Conforming to the image expectations of a partner’s high-powered career can be a lot to ask. For one woman on Reddit, it felt like she was being asked to transform into a completely different person each time she accompanied her boyfriend to a work function. So, she asked him to pay her. She wasn’t sure […] More
Nepotism is a hot-button issue nowadays, especially with how rocky the path to success can be in today’s economy for all but the lucky few. Even so it can be difficult to resist when a friend or family member asks for preferential treatment and a boost to their career from a powerful acquaintance. A man […] More

There's nothing more awkward than a job interview.

What should be a chance to present yourself in the best possible light can quickly devolve into a stuttering, sweaty encounter you're sure left a sour taste in the interviewers mouth.
But what happens when it's the other way around? What happens when the interviewer has done something, a question or comment, that signals that danger center of your brain to say, "Run away?" When the red flag is blood red, what do you do?
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Money and trust, those are two things that have a very complicated dynamic. They are especially tricky mixed together in romantic relationships. Trust is hard to give when one has been burned. And money is hard to talk about when one has been repeatedly fleeced in the past. Case in point… Redditor skdbthrowaway wanted to […] More
People Explain What Career They'd Choose If A $400k Salary Was Guaranteed

Have you ever wondered what job people would pick if they knew they'd be financially stable?

Not rich; we're not talking "retire-in-luxury to Buenos Aires" level coin; just comfortable and with growth potential if you're smart about things.

If any job in the world put you at the precipice of stability - what would you *choose* to do?

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