People Explain Which Things Their Hometown Is Known For
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It's easy to miss out on what's so great about your hometown. Odds are the beauty and uniqueness gets lost out on you because you've experienced it every day. A quick trip out of town or a conversation with someone visiting can quickly reveal what's been hiding under your nose all along, just like with these people below.

Reddit user, u/marcustr33, wanted to know:

What's your home Town famous for?

Yeah, Take That Hugh Jackman!

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St. Thomas, ON. My home town is famous for running over Jumbo the elephant with a train. There's a statue. Take that, P.T. Barnum.


Coming home up Sunset Hill as a kid ... " everybody wave hello to Jumbo's butt!"


Good Lord...

I lived in a very small town where 2 murders happened.

The main one everyone still talks about is one where the boyfriend of a woman sent her daughter out with some money to get some candy after her birthday party and all the guests had gone home. While she was gone, he murdered her mother and drug out a mattress. When she got home, she was killed as well.

The bio-dad went insane, tried to do whatever he could to get put in the same jail they were holding the man and, during the day of the trial when they was going to sentence the murderer, the dad was actually arrested and put on 24 hour hold to keep him from showing up to the trial because it was rumored that the dad was planning on get inside the building so he could kill the man who took away his ex wife and little girl.

Apparently the murderer is suppose to come up for parole soon and I've heard from some people that live back home that the dad is talking about trying to get him again if he gets out.


Some Days You Are The Pigeon...

The Office (show). British version.






Just Keep The List Coming

I live in Canon City where the ADX is and El Chapo and Ted Kazinsky is being held.

It was also the KKK Capital of Colorado back in the day.

Supposedly we have underground tunnels here as well


Bad Schools And Gross Bathrooms!

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Small town in Germany. We are, and have been for decades, known for having the most chaotic school in the area. There is a saying that roughly translates to "You weren't able to graduate? Try again in ...". Also our town's school has been part of a documentary about the most disgusting public bathrooms in the country.


You must be from "[Hungen]" xD My friend went to that school


A Premonition Of Things To Come?

A state prison next door to the high school


Gotta remind them of the possibilities.


Famous For Not Being Famous

Everyone mistaking it for the wrong town.


Las Vegas NM?


Mont Vernon. Not Mount Vernon. Both are in new hampshire but when ever I say mont Vernon I have a full 10 minute conversation on how they thought it was pronounced mount and how I tell them they're right there's just another town called mont Vernon. So on and so fourth


Tiptoe Through The Tulips With Me


We produce 25% of the Dutch Tullips.

The town is called Roelofarendsveen.


Born In The U.S.A.

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Methheads, cows, and the longest running outdoor play in the US.


Central OR?


Southern California. The fact that this comment relates to so many different regions concerns me lmao


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