People Explain Which Paths In Life No One Should Ever Take

Anyone with even a passing interst in poetry knows of the Robert Frost poem, "The Path Less Traveled." What might be less common is how many people actually took the poem's message to heart, choosing to walk a path less traveled by others. Whether it;s in career, love, or personal choices, choosing a less traveled path can seem exciting...

...until you read these stories.

Reddit user, u/PiXXa_RaiXE, wanted to hear about:

People of Reddit, what terrible path in life no one should ever take? [SERIOUS]

Get Those Answers

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A life of asking questions without making an effort to find out.

"Does he secretly hate me? Will she be disgusted if I asked her out? Would I be wasting my time if I studied to be a professional ice cream maker? Will I be happy if I leave him? Is this lump going to be a problem?" Etc...

Worse still, some people make up their own pessimistic, dismissive answers.

"Of course he hates me, I'm a piece of sh!t. Of course she won't go out with me, she probably likes that @sshole Chad. Of course I'll never make money making custom ice cream, that's a stupid dream. Of course I'm not going to be happy, he beats me but who else is going to love me? This lump is probably nothing, and if it is cancer I don't want to confirm it."

Have a question? Find out the answer.


Don't Blink, But Also Don't Take An Eye Off the Horizon

Living only for the moment, and not planning for your future. This will screw you up over time if you have no clear goals in mind.


You'll Have To Trust Again Someday

Thinking everyone has bad intentions.

Always think people have good intentions/a reason to do what they did/are doing. I started doing this and it has actually made me a happier person. Note: This does NOT mean put yourself in dangerous situations, trust you gut


Always Try

I have two:

Don't go to schools just because your friends/Boyfriend/Girlfriend are going there because people are changing all the time and you don't want a career path forced on you from following someone only to break up with them a couple months in.

And try in school. It may subject you to ridicule but an education can get you anywhere and will open up so many doors. Poor test scores due to not trying or generally not caring may set you back a while with jobs and opportunities.


So Much Sugar

Drinking soda or really any bad carbonated beverage. I'm 22 years old and have drank them continuously since I was like 6. Everyday I have a liter of coke. It's freaking addicting and you don't realize it much when you're drinking them how bad it actually is.

I ran cross country in highschool and competitively swam. This was the only time when I didn't drink any soda of any kind, just water and natural fruit juice. If I drank a soda even just a small can I felt it when exercising mainly because all of my sports were heavy on lung capacity and endurance. You find out very quickly how much harder it is to breathe while drinking soda then without.

I breathed so clear and my lungs felt great when I ran but the second I had a soda i felt it. I miss those times when all I drank was water. Sodas really mess you up.


Your Mental Health Should Take Priority

Not treating your depression from the start with a professional and trying to overcome it alone. 6 years later down the road, diagnosed with severe depression and anhedonia.

Currently on medication. Life changed drastically, it is like taking off a pair of grey and dark glasses. Mental health is no joke and should be a priority in everyones life!


You Can't Make Everyone Happy

People pleasing!

As a wise man once said, you can't make everyone happy, you're not pizza.


There's Always More To Learn

Never take the path of "I know better than everyone else."

Even the absolute dumbest person can teach you something. Same goes for a person a lot younger than you or someone you can't respect.

Always be willing to learn and grow.


Figure It Out

Don't self medicate with booze and/or drugs (the former being my problem for years),find out the reason why you want to self medicate in the first place and get the appropriate help/guidance.


Also don't self medicate with food.


I'll Do It...Later

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Not the worst, but procrastination. It becomes a habit really fast (from my experience).


"I'll start exercising tomorrow." "I'll clean up later."

I started saying these things years ago and only recently started running again.

Edit: I used to be able to do 300 sit ups almost everyday. Now, I can barely 35 (but that's progress from when I could only do 10).


Stand On Your Own

Trying to ride on other's coattails when you're young, doing this will make you too dependent on others and you will have a tough time when you move away from your parents/guardians. Also, if you're older and have children, don't let their heads get too inflated, what I mean is don't let their ego get too large because when they realize they are like all the rest of us, their life can turn upside down.


Choose Your Own Life

Perusing a career path and choosing a major that your parents want you to do, but you don't actually have any interest in.

Also, going to college without knowing what career you want, accumulating massive student loan debt and being left with no viable career opportunities.


Being Overtaken By Fear

Letting Anxiety/Fear stop you from living your life or doing things you could potentially love. Or being too afraid to find help for mental health issues (anxiety/depression) No one should ever feel alone or without options.


It's Not Just You, It Affects Other People

Be aware of how much you drink and what it does to your family.

Someone in my family is an alcoholic. This person thinks because they quit drinking whiskey that they have quit drinking. Not how that works! This person drinks wine from about 3pm until they go to sleep. I can't even imaging how much they go through in a week. They've gotten physically, emotionally and mentally abusive with people in the family. This person was always an obnoxious bully, but the alcohol has magnified these qualities. No one in the neighborhood they live in will speak to this person since they assaulted me. And this person can't figure out why!

If we have a family function and the host asks if this person would like something to drink, this person thinks they mean alcohol. Even though they knows none of the rest of the family drinks! They've embarrassed their spouse by being stupid drunk when they've had people over. It's aggravating watching this happen. I'm so angry with this person!! I'm not even sure if I love this person any more. I hate having to be in his presence. They are drinking themselves to death.


More Than 20 Seconds, Everyone

Brush your teeth. Can't begin to understand why I let mine rot. But while dentures may be easier to look after they will never be as comfortable or as functional as my original set.


This needs to be way higher up, I can't stress how important it is to brush atleast twice a day, especially before bed.


Visit The Doctor, Everyone!

Neglecting your own health. Used to think I'm damn near invincible because I'm still young. Worked about 70hours a week just for that damn raise. Neglected health check ups just because I can.

Got diagnosed with Glaucoma and my left eye is quite f*cked up. Not sure what the future holds for me but I'm damn sure taking care of my body now.


Don't Do It Just BECAUSE

A relationship for the sake of having a relationship


Or getting married because you want to be married


Or getting married/having a kid because you think it will fix your currently rocky relationship!


Do It For Yourself

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Picking a career path to fulfill your parents' dream.

It almost ruined my self-identity. Currently I am doing a course I like at a university of my choice. I might have destroyed my relationship with my mother but for the sake of my own sanity it was worth it.


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