People Describe The Worst Thing They've Ever Done Without Any Regrets
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We've all committed our share of wrongs in life that we are apologetic for.

And there are just as many grievances for which we are not at all sorry.

Curious to hear about people's track record of their questionable behavior, Redditor NanoPKx asked:

"What is something bad you have done with no regrets?"

Is it petty theft or flat out stealing? You decide.

The Parting Gift

"'Forgetting' to bring back a company ipad after they forgot about me having it. Actually they never asked for it back so I still have it and use it."

– Koetjeka

Furry Companion

"I stole a barn kitten while delivering packages for FedEx. He kept climbing my legs and getting into the van, sitting under the wheel when I tried to back out (it was a steep driveway, no way to swing the van around). I called the number on the package, looked the name up on facebook, called the local non-emergency to get contact info, all failed."

"So I took him. Now, if you're not from a rural environment, you might not understand that barn cats like that are 'no-man's-cats.' For all the owners know, he got sick or got got by a coyote. And he would have died, because when we got him to the vet he had a nasty upper resp infection and some other nasties."

"Now, one deformed nasal passage and the cutest snore later, we have a bonkers little orange cat with the heaviest penchant for snuggling I've ever seen (his name is Monty btw)."

"Edit: I forgot to pay my Cat Tax:"

"Edit Part 2: Monty loves the attention. Thank you for loving him as much as we do :3"

"MmmmMMMMRrrrrrrrrrrAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAW" -Montgomerey Valentine, 2022

– SonOfSkinDealer

The Dirty Treat

"A housemate of mine kept eating mine and my girlfriends food and even though I asked him to stop the only thing he would ever say is 'I thought it was mine' then keep eating it."

"Well I bought my girlfriend some ice cream she really enjoys and she put the half she didn’t finish back in the freezer. Well when she want to get the rest it was gone and it made me madder than I think it probably should have."

"The very next time I saw him and somehow keeping a straight apologetic face I told him how he accidentally ate our sex ice cream and that bits of it had been on our parts etc. I told him I felt guilty not to tell him and that I had to apologise for him to eat such a thing."

"I will never forget the face he made when I told him. A face of pure self disgust and shock to which all he had to say was 'I wish you never told me that' and proceeded to move out around a month later."

"Although he didn’t actually eat sex ice cream, like why the f'k would you put it back after use anyway? Sometimes I wonder if I went to far but in that moment I just did not care at all. He still doesn’t know it isn’t true and I’ll probably never see him again."

"F'k you Vitas buy your own food."

– SpicyDolphin74

Mickey Ds & Monopoly Promotion

"As a teenager I worked at McDonalds. When they have the Monopoly promotion on customers would hand over their winning peeled off sticker things for free cheeseburgers, chips, drinks and sundaes. Well I would keep all of these and hand them out to my friends and we would reuse them. We would eat McDonald’s for free for weeks."

– Hanksta1

Stolen Warning

"I stole the 'Shoplifters will be prosecuted' sign out of a Walmart bathroom."

– rhett342

Vengeance is sweet.

Payback Time

"A drunk driver hit my parked car, left a huge dent in the front driver’s side door, and then drove away. I happened to be looking out the window at the time and saw the whole thing, including his plate number. Cops got there not long after and took my statement. After a couple days and a couple phone calls, I found out nothing was going to come of it because he was the son of the sheriff the next county over."

"Fast forward a couple months, I see his car parked behind a local bar within walking distance of my apartment. I got out my hunting knife and sliced all four of his tires, and made a couple trips around it destroying the paint job. Yellow Pontiac Sunfire, and I still remember the goddamn plate number even after almost 20 years."

– IgnoreMe304

For The People

"I was a GM for a retailer that was going out of business. During the liquidation I let my employees that worked until the end store product they wanted to buy in a closet I claimed I didn't have a key to. Oh the final days I sold them all the items they requested for 95% off. 70" tvs, ipads, gaming laptops whatever they requested."

– Midnights606

Surreptitious Swap

"Years ago I worked for a wealthy dude who was married to someone semi-famous. He would waltz in every morning and talk about the fantastic dinner he had the night before, how he hung out with some other famous person or whatever else."

"He paid me peanuts. I had a hard time making ends meet."

"I was the office assistant and IT guy. So it comes time to get a new computer for one of the designers. I spec something out, and show it to him. It was a ripper of a machine for the time (early 2000s). But it wasn’t expensive enough for bossman."

"So I added a really high end graphics card. Boss was happy then. The card added nothing for the designer: they only did illustrator and photoshop."

"So I came in that weekend and swapped the graphics card for my aging one from home."

"No one ever knew. Or cared. And I got a new graphics card."

– Dudeinairport

Going Too Far

"pushing a kid down a flight of stairs when I was in 6th grade cause he bullied me. he ended up in the hospital for a few weeks due to injuries."

"I don't regret teaching him a lesson, I only regret that I took it too far and nearly killed him."

– TheUnifiedNation

The One Regret

"I took about $100 from a company I worked at almost every day for about two months. I was a delivery driver, and they would give us an iPhone with no case on it when we went on deliveries to let people pay with credit cards. I told them we needed a case, but they never listened. One day when I was delivering it broke. I have no idea how. I never dropped it. But they decided I needed to pay $100 to cover the repair of the phone. I told them no, I wouldn't pay as that's not something an employee should pay for. If they were that upset, they could fire me, but they wouldn't do that since I was the one who ran the night shift and closed the store Monday through Thursday when the owners were off. They decided to take it out of my next paycheck. So from then on, I would take $100 from the till every day till the day I left and went off to college. The owner ended up going to jail around 3-4 years later for sleeping with a minor and providing her with meth. My only regret is I didn't take more..."

– ProblyTrash

When times are tough, people had to do what it took to survive.

T.P. Crisis

"In college I was so poor I would steal toilet paper from the supply closet in our major building."

– Business_Loquat5658

Hungry College Buddy

"I stood watch for a college friend who was going hungry because he’d been disowned and his roommates had made living with him intolerable after he came out."

"I was loosely affiliated with an off campus program with local churches that gave free student dinners on Thursdays. We would go to church to eat, then bring dishes into the kitchen."

"Anyway, he would go in there and steal stuff like peanut butter, literal bread (not an allegory), granola bars etc. while I watched out for the pastor."

"Eventually we both got caught, the pastor for the college students got a bit mad because he was responsible for us while we were there to eat. And I think it was offensive on some level to steal from church. But then he saw what my friend was taking, and asked him if he had enough to eat. My friend shamefacedly said no, not usually."

“'Okay, fine. Put the food back, and come with me.' Took my friend grocery shopping instead, got him connected with the food pantry and community garden at church instead."

– SchnarchendeSchwein

Based on these examples, people didn't twice about their actions in the heat of the moment.

Within reason, we all gotta somehow get by.

But do you think their actions deserve punishment?

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