People Explain Which Fashion Trends They Absolutely Despise

People Explain Which Fashion Trends They Absolutely Despise
Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

Fashion can be inexplicable at times. It's hard to know where they begin, and why they happen. Like, whose idea was it to wear jeans under skirts back in the early 2000's? Now THAT was a fashion tragedy.

But bad fashion trends aren't just in the past. Here are some of the most hated modern fashion trends, courtesy of Reddit. Q-tipper asked:

What is a fashion trend you hate?

​You would think everyday fashion would be about convenience and comfort, but that just isn’t so.

Why are these so hard to find?

“2x or 3x that is only wide, not long.

Big and TALL f*ckers! You forget the tall part.”


“I f*cking swear, finding ANYTHING in 3XLT is impossible. I'm tall AND fat, godd*mnit.”


You’d think work clothes would be a bit more comfy.

Season 3 Store GIF by The SimpsonsGiphy

“Making employees wear clothes that are easily stained."


'100% agree. I work at a truck dealership and they used to make us wear khakis. Even the warehouse and parts employees. It is impossible to get grease or coolant stains out of those. Before we just decided to ignore that rule everybody was walking around with all kinds of fun and dubious stains."


​The worst part about women’s clothing.

“Fake f*cking pockets? To hell with them I say."


“The shorts I'm wearing right now have fake back pockets. I've tried putting my phone in my back pocket about 10 times today and am ready to just rip the shorts off my legs at this point."


​On the topic of women’s clothing, here are a few examples of some truly weird trends.

We need longer sleeves!

“Long sleeves on women's clothing that are too short. Most long sleeves end well before my wrist and a few inches past my elbow. I'm not exactly Queen of the Long-Armed Amazons! I end up pushing the sleeves up on everything because I look like a kid after a growth spurt whose clothes no longer fit properly. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE WITH IMPOSSIBLY SHORT ARMS?”


​It’s a scam!

sexy american apparel GIFGiphy

“As a woman, sheer shirts and dresses. I don't want to have to wear a cami under every d*mn shirt!”


“I think it's a way to get you to spend more money.”


“Bow down and give your money to BIG LAYERING!

My wife refers to them as bobo's (buy one/buy one) because you can't pick up one without the other to match.”


Things That Are Normal Where You Live But Crazy Anywhere Else | George Takei’s Oh Myyy

This ruins the whole outfit.

“Clothes that are cute until you look up close and the back says something stupid like ‘but first, coffee’.”


“I always get those as gifts like, ‘I knew this was your sense of humor’. Why are we friends?”


​To heck with cropped jackets.

“Women's jackets that stop just above the bottom rib. When I'm wearing a jacket, I'm wearing it because I'm COLD, not as a fashion statement!


The things people wear for the sake of brand names continue to make no sense to me (or these Redditors, apparently).​

​Definitely bad taste.

Ralph Lauren Elevator GIF by FriendsGiphy

“Large logos. Ralph Lauren is the worst. I'll see a shirt I like with an oversized polo man. It ruins the shirt.”


“The back story behind large polo man is actually funny because it was entirely unintentional and just a business responding to customer demand.

Apparently Ralph Lauren was the apparel provider for one of the more prestigious tennis tournament (think US Open, Wimbledon, etc.) and they made one-offs for the ball boys to wear so that the logo would be visible on TV - there was apparently no initial intent to market them to the general public. People watching saw it and said I WANT THAT, and here we are with giant Polo logos now.

So yeah, oversized polo man is a result of consumers' bad taste.”


​Why is this a thing?

“Stickers on hats.”


“When I was young, I bought a hat and left the sticker on, because it was the thing to do. A few years later I realized it was dumb, and also peeling so I tore it of. Turns out the hat was more faded than I thought. So I stuck my own sticker on to hide the shame.”


​To be fair, these are comfy af.

“Those leggings from TikTok that have that scrunch in the a**hole, so they literally suck into your a** crack. I hate it.


“They're the freaking worst! I got a pair without looking at the back just thinking it was a cool texture. They're just sitting in my dresser looking all sad and stupid.”


As humanity continues to evolve, so does fashion. And soon enough, these weird fashion trends will die out, and make room for even more sh*tty trends.

Such is life. Now if you’ll excuse me, I gotta go put on my TikTok leggings. Sue me, they’re comfy.​

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