Movies require a certain suspension of disbelief, but the suspension that us, the audience, is able to carry out, is limited.

We can only stand so many moments of poor acting, bad effects, music that is distracting, etc. And at a certain point we have to step away from the movie, it having been ruined for us.

u/pickanamehere asked Reddit:

What 100% ruins a movie for you every time?

Here were some of those questions.

Playing Sound Designer

Having to constantly have my remote in hand to turn down the absurdly loud action scene, to then have to crank the volume for the next dialogue that is far too low.

I'm sick of it.


Fighting...Or Not...?

Maybe not 100%, but close to it.

Fight scenes where someone make a big blow (usually the villain), but instead of finishing the deal by smashing the brains out they start talking, bragging or some other cocky sh*t. And whoops, the fight is back on like nothing happened..


It's Like The Truman Show

Badly implemented product placement. Product placement itself doesn't bother me. If there's a character driving a Toyota, or eating a Pizza Hut pizza, I don't care. If there's a pointless shot in the movie that shows the freaking Bud Light logo for 10 seconds, I mind.


Absolutely - If this movie takes place in our universe, it will have products and logos all over the place. Feel free to have your main character's preferred soda be Pepsi and stock it in their fridge.

Don't make the shot that's actually of that fridge point favorably to the cans that are all facing the logo to the lens.


You've Fallen Into My Trap

When the villain is always a few steps ahead of the hero for no reason. Somehow, the villain has managed to predict every move the hero and is going to make.


The best inversion is in "emperor's new groove"

Yzma: Looking for this?

Yzma: [holds up the vial of human extract]

[Kuzco and Pacha gasp]

Kuzco: No! It can't be! How did you get back here before us?

Yzma: Uh...


Yzma: did we, Kronk?

Kronk: Well, ya got me. By all accounts, it doesn't make sense.

[Kronk holds up a map of the two parties' trails, showing Yzma's and Kronk's falling down a canyon halfway through]

Yzma: Oh, well.


Just Talking Into A Dead Phone Line

When it's very obvious when someone isn't actually having a conversation on the phone. They just say their lines without giving enough pause for the other person to respond. I also hate when you're supposed to be looking at security footage but it's clearly just a previous shot that's had a filter put over it.


My pet peeve. Definitely for security footage, but also when a characters has a flashback to an earlier scene and it's from the same angle as the scene was shot. I always wish they director had filmed the flashback from the point of view of the person remembering.


Those Poor Fight Directors

Action scenes with lots and lots of cuts, that make it obvious (or appear like) the actors can't do the fight choreography.


Even worse: sci fi movies with lots of cuts. What was the point of building a million dollar set if you don't let me live in it for more than a half a second at a time?


Every RomCom

When the premise for a major conflict in the movie is something that any sane person would have just said "oh no there's a misunderstanding" and they all have a laugh and go on with their days... But instead it turns into some convoluted drama.


Roger Ebert called it The Idiot Plot, where a ten-second conversation would have eliminated the need for the movie.


Almost Like The Door In Titanic

"There's no time... save yourself!" when there's clearly ample amount of time for both characters to get to safety. made even worse by the fact that they usually waste a minute or more arguing about it, saying teary-eyed goodbyes, and making out before character 1 finally gets up and leaves


Kind of the opposite for me: when there genuinely is no time because a bomb is going to go off in a minute or two, but that is exactly the moment when Character 1 has to profess his love for Character 2, then they share a lingering kiss... or Character 1 takes his sweet time explaining some misunderstanding that happened earlier... like, can you not disarm the bomb/escape the trap/save yourselves first? Then you'll have plenty of time for whatever important discussions you want.


Take A Writing Class

Bad exposition dialogue

"As the son of [GOODPERSON] you shouldn't do drugs here.."
"Kleetus, you're my [SIBLING]. I've taken care of you since [PARENT] died and [OTHERPARENT] left us. Remember how we would play at [HOMEPLACE] but you had to move away because [JOB]?"
"Well, well, well, Micky, the [MOSTWANTEDCRIMINAL], at my doorstep. What's the matter, didn't your [PARENT] cut you any more slack, so you've traveled here from [PLACE] to see your [SIBLING], my [SPOUSE]?"


Time Dilation

When there is a timer and it takes longer to count down than the time that was called/shown. It drives me crazy.

Generic example, 50 seconds until a bomb explodes. Dialogue for 30 seconds. Timer is showing 30 seconds left. More dialogue for 40 seconds. Timer is at 5 seconds. Quick one-liner, bomb defused with one second to go.


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