Have you ever wondered what job people would pick if they knew they'd be financially stable?

Not rich; we're not talking "retire-in-luxury to Buenos Aires" level coin; just comfortable and with growth potential if you're smart about things.

If any job in the world put you at the precipice of stability - what would you *choose* to do?

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An astronaut. A veterinarian. A pro sports player.

These are things you hear so often as career aspirations when you're in first grade. Little by little, as time goes on, those primary dreams fade.

But even as adulthood comes and takes us by surprise, most of us know exactly what we would rather be doing at any given instance. It might not be our career now, but it could be one day.

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Pay attention to the red flags. That is a motto in life we'd all be wise to abide by.

It's not just referring to relationships between people.

Heed the red flags everywhere. Especially when it comes to work and career. If a situation feels off, it's off.

You know from the second you enter a new job or a new location whether or not it's a fit.

If your gut is telling you to run after the first shift, then that means you probably should've hightailed it out of there on your lunch break.

Bad first days are generally a sign of things to come. I've had them.

Redditor Mr__Roomba wanted to hear about all of the rough "I'm new here!" stories. They asked:

What's the worst "first day" you've had in a job?
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In-laws expectations and in general their ideas about who their child is and who you need to be to marry them already comes with a set of problems and complications, but sometimes in-laws can really decide they are going to take issue with anything and everything they can about their child’s spouse. For example, Redditor […] More
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It's not every day that we hear about people actually enjoying their jobs.

Right now, in the U.S. there are record numbers of people quitting their jobs. Restaurant workers, hotel workers, retail store workers and healthcare providers have left in droves.

We're also seeing strikes across the nation calling for better working conditions and higher wages. So much so that they're calling it "striketober."

So it's interesting and almost novel to hear someone say they actually enjoy their job. Everyone right now probably wants to know what those jobs are and why they love them so much.

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