People Reveal Major Red Flags That Someone's Being Cheated On

People Reveal Major Red Flags That Someone's Being Cheated On
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When a partner is sneaking around, most of us know it.

We just tend to ignore the signs.

Love will that do to someone.

Facing that kind of pain is never fun to deal with.

There are always red flags and hints when infidelity is afoot.

Cheaters aren't as clever as they think they are, the person being duped is just too willing to give more chances.

Redditor Kindayoungbutok wanted everyone to compare notes on how to catch a cheater, so they asked:

"What is a dead giveaway that you’re being cheated on?"

Always follow the money.

That's how I learned.


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"When she tells you she's having dinner with her brother... while you're having dinner with her brother."


He made it a thing...

"You come home exhausted from work and your partner accuses you of cheating."


"My ex used to get so angry if I walked in the door and went to pee right away. I drive an hour home from work due to traffic. Having to pee is not abnormal. He made it a thing."

"The bathroom was right inside the door, and he would be at the other end of the house. Apparently going into the bathroom before seeing him was equivalent to me washing off the scent of my lover. Every time he accused me of anything, looking back, that’s exactly what he was guilty of."



"When they become cagey about things they're normally open about. Have known a couple people who did this. Very open, liked to talk about their entire day, would answer near any question. Then suddenly they'd be out on a night with their friend/s and the details of the night could be summed up in a couple words or there'd be odd gaps in the story while they remember and try to sort through it all."


Always Trust a Tom! ;)

"My ex would sleep with her phone under her pillow. I had an idea it was happening and would keep an eye on this guys MySpace. Then he posted one of the questionnaire things that were popular at the time, one of the questions was who did you last kiss? And his answer was my ex."

"MySpace Tom had my back."

"A lot of you seem to think that she might have been browsing the internet, this was a time before internet was available on your phone, there was nothing to do on a phone other than call and text."

"Most phones also didn’t screen locks with passwords or facial recognition, anyone could get on your phone so the best way to avoid this would be hide it. Or sleep with it under your pillow so if someone does try to get it, they wake you up."


Who This?

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"Their 'co-worker' sends a 'goodnight babe. I love you' text in the middle of the night."


Some colleagues are so nice. Mhmmm....

Loop Around

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"When they accuse you of accusing them of cheating - and that has nothing to do with the conversation. At all."


Explain Please

"Your dog vomits another woman’s underwear."


"This sh*t is real… Worked at vet ofc. when husband drops off sick Labrador. Surgery is needed for dogs digestive tract. Wife picks up dog later that day and we hand her a ziplock bag containing 3 pieces of ladies panties. Wife says 'these aren’t mine.'"


“simple flirting”

"My brother recently found out his wife has been cheating with a dentist that works at her office and she also started out hiding her phone at night. He only found out because the wife of the dude contacted my brother. My SIL claimed it was just some 'simple flirting.' Now she just bought a new phone with a new phone number and got a new credit card."


“going for walks”

"When they suddenly start taking extra interest in their appearance and getting in shape by 'going for walks' even up to 10 pm by the time they return and they don’t answer your worried calls because 'they had music on with headphones.' And when you ask them why they didn’t answer it’s because 'they didn’t hear the calls come in' despite you having the exact same phone and know that the incoming calls cut over the music."


Hey John

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"She's having migraines all the time and John Redcorn, a spiritual healer, has not been able to correct them with 3 to 5 weekly sessions over 12 years."


Always trust your gut. It knows.

It's a wonderful feeling when you think you've met "the one."

Someone who is so perfect in absolutely every way that you can't help but think that they must be too good to be true.

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As they neglected to tell you one important piece of information: they're seeing something else.

A discovery that is naturally met with rage, sadness, and confusion.

As well as the occasional unexpected, unusual development down the line.

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