You don't know the value of a dollar until you've spent one poorly.

I once felt the overwhelming need to find out what MRE food tasted like. Almost sixty bucks later and two months of waiting, my MRE finally arrived. It was... not enjoyable. I only ate the crackers and cheese spread. So I essentially spent $60 on dry crackers and fake cheese spread.

Redditor u/3VD opened old wounds for many when they asked... "What's one of the dumbest things you've ever spent money on?" People shared the hilarious and useless purchases they've made and now look back on with regret.

10. Dad learned a lesson that day

"I was 11 and my dad gave me 50 bucks to spend at the mall. So, I wandered into a gift shop and spent it all on an electronic vibrating oinking pink pig. I never played with it after I brought it home.

Tried to return it, only to be offered store credit."


9. They're robbing kids

"When I went on a school field trip to Washington DC back in middle school, I bought a $2 bill at a souvenir shop for $20. smh"


8. Those infomercials can get anyone excited


"I was drunk and bought Monster Ballads off an infomercial. And I paid an extra $20 for rush delivery, because I was drunk and needed it asap, and it showed up a month later."


7. It costs money to look quirky

"When I was like 14 I bought a pack of intentionally mismatched socks that were really expensive. Like, only one of each pattern. Could have bought twice as many normal socks and just mismatched them myself."


6. We all make mistakes

"There was this guy named Don Lapre who sold money making kits. Like how to make money with classified ads.

I think I 'invested' about $350 and received literally nothing of value.

I was young(er) and being stupid."


5. A wannabe ninja

"Got drunk and started ordering Ninja gear off of Amazon and forgot about it until it showed up like a week later. Swords, nunchucks, a suit and mask."


4. Do you really want to look at Will Ferrell this much?

"This past Christmas Eve I was doing some last minute shopping and came across a wine glass shaped like Buddy from the movie 'Elf' which of course also had Will Ferell's face on it. With everything kinda being out of order with the holiday rush I didn't know how much it cost, but I bought it on pure impulse because I thought it was funny. It wasn't until I left the store and looked at the receipt did I realize that it cost 22 dollars, which is way more than it's worth. To remind me of my mistake, I now drink out of that glass exclusively and have been for the past 5 months, I have to wash it like twice a day but I won't stop using it until I feel like I've gotten my 22 dollars worth"


3. They had poor taste in prizes

"I spent $40 one of those amusement park booths where you had to throw darts at balloons. For some reason, I picked out this really ugly 7ft tall frog stuffed animal. It's in the corner of my closet and still scares me when I'm half awake in the morning."


2. It's definitely a conversation piece

"My family visited Colorado when I was 10 and I saw a statue of a Mosquito in a gift shop with the words 'State Bird' on the bottom and begged my parents for it

We now have a rather large mosquito statue on our piano"


1. That was a viral trend for a few years


"Got that inflatable dinosaur costume. Wore it once around my campus and now I forgot where it is"


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