People Explain Which Rules Were Instituted All Because Of Their Actions

People Explain Which Rules Were Instituted All Because Of Their Actions

Sometimes, we ARE the school story.

New York University has a tale of a freshman college student who created something called "Narnia" in his room; where he cut out the back of his closet to give him, his friends, and his roommates somewhere to smoke in their dorm room. This story was so legendary that it made it through several generations of students, all of whom told the story more exorbitantly than the next.

The incident also made any modifications to one's room at NYU illegal and reason to be kicked out of housing. Yet if you met this person, you'd find he was just another student. That could have so easily been you.

And there are so many who are that student.

u/BlueRose104 asked:

What rule at your school or work was implemented because of something you did?

Here were some of those stories.

It Ain't No Jiffy Pop

A movie theater near my house in high school had a promotion that ran all spring and part of the summer. "Bring in any container, and we'll fill it with popcorn for the cost of a large". About 2 weeks before senior skip day, a local Kmart was having a closing sale. I realised they were selling EVERYTHING. I got a storage barrel, about waist high. Big enough for an adult to crouch down and hide in.

On senior skip day, me and 3 friends went to the movies. During the day, they sell tickets at the concession stand, so no one saw us bring in the barrel. Guy comes out and asks what we want, we get 4 drinks and i ask if they're still doing the popcorn promo. Guy says yes, and I ask him if it truly was for any container. Again he says yes. I pick up this huge barrel and say I want it filled please.

Guy laughs and gets his coworker. They both start filling it up while laughing. Ended up being 10 large popcorns worth of volume, cleared out alllll the popcorn they had premade. We watched our movie, then lugged the popcorn barrel to a nearby park and took it to the top of an overlook tower.

By the end of the day, we had only eaten like 10-20% of what was in there. Took the rest home and grazed on it for the next day or two. After that, I took the last half to the creek behind my house and dumped it all there. The squirrels ate like kings.

After my freshman year of college, i came home on spring break and went back to that movie theater. I asked if they were doing that bring your own container promo. They said no, some guy last year abused the system and the manger got pissed so they canceled it.

I asked about the incident, just to see what they'd say. She pulled a picture one of the guys had taken of the barrel full of popcorn behind the concession counter and said "well, the guy brought in a barrel. The manager figured that at most people would bring in their popcorn bowls from home. Once they realized that any container meant ANY container, they stopped the promo."


Oh Okay So I Guess Not ANYTHING

I worked at a really small family owned cafe and there was only ever one person on shift at a time.

My boss was chill with us doing whatever we wanted if there were no customers, so I would whip out my iPad and work on essays when the place was dead and I had nothing to do.

They had cameras, and after about a week we got an email that no electronics were allowed in the shop, including iPads.


Sry 2 B Trdy 2 Da Prty

It was after I left, but my high school had to change the entire way they issued tardies and absences because I abused the system. Used to go halfway late to class because then they couldn't call my parents because I wasn't technically absent.


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We almost feel like heroes when we can claim credit for the way something shook out.

Employers Making Sure Sick People Don't Get Paid, As Usual

At work, I had saved all floating holidays, vacation weeks and sick days for years. Then I had a heart attack, and a bypass. Eight weeks off, and didn't miss a cent off my paycheck. The next year my appendix blew out, and another 9 weeks off, with not a cent missing from my paycheck.

The managers decided that from then on, you had to take your vacation, floating holidays and sick days in the year that you earned them. Not let them build up for a decade and a half!


Double Panting

You must wear the uniform pants OR skirt, not both. I found the fit on the uniform pants weird and it made me very self conscious, but I live in Canada and wearing an above-the-knee skirt in January was chilly.

Wore them together for most of the winter, and it caught on with a number of other girls too. The next year the uniform policy was changed.


We Love A Little Batman Villain

No running in the playground.

My school used to have a sort of gravelly concrete texture playground. It looked exactly like gravel that was all stuck down. The top had been smoothed down a lot, but if you fell it obviously stripped a lot of skin off.

One day, we were playing Stuck in the Mud (a chasing game). Anyway, I got caught and immediately stopped. The person following me didn't, so they ran into my back and bowled me over, us both going almost full pace. They landed on top of me, pinning my face to the ground as we skid along the ground for s few feet.

Honestly, it wasn't that bad in the grand scheme of things. It stripped off a few layer of skin, looked like a Batman villain, but nothing went deep enough to cause harm. I remember the look of horror on the faces of everyone else, and being escorted to the medical room with a gaggle of teachers in front of me covering all the mirrors and reflective surfaces!

But it scared the school into action, my mum was a governor and said this had always been a concern, but I really triggered it. In the immediate term, they banned running on that surface. Longer term, a couple of years, they installed a new rubberised AstroTurf surface. That surface was/is lovely. Us kids loved it, we could play so much more fully with slides and dives and all sorts because we didn't get flayed anymore! So I like to think my sacrifice was worth it.


4Square Is LIFE

Four square was life as a sixth grader. It took on its own culture with its own laws. I happened to dominate at four square. So much so that the vice principal intervened to change the rules that neither I nor any mortal made.

Even with these unjust usurpations, I managed to prevail time and again. And that's when they implemented a rule that said if the vice principal thought you played enough, you had to go to the back of the line. Like a peasant.


And if someone else you know ever happens to pass through that school or place of work, you totally have bragging rights.

Are These Still A Thing

Local paper delivery boy when I was 10 or 11.

I had about 60 houses and the paper cost $2/month for a weekly paper. On the 4th week of each month, it would be our job to go and collect door-to-door the $2.

Our pay was based on a % of collected doors. If you collected < 50% of your houses, you got 33% of whatever you collected. If you collected > 50% of your houses, you got 50% of whatever you collected.

I soon learned that I had a few homes that were subscribed to the route but who never paid. I stopped delivering to them and my boss informed me that the payment for the paper was actually optional, therefore I need to still put a paper on their doorstep.

For the next several months, I collected from my usual houses but I didn't turn in any money - feigning that all of my houses chose not to pay. Since their payment was optional, my young mind decided that submission of their payment should be optional too.

A few months later, they mandated payment from customers along with a new receipt policy for proof of payment. I was fired that same month.


The Max Lotto

My high school tried to encourage people to read by making a drawing for a Barnes and Noble gift card where you could add your name for each book you checked out.

What they didn't expect was I was an absolute book nerd and a fast reader so I would check out the max amount of books each day only to turn them in the next morning and rinse and repeat. I only checked out books I've read before so if they quizzed me I could say I read every book I checked out. I won about 50$ worth of Barnes and Noble gift cards before they decided to put a max on drawings per person.


Just Going Too Far On Purpose

Our school banned waterbottles because of me.

For some reason an extreme health/water drinking fad started among our school's girl students and they would come to school with their mineral water valpre bottles, constantly sipping.

Eventually the guys also picked up this fad. So I decided to turn this into a joke and began bringing to school and lugging around a massive 10L plastic jug of water - those that go on top of water coolers in offices. Eventually, lots of other kids also started doing this and began bringing larger and larger bottles to school. Everywhere you would see girls with 5L jugs and guys with 10L drums of water.

Not wanting the spotlight taken from me, I then upped the ante by bringing a mini wheelbarrow to school with THREE of those 10L bottles on it.

After a while it all did start to kinda look ridiculous and my school was posh and image-conscious with very elegant uniforms.

So then one day the principal had enough.

He completely banned all water bottles and said that we must drink water from the taps in the bathrooms and the other faucets all over the school grounds (our city has very clean tap water so it is safe).


While we may have gotten in trouble in the moment, these stories were totally worth it to become absolute legends to all who came after us.

And though nobody may repeat exactly what we did, may future legends take our spots with new and exciting ideas.

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