."


2. Teachers do so much for us




"I'm willing to bet most people who think teachers get paid enough don't actually know a teacher well enough to know how much work they do, or only know teachers who only mooch off of other people's plans without putting in their own effort, or only know teachers in well-funded school districts.

Outside of those constraints, teachers definitely don't get paid enough."


1. Everyone deserves to be able to afford to live

"Anyone making less than a living wage with one job."


We think all these professions -- and our readers -- deserve a nice fat raise!

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