People Explain Which Things Are Extremely Overrated
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Do what makes you happy, obviously.
However, don't be afraid to go against the grain when you're just not feeling it. Odds are, if your gut is telling you this thing you're about to do isn't for, no matter how much everyone is saying it's great, then it's probably in your best interests to find something else to do with your time. Something not so overhyped and underdelivering.

Reddit user, u/--Navy--, wanted to know what doesn't quite live up to the hype when they asked:

What is extremely overrated?

There's some common interactions that need to be addressed right out of the gate. If you have the choice between doing these and anything else, it might be best to do something else.

How Much For A Light Beer?

"Going to bars/clubs. Overpriced drinks combined with loud, obnoxious people feels more like torture than a good time."


It's Cold Water And Gross Sand. What Else Is There?

"The beach when it's really crowded."


"I'm just gonna go with the beach in general."


"As someone who lives 20 minutes from the beach, I can confirm. The beach mainly consists of two things: sand and the ocean, both of which I hate."


A Darker Shade Of Who Cares?

"Being tanned."

"Like who gives a f-ck, pale is sexy too. Don't pay to sit in a cancer box just to "not be pale."


"Like another person said a nice natural tan can be sexy, so can being pale, but there are people who take it a little far. Then there's spray tans..."


It's important to possess a certain level of self-respect in this world, as you'll be hard pressed to be given it by people. Then there's doing things like this, going overboard, in the hopes people will look at you more.

Everyone Knows What You Do, All The Time, All The Day

"Being famous."

"Everything you do is put under a microscope and people are going to take anything you say as the worst possible take. You can also kiss your privacy goodbye."

"The fans are just as bad as the people who hate you. You're more of a toy than an actual person. And heaven forbid you have a bad day and get upset, then people will just tell others "they seem like a nice guy, but they're actually an a-hole in real life".

"Fame is a curse."


It's One Day. You Won't Even Remember it.

"Spending tonnes of money on a huge wedding just to make a statement."


"I can't agree with this enough! When my wife and I got married three years ago, we got roped into having this big wedding at a local living history museum because my parents "didn't want to offend anyone."

"While I do appreciate that they stepped up to pay, the location was magical and very us, all we wanted was a nice, quiet, out-of-the-way wedding surrounded just by the people we KNOW love and care about us, and it ended up becoming this big thing basically over someone else's pride and vanity"


Holding Your Weight Online

"Being famous on TikTok, having followers on Instagram and winning a fight over Twitter. For some reason, it seems to have weight on the internet while being absolutely hermetic to real-life"


"It's weird to me that there's a such a thing as being famous on one single social media platform, where people act like their real celebrities when in reality 99% of people have never heard of them."


Engaging online is a key aspect of daily life for some, but is it really all it's cracked up to be?

Expand Your Personality A Little

"Weed. It's either good or bad. But people think weed is their personality. I can't stand those people."


"People are so desperate to be unique they will try to make anything "Their personality". Beards, working out, cycling, horses, being busy, being rude, sex, graphic Ts.... You name it there is someone who's made it "Their thing"


More To Clean

"Having a huge house."

"More to clean. expensive to heat. The empty space, you think you should fill it. So you spend money you dont have to."

"assuming you are a 4 person family, anything more than 5 bedrooms and a study is excessive. The family just spend time apart in your own home."


"There's probably a dozen neighborhoods within two hours of Denver that have hundreds of these mansions covering acres of land. Million dollar homes, squeezed next to each other, more massive than you can imagine honestly, and two older folks living in it with a couple tiny dogs. Or one single rich guy, who spends most of his time at work or traveling anyways. They just buy what they're told too, they don't for one second think about a goddamn thing."


Killing Our Country

"Social media and knowing what's happening 24/7"


"I've found my happiness tends to be higher the less time I spend on social media."



Anywhere but the beach.

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